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daily email trivia category General: Thematic 10 Questions: Thematic Story Time: Calm Me Down
1"Argh! I just want to close my eyes and scream, I'm so stressed! I'm seeing colours!" Which of these is considered the most soothing colour on the spectrum?
daily email trivia category History: War History: Military Matters: You Want to Join the French Foreign Legion?
2What is the one thing the Legion will do for its members regardless of rank or status?
    Allow you liberal leave
    Listen to grievances
    Pay you a bounty
    Protect your identity
daily email trivia category Hobbies: Other Games & Toys: Other Games & Toys: Shake, Rattle, and Roll
3Which one of these casino games makes use of a pair of dice?
daily email trivia category World: Presidential Quickies: Middle Names of Presidents: POTUS Middle Names
4President Ford's middle name is a cheery one. It was the same as the ninth of Santa's reindeer. Who didn't play in the other reindeer games?
daily email trivia category People: First Names: First Names: It's Al-ementary, My Dear Watson!
5Our intrepid detective - Wile E. Watson - is in Chicago, searching for the head of a Prohibition Era crime syndicate. It seems that this criminal has not been paying his taxes! But, which 'Al' is he chasing after?
    Al Capone
    Al Brady
    Al Bates
    Al Karpis
daily email trivia category Music: R & B and Soul: R & B and Soul: Famous R&B Songs
6This R&B singer announced she was pregnant at the 2011 VMA awards. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time. She is known for her role in Destiny's Child. Who is this female artist?
    Keri Hilson
daily email trivia category Sports: Wide World of Sport: Wide World of Sport : The Wide World of Sports
7How many holes does a golf course usually consist of?
daily email trivia category Animals: Terriers: Terriers: Pit Bulls: Fact and Fiction
8Even today, pit bulls are being used as combatants in dog fights. Which is *not* a reason that some owners give for continuing dogfighting?
    To continue tradition
    Because the dog is bred to fight
    The dogs enjoy it
    It keeps the dogs in touch with their feminine side
daily email trivia category Celebrities: Canadian Celebrities: Canadian Celebrities : Well-Known Canadian Actors
9Keanu Reeves, was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but grew up in Toronto, Ontario. In 1994, he starred in the movie blockbuster, 'Speed'. Which actress was his co-star in the movie?
    Sandra Bullock
    Meg Ryan
    Julia Roberts
    Courteney Cox
daily email trivia category Movies: Kids and Animated Mixture: Kids and Animated Mixture: Lotsa Disney Questions
10What does Michael carry around in the movie "Peter Pan"?
    A teddy bear
    A club
    A feather
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