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31 Diamonds Are Forever Trivia Questions & Answers

Diamonds Are Forever
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1 What country does the opening scene take place in?
Answer: Japan

Bond tosses a man through a paper window in order to find out where Blofeld was. The man told Bond, Blofeld was in Cairo.
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What was the name of the cassette tape Blofelt was using to control the satellite?

2 "We do function in your absence Commander."
Answer: M

M said this to Bond after Bond questioned whether M had all the right information on the diamond smuggling.
3 What part of Blofeld's transplant is the hardest?
Answer: Nose

Bond runs into Blofeld while he is in the middle of making a double of himself. Blofeld tells Bond that the hardest part of making a double is the nose. Bond killed the double.
4 Who played Tiffany Case?
Answer: Jill St. John

She works as an "inside woman" for MI6. She also kisses Bond with a kiss described as being "without sex".
5 "I tend to notice things like that. Whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette."
Answer: James Bond

Bond speaking to Tiffany Case after she changed her wigs in her apartment.
6 What was the year of the original vintage of the wine that formed the basis of the sherry Munger served Bond?
Answer: 1851

Bond is in a room with M and Sir Donald Munger. Munger offers Bond a sherry. Bond then says, "Unusually fine Solera. '51, I believe".
M then says, " There is no year for sherry, 007".
James Bond then replies," I was referring to the original vintage on which the sherry is based, sir. 1851, unmistakable".
7 In the novel, the chain of gang members leading up to the head boss is called what?
Answer: The Pipe-Line

The First Chapter is called "The Pipe-Line Opens", and the last chapter is called "The Pipe-Line Closes". It is also referred to as the "Pipeline", or the "Pipe Line".
8 "Oh my God, you've just killed James Bond."
Answer: Tiffany Case

Tiffany Case speaking to the real Bond after Bond killed Franks and placed his identity in his pocket.
9 What percentage of the world's diamonds come from South Africa?
Answer: 80

Munger tells this statistic to Bond while they are drinking sherry.
10 Who wrote the novel?
Answer: Ian Fleming

He wrote all of the James Bond Novels; the new movies aren't based on novels.
11 "Now then, if we are ready to begin the final journey."
Answer: Mr. Slumber

The funeral director talking to Bond right before sending the coffin through the incinerator.
12 What type of book does Ms. Whistle put a small package of diamonds in?
Answer: Bible

Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd give Ms. Whistle a package of diamonds which she puts into a Bible. Ms. Whistle is later killed by the two men.
13 "I haven't changed my act in 40 years."
Answer: Shady Tree

Shady Tree talking to Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd right before being killed by the two.
14 Who does James Bond throw over a bannister?
Answer: Peter Franks

James Bond actually kills Peter Franks. Bond, who is pretending to be Franks, says that he killed James Bond. Both Franks (Bond) and Tiffany Case are shocked that the infamous James Bond has been killed.
15 What is the name of the horse that James Bond has to bet on, in order to win the money that he was promised?
Answer: Shy Smile

Leiter, Bond's friend and ally in this one, told the jockey to obviously cheat and disqualify the horse. Bond wants this so he can still remain in contact with the "Pipe-Line".
16 "Willard Whyte speaking."
Answer: Blofeld

Blofeld using the voice changing machine to pose as Willard Whyte.
17 What type of stuffed animal were the diamonds hidden in?
Answer: Dog

Tiffany Case plays a game where she is meant to win. She wins, without even trying, a giant stuffed dog that is full of diamonds.
18 "Forget it, Curly. You had your chance."
Answer: Tiffany Case

Tiffany talking to the service station attendant while she was stalling to allow Bond to get into the back of a van that they were following.
19 What type of gas did Tiffany Case want in her car?
Answer: Hi test

Tiffany was just trying to create a diversion, so Bond could sneak into a vehicle.
20 What is the "surname" of the two men that run the "pipe-line"?
Answer: Spang

Their first names are Jack and Seraffimo, and they head the Spangled Mob.
21 "Our shields are fine, now get out."
Answer: Professor Metz

Metz raising his voice at Bond who was posing as a radiation level supervisor in the Whyte laboratories.
22 How much jail time did Felix Leighter say Tiffany Case would get?
Answer: 20 years to Life

Felix Leighter mentioned to Bond, that if Case was caught, she would get 20 years to life in prison.
23 What is the real name of Jack Spang?
Answer: Rufus B. Saye

In the novel, he doesn't appear to know much about diamonds, as a policeman tricks him by naming a cut of diamond that doesn't even exist!
24 "We appreciate your predicament, Mr. Bond."
Answer: Blofeld

The fake one of two Blofeld's in Willard Whyte's penthouse suite. Bond subsequently killed him and then realised he was the wrong one.
25 What was the name of the cassette tape Blofelt was using to control the satellite?
Answer: World's Greatest Marches

You first saw the tape in the room where Bond was checking for radiation. You then later see it on Blofeld's desk.