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Dr. No
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1 "Dr No" was the first "James Bond" film to be released. It was not the first book to be released but the producers felt it was the perfect starting point for the series. Sean Connery was not approved by Ian Fleming, as he was Scottish and didn't match his idea of the real James Bond. Which Irish born, British actor, best know for playing British war heroes, did Ian Fleming want in the part?
Answer: Richard Todd

Richard Todd was a friend of Fleming who thought Todd was the right person to play Bond. Todd saw active service in WWII. In fact, after the war he turned to acting and played Major John Howard, who was Todd's superior in actual events in "The Longest Day" (1962)(Another actor played the role of Todd). It was while working on this movie, that a scheduling conflict meant he could not accept the "Dr No" role.
Cary Grant was the first choice of the producers but when he would only commit to one movie he was not considered to be the best choice. Roger Moore, "The Saint", was considered too young and Rock Hudson was never considered for the role.
2 How many people put change in the three blind men's cup?
Answer: 1

Strangways puts some money in the tin cup just before the three men shoot him.
3 Cary Grant was the front-runner for playing Bond in "Dr. No." Why didn't Cary end up with the role?
Answer: He said he would only play in one Bond film

Nobody knew how big of a hit 007 would be, but in the event it was popular, they wanted to have the same actor for future films.
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4 While transmitting from Kingston to London, what are the three digits that represent Kingston?
Answer: W6N

Strangways was on his way to report to MI6 when he was killed. The secretary waiting for Strangways was also killed.
5 Who introduces themselves Bond-style?
Answer: Trench. Sylvia Trench.

The first time we ever meet Bond he is playing Chemin de Fer at Les Ambassadeurs club in London:

Bond: "I admire your courage Miss....?"

Sylvia: "Trench, Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck Mr...."?

Bond: "Bond, James Bond."
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6 "James Bond" films are known for their exotic locales. In the first movie, there were only two locales but only one was quite exotic. Where was "Dr No" shot?
Answer: London and Jamaica

All locations listed have been locales for "Bond" movies but only London and Jamaica were used in "Dr No". Technically they represent only one country because at the time Jamaica had not declared independence from Great Britain. The movie stays close to the corresponding book by Fleming, published four years earlier in 1958. Fleming knew Jamaica well. He built a house there after the war and stayed there for three months of the year. He did most of his writing in Jamaica, The other location used is London which is the home, of "MI6", where Bond is stationed.
7 What two cards does Bond turn over in his first hand shown?
Answer: Jack and eight

Bond was having a wonderful time beating Miss Trench before he was called away. His first hand he pulled a jack and eight, and his second hand he pulled a king and nine.
8 What is Station J?
Answer: Jamaica

MI6 refers to different locales as "stations." "Dr. No" is set in Jamaica.
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9 The role of M as head of MI6 was critical to "James Bond" movie plots. There have been only a few actors who have played this role. Who played M in "Dr No"? (And no, he wasn't related to the Man with the Golden Gun despite the surname).
Answer: Bernard Lee

All four actors have played M but Bernard Lee played the role for the first ten Eon "Bond" films. He probably would have played in more "Bond" movies but he died in 1981. Filming for "For Your Eyes Only" had commenced when he died so out of respect for Lee, he was not replaced for this movie. It was merely stated he was on leave, as a plot line. Of all the actors that have played M, Lee's portrayal is closest to Fleming's character. Lee server in the Royal Sussex Regiment during World War II. He was offered a role in a local play when he was waiting for his release papers. From there, He appeared in over 100 movies, plays and television programs, with a propensity for playing roles of authority such as military or police roles Outside of his role as M, he is best know for his roles in; "The Third Man" (1949), and "The Blue Lamp" (1950).
10 Other than cards, what sport does Miss Sylvia Trench like to play?
Answer: golf

When Bond returned to his room, he finds Sylvia golfing in his living room while wearing one of his shirts.
11 What is the name of the MI6 agent killed by Dr. No's henchmen?
Answer: Strangways

Strangways had been investigating Dr. No and was killed for getting too close.
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12 The character Felix Leiter did not appear in the corresponding novel. Leiter was meant to be a Bond-like American CIA operative. Unlike other actors in continuing roles, Leiter was played by a different actor each movie (until Jeffrey Wright in 2008's "Quantum of Solace"). Which actor, best remembered as Steve McGarett in "Hawaii Five-0" (1968-80), played Leiter in this movie?
Answer: Jack Lord

This was the first film meeting of Bond and Leiter. In "Casino Royale", the first book but the 2006 movie, they introduce themselves to each other (again). Jack Lord could have been a long term Leiter but he wanted more money and higher billing. Peter Falk played Leiter's father-in-law to be in "The Living Daylights"(1987).
13 What is the first item that James Bond receives from MI6?
Answer: Walther PPK

James does not want the new Walther PPK pistol. He has used his Beretta for 10 years and sees no problem with it. The new Walther PPK has the fire power like "a brick through a plate glass window".
14 Major Boothroyd gives 007 a Walther PPK, which becomes a legendary weapon. However, he took away Bond's personal weapon of choice, which was a what make?
Answer: Beretta

Bond's Beretta jammed in a previous mission and landed him in a hospital bed for six months. He does not accept the new gun voluntarily, but M makes him.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dr. No.
15 Lois Maxwell played Miss Moneypenny for 14 movies starting with "Dr No". Miss Moneypenny was the quintessentially efficient British secretary. However, Lois was not English, what nationality was she, eh?
Answer: Canadian

Maxwell was born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1927. She joined the Canadian Women's Army Corp but left, in London, when her age was revealed, to study drama. She worked as an actress in the US, Italy, Canada and England. She retired in England but after cancer surgery in 2001, she moved to Perth in Australia to live with her son.
16 What company does the lady photographer say that she works for?
Answer: Daily Gleaner

At the time of filming "Dr. No", the photographer who was played by Marguerite LeWars. Marguerite was previously Miss Jamaica.
17 Bond discovers that his driver from the airport is working for Dr. No and after a brief fight sequence begins to question him. What does the henchman do?
Answer: Kills himself with a cyanide cigarette

The driver goes into his pocket and Bond stops him, thinking he is grabbing a gun. Bond reaches in and once he realizes the guy only wanted a smoke, he hands him the cigarettes. He realizes his mistake when the guy keels over and dies after eating the cigarette.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dr. No.
18 "James Bond" cars became a feature of subsequent movies, but in "Dr No" it is fair to say that the producers were still feeling their way. Nevertheless there was a Bond car, very similar to the car that Maxwell Smart drove in "Get Smart" (1968). What was this modest Bond car?
Answer: Sunbeam Alpine

With a modest budget, the producers had to take what they could get. The Sunbeam Alpine was a four cylinder 1.6L British convertible (Max Smart drove the identically looking V8 Sunbeam Tiger). The car belonged to a Jamaican resident and was borrowed for the movie. The first Aston Martin does not appear until the third "James Bond" movie, "Goldfinger" (1964). The MGB was released in 1962 but after shooting had been completed. The 1949 Buick featured in "Rainman" (1988). Bond drove a 1930 Bentley 4 Litre open tourer in Fleming's novels
19 What is the cab number that Bond returned to his hotel in?
Answer: 26

There are some large numbers on the top of the cab (67444). This is the phone number for the taxi company. The number of the taxi is 26.
20 Who is considered James Bond's American counterpart?
Answer: Felix Leiter

Felix is a CIA agent who became a regular character in the Bond films until the '90s.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dr. No.
21 In "Dr No" we hear the immortal words, "Bond, James Bond" for the first time. Who introduced themselves to Bond just before Connery uttered his introduction?
Answer: Sylvia Trench

Sylvia Trench is another character that differs from the book, as she becomes a girlfriend of sorts for the first two movies before disappearing (in a figurative way). She and Bond are playing Chemin de fer in a casino. Bond asks her name, she replies "Trench, Sylvia Trench" and asks his name. Bond lights a cigarette before answering "Bond, James Bond". Classic cinema.
Incidentally there is no Q nor Quartermaster in this first installment only Major Boothroyd.
22 What parking lot is the car that Bond hired parked in?
Answer: Lot #5

23 Who is the spy at the government house?
Answer: Miss Taro

Miss Taro is Pleydell-Smith's secretary, and gets her information by eavesdropping through the office door. This is how Dr. No manages to be a step ahead of Bond, until she is caught.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dr. No.
24 The eponymous Dr No, the movie's antagonist, is played by Joseph Wiseman. Fleming wanted his cousin Christopher Lee to play the part, however Lee did get to play a Bond villain ten years after Fleming died. Which Bond Movie was this?
Answer: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Fleming died in 1964. Lee played Scaramanga in the title role of "The Man with the Golden Gun". Lee also played Dr Fu Manchu, who was Fleming's inspiration for the Dr No, character in several films. Joseph Wiseman had the dubious distinction of being the only villain in the first "James Bond" films who did not have his voice dubbed.
25 After Bond gets Miss Taro into the car, what does he tell the men in the car to look out for?
Answer: Her nail varnish

While in the bedroom, Miss Taro tells Bond to stop playing around because her nail varnish is still wet.