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38 Casino Royale Trivia Questions & Answers

Casino Royale
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1 After Bond acquires his 00 status, we see him and another agent staking out a man whom they are supposed to apprehend. This man is part of a crowd watching and betting on a contest between two animals. What animals are involved in the contest?
Answer: a snake and a mongoose

The contest between the snake, which is a cobra, and the mongoose takes place in the middle of a dirt road. Bond is watching from a distance through binoculars, and the second agent is ringside with the mark. The second agent reveals himself by touching his earpiece every time Bond speaks to him, and the suspect takes off, leading Bond on a merry chase. The contest between the snake and the mongoose is disrupted when the second agent is pushed, by the fleeing suspect, into the middle of the battlefield.
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What was the name of the first girl James began to seduce in the film?

2 What is the name of the MI6 Section Chief that Bond is sent to kill?
Answer: Dryden

You see the rather graphic flashback of Bond killing Dryden's contact in a bathroom, right at the start of the film. This gives you a clue that it's not going to be a very light-hearted affair! Bond then shoots Dryden for selling national secrets. This is his second kill which elevates him to "00" status.
Dryden: "Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn't worry, the second is..."
Bond shoots him.
Bond: "Yes, considerably."
(Quotation from
3 According to M, what historical event did she miss having to deal with?
Answer: The Cold War

At the beginning, when M found out about James shooting up the Namibian embassy, she was less than impressed. She wanted to know where Bond was and looked angry when walking with her assistant - this was when she said, 'I miss the Cold War.'
4 'Casino Royale' features a brand new Bond. What stoic, burly English actor became the sixth official James Bond, with this 2006 film?
Answer: Daniel Craig

Before taking the role of 007, Daniel Craig was best known for his roles in films such as 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider', 'Road to Perdition', 'Layer Cake' and 'Munich'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Casino Royale.
5 Le Chiffre provides banking services to terrorist organizations. He takes care of their money and makes it accessible to them anywhere in the world. Le Chiffre has an unusual physical characteristic. What is it?
Answer: He weeps blood from his left eye.

The first time we witness this phenomenon is aboard Le Chiffre's yacht, where he is playing poker with some Asian guests. During the big poker game, after Bond has returned to the table in a clean shirt, Le Chiffre taunts Bond about the game making him sweat. Bond's retort of, "A little. But I won't consider myself to be in trouble until I start weeping blood." certainly hits home.
6 We then see Bond trailing a contact in Madagascar, who runs off when he realises he's being followed. What is the name of the actor who does all the amazing free-running scenes?
Answer: Sebastien Foucan

The free-running (also known as parkour) sequence is really exciting as Bond chases Mollaka (Foucan) all over a building site and into the embassy. There is a great contrast as Mollaka throws himself through small gaps and Bond just bursts through the walls instead. David Belle is the founder of parkour and Jerome Ben Aoues filmed "Jump London" with Foucan where they practiced their art all over the city. I couldn't think of anyone else so I put Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards in - Britain's first Olympic ski-jumper. He was hopeless, but that's why we loved him.
7 Fill in the blank: 'I think I'll call it a _______.'
Answer: Vesper

Bond had said previously that he needed to come up with a name for his new drink. After he won the poker game, Vesper and James went to dinner and this was when James said this line. James obviously liked Vesper, because instead of the drink having a 'bitter aftertaste' as suggested by Vesper, he said that it was because 'once you've tasted it, it's all you want to drink.'
8 One bit of comfortable continuity for the Bond franchise comes in the form of Dame Judi Dench, who reprises her role as what single-letter character, James Bond's boss at the headquarters of British Secret Intelligence?
Answer: M

Judi Dench is the third person to play M in the official Bond films, her predecessors being Bernard Lee and Robert Brown. Dench actually began playing M all the way back in 1995 with 'GoldenEye', so this was her fifth Bond film. However, her relationship with Bond changes in this film, as it brings both of them back to the very beginning, when they first got acquainted.
Question Reference: Quiz: Casino Royale.
9 After winning all of his money and his beautiful car in a poker game, Bond takes Dimitrios' wife, Solange, back to his cabin for a possible romantic interlude. What is Solange doing when Bond first notices her?
Answer: riding a white horse on the beach

Solange is seen riding a beautiful white horse along the beach, being chased by laughing children. A very buff looking Bond emerges from the sea and watches her dismount in front of her house. She notices him too, making his later seduction of her a sure thing. Unfortunately the need to pursue her husband takes priority, and instead of the obviously desired seduction, Solange is left with champagne and caviar for one.
10 Bond breaks into M's house and finds out a fact about her. What is it?
Answer: That "M" is actually her initial.

We don't find out what it stands for, as she threatens to kill him if he says it! It couldn't be that bad, surely? Anyway, Bond uses her laptop to trace the text message sent to Mollaka's phone. Then off he goes to the Bahamas, to spy on the man who sent the text.
11 How was James's lamb on the train?
Answer: Skewered

When James first met Vesper it was on a train. Vesper had come to tell James that the English Treasury had agreed to stake him in the poker game at Casino Royale. Through various banter, Vesper asked James how his lamb was, and he replied, 'Skewered. One sympathizes.' This friendly banter between the two, created huge chemistry.
12 After an opening sequence where Bond makes his first two kills, allowing him to receive double-0 status, he is sent on his first official mission. In what country does this thrilling (at least for the audience) mission take place?
Answer: Madagascar

Bond is sent to apprehend a bomb-maker in Madagascar, with predictably thrilling results. After first spotting the bomb-maker at a cobra-mongoose fight, the two engage in an on-foot chase that takes them up through a building under construction. Finally, Bond is able to capture his foe, but only after the latter has entered an embassy seeking asylum. Bond ends up killing the bomb-maker, blowing up a part of the embassy and angering his boss, M.
Question Reference: Quiz: Casino Royale.
13 Le Chiffre contracts Dimitrios to arrange for the bombing of the Skyfleet prototype airplane. Why does Le Chiffre want the plane blown up?
Answer: He wants to drive down the stock value.

Le Chiffre has taken the money entrusted to him by the terrorists and has short sold the stock of the airline (which is the same as betting that the stock will decrease in value). Having the prototype blown up will ensure that the stock value plummets, making a fortune for Le Chiffre. When Bond prevents the plane from being blown up, he foils Le Chiffres plan and leaves him in the unenviable position of owing literally millions of dollars to the terrorist organizations that he provides banking services for. This is why Le Chiffre sets up the high stakes poker game - to try and win that money back.
14 Bond gets up to all kinds of mischief in the Bahamas, including bashing a very expensive car when it's owner took him to be a parking valet and seducing his mark's wife. He also manages to win a lot of money at a poker game, as well as his mark's (Dimitrios) Aston Martin. What else does he ask for as Dimitrios hands over the keys?
Answer: The valet ticket

Bond takes practically everything Dimitrios has! Later on, his wife (Solange) tells Bond that Dimitrios is taking the last flight to Miami. What could he be up to? Bond leaves her with some champagne and caviar and follows Dimitrios back to Miami.
15 Which eye did Le Chiffre weep blood from?
Answer: Left

During the film, at various stages you could see Le Chiffre's eye weep blood. One specific scene where this occurred was when he lost the poker game at the Casino Royale to Bond, and he knew that he would be killed as he had failed to win some money to pay the terrorists back, after losing their money in the stock market.
16 After capturing the bomb-maker, Bond obtains his cell phone. On the cell-phone he finds a code word that may be linked to a terrorist plot. What is this code word?
Answer: Ellipsis

In case you were wondering, an ellipsis is a type of punctuation in the form of three dots (...) that indicates omission. It also can mean an omission of words from a speech. For Bond, these dictionary definitions are irrelevant, however. He just wants to find out how the code word is connected to the terrorist plot!
Question Reference: Quiz: Casino Royale.
17 When Le Chiffre sets up the high stakes poker game, it is determined that Bond is the best poker player in the organization and therefore must be entered into the game. Who provides the ten million dollar buy-in amount?
Answer: British Treasury

Ten million is wired into Bond's personal account, with an additional five million available if the risk is deemed a good one. Vesper Lynd is sent as the Treasury's personal representative, to keep her eye on the proceedings and make that determination.
18 Where does Dimitrios go to leave his bag to be picked up?
Answer: "Bodyworld's" exhibition

"Bodyworld's" displays real human corpses in various ways so that you can see everything inside - eeeurgh! Bond has to kill Dimitrios here and then follows the man who picked up the bag back to the airport.
19 What was the name of the first girl James began to seduce in the film?
Answer: Solange

Solange was married to Mr. Dimitrios, who was playing a part in the big bomb plan. James had to stop this bomb from going off, therefore began to seduce Dimitrios' wife in order to find out where he was going. Later on in the film, Solange was found tortured for information and killed.
20 To what luxury travel location does Bond travel next, in order to track down the bomb-maker's contact?
Answer: The Bahamas

Unfortunately for Bond, he does not travel to The Bahamas for vacation, but rather to find out the identity of the bomb-maker's contact. The trail leads to Alex Dimitrios, an associate of Le Chiffre, a banker with whom we are later acquainted.
Question Reference: Quiz: Casino Royale.
21 After he loses the first ten million to Le Chiffre, Bond is given the option of buying back into the game. Who stakes him this time, providing the additional money?
Answer: Felix Leiter

After Bond recklessly loses the first ten million, Vesper refuses to release any additional money, so Bond is effectively out of the game. Felix Leiter, who identifies himself to Bond as a CIA agent, learns this and offers to provide Bond with the necessary cash. Leiter does this because he realizes that Bond is the only one who has a chance of defeating Le Chiffre, which is, in fact, what happens.
22 For the eagle-eyed among you, who provides a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in the neighboring metal detector, when the suspected bomber goes through airport security checks?
Answer: Richard Branson

The owner of the Virgin company is briefly viewed in the right-hand metal detector. He has obviously honed his acting skills recently, as this is the second time I've seen him in a blockbuster this year - the first time being in "Superman Returns". Maybe he's the secret ingredient to box-office success.
23 What country name was on Mr Dimitrios' car registration plate?
Answer: Bahamas

Mr Dimitrios had gambled his car in a small stakes poker game at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas. James Bond had the right cards and won the car. When he came to collect it he met Solange. When they drove off, you clearly saw 'Bahamas' written at the bottom the the plate.
24 At the resort hotel, Bond shows off his amazing poker skills, beating his rival Alex Dimitrios, much to the latter's extreme annoyance. What item does Bond win, aside from a pile of Dimitrios' cash?
Answer: A car

Not only does Bond win Dimitrios' car (an Aston Martin DB5), he also steals his wife, Solange, played by the lovely Caterina Murino. Unfortunately, Bond can't enjoy his winnings long, as Dimitrios is leaving the country.
Question Reference: Quiz: Casino Royale.
25 During the second half of the poker game, Le Chiffre makes an attempt to eliminate Bond as a contestant by arranging to have Bond's drink poisoned. Bond recognizes the signs, tries to purge himself of the poison and then heads to his car where he can connect with a team back in Britain. Bond connects himself to a defibrillator but is unable to make it work, due to a loose connection, and his heart stops. Who reconnects the loose plug and presses the button to restart Bond's heart?
Answer: Vesper Lynd

Vesper finds him dead in the car and acts quickly, saving his life. Everyone wants Bond to go to the hospital, but he insists on returning to the game, much to Le Chiffre's surprise. Bond's casual comment of "Very sorry...that last hand nearly killed me." is classic Bond.