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40 Hook Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 I did not remember my life in Neverland. I worked as a lawyer. Who am I?
Answer: Robin Williams

Williams, born on July 21st, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois was cast as Peter Banning for this film. Peter was a workaholic lawyer as well as Moira Darling's husband; they had two children, Jack and Maggie. Jack was upset when his father did not make it to his baseball game, so Peter told him he would make it up to him. Peter and his family traveled to London to visit Moira's grandmother, Wendy, and spend some time with her. While they were there, Jack and Maggie were kidnapped and it was on the night that they were kidnapped that Tinkerbell paid Peter a visit. She told Peter that he was Peter Pan but Peter did not remember being Peter Pan. Tinkerbell took him to Neverland and Peter was given three days to train and become Peter Pan again. He managed to morph back into Peter Pan and defeat Captain Hook and rescue his children. Williams starred in the movies, "Moscow on the Hudson", "Seize the Day" and "Dead Poets Society". In 1988, Williams received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the film, "Good Morning, Vietnam", but he lost to Michael Douglas for "Wall Street". Other Oscar nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role that year were William Hurt for "Broadcast News", Jack Nicholson for "Ironweed" and Marcello Mastroianni for "Oci Ciornie".
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Who is Peter's business partner who is always calling him on his cell phone?

2 What is the first item we can see that belongs to Hook?
Answer: His dagger

The rescue note Hook leaves Peter is held by a dagger at the door where the children are sleeping.
We see an ominous looking hook latch on the door know but it does not belong to Captain Hook.
3 What did Tootles lose?
Answer: His marbles

He told Peter that he had lost his marbles. Later in the movie, one of the Lost Boys gave Peter some marbles and said that they belonged to Tootles. Tootles was played by Arthur Malet.
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4 What is the name of Jack's baseball tournament?
Answer: Santa Series

Even the umpire is dressed up like Santa!
5 I worried that my husband's relationship with our son would be damaged if my husband did not spend more time with him. Who am I?
Answer: Caroline Goodall

Goodall, a native of London, England portrayed Moira Banning in a small role. Moira attended Jack's baseball game and was hoping her husband would make it, but he did not show up. When the Banning family flew to London to spend time with Moira's grandmother, Wendy, she pulled Peter aside and told him to spend more time with Jack or else Jack may not have a relationship with him anymore. One night, Peter and Moira went to a function with Wendy and they came back and saw a note that Captain Hook had kidnapped their two children. Moira was relieved when Jack and Maggie eventually came home, after Peter rescued them from Captain Hook. Goodall guest starred on the TV shows, "Alias", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "The Outer Limits".
6 Who is Peter's business partner who is always calling him on his cell phone?
Answer: Brad

The first time Brad calls Peter is when the latter is at his daughter's play. Brad's repeated interruptions show that Peter's grown-up world revolves around his job.
7 What was Wendy's one rule while you were in her house?
Answer: No growing up

She told Peter and his family this when they arrived. Peter said that it was too late. Wendy was played by Maggie Smith. In 2003 she became the 13th performer to win the Triple Crown of acting.
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8 Who is Peter talking to when his phone is thrown out the window?
Answer: Brad

Yeah... his name was Brad.
9 I liked to play baseball but I disliked my father not showing up to one of my games. Who am I?
Answer: Charlie Korsmo

Korsmo, born in 1978 in Fargo, North Dakota landed the part of Jack Banning. Jack played baseball and asked his father, during his sister's school play if he would make it to his game the next day. Peter promised Jack he would be there but Peter did not show up and this irritated Jack. While on the plane to London, Jack annoyed his father when he threw a baseball around so Peter took the baseball away from him. After being kidnapped by Captain Hook, Jack and Maggie were taken to Neverland and Jack bonded with Captain Hook. However, he realized that Captain Hook wanted to replace his father and Jack still loved Peter. Peter rescued both Jack and his sister and he had Tinkerbell fly them both back home. Korsmo starred in the films, "Dick Tracy", "Men Don't Leave" and "Can't Hardly Wait".
10 What number is Granny Wendy's house?
Answer: 14

When Peter arrives in London after being dropped off by the cab driver, he actually forgets where Granny Wendy's is and goes to the wrong house. Noticing this, his wife reminds him it's number 14.
11 What was Captain Hook's sidekick's name?
Answer: Smee

Smee waited on Captain Hook. He gathered the men, introduced the Captain, and did anything else he was told to do. Smee was played by Bob Hoskins who was the second choice for the role of Al Capone in "The Untouchables".
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12 How many years has it been since Peter last visited Granny Wendy?
Answer: Ten

'It's been ten years, and Granny Wendy asks you to visit every year...'
13 I did not appreciate Captain Hook giving me an "F" during a school lesson. Who am I?
Answer: Amber Scott

Scott played Maggie Banning in this film. Maggie had a good relationship with both her father and her mother and liked that her father attended her school play of "Peter Pan" to see her play Wendy. When Maggie and her family got to Grandma Wendy's house, she told Great Grandma Wendy that she played her in school since Wendy was the Wendy that Peter Pan fell in love with in Neverland. Maggie sparred with Captain Hook on multiple occasions, especially during a school lesson he gave them on parents hating their children. Maggie protested Captain Hook's teachings so, to retaliate against her, he gave her an "F" and Maggie told him that she hated him. Maggie was thrilled when her father came to rescue her and Jack. Scott guest starred on the TV show, "The American Experience" and sang a song at the 64th Annual Academy Awards.
14 Who are Peter's adoptive parents?
Answer: Hank & Jane

Wendy arranged Peter's adoption when he decided to stay in London. He forgot about Neverland because of his love for Moira. For this, Peter feels he owes his life to Wendy. After the police leave, Wendy has a private conversation with Peter, and asks him how far back he can remember. Peter answers that he remembers when Wendy took him in from the cold, and arranged his adoption.The old lady perceives that Peter doesn't remember that he was indeed Peter Pan. She tries to tell him, but he doesn't believe and leaves.
15 Finish the line that Tinkerbell said to Peter: "Second star to the right and ___________________ ."
Answer: straight on 'til morning

Tinkerbell said this to Peter when she wrapped him in a rug and flew him to Neverland. When he woke up, he thought it had all been a nightmare. Tinkerbell was played by Julia Roberts. She has also been in high profile movies such as "Pretty Woman", "Flatliners", "My Best Friends Wedding", and "Ocean's Eleven".
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16 Granny Wendy gives Peter's children one rule while staying at her house. What is the one rule?
Answer: No growing up

17 I got swallowed whole by a crocodile. Who am I?
Answer: Dustin Hoffman

Hoffman, born on August 8th, 1937 in Los Angeles, California was cast as Captain Hook. Captain Hook wanted to get revenge on Peter Pan for cutting off his hand and feeding it to the crocodile. He decided that he would lure Peter Pan to Neverland by kidnapping his children. When Peter got to Neverland, Captain Hook was surprised that Peter had no recollections of being Peter Pan. Captain Hook befriended Jack and came up with a plan to replace him as a father figure, since he realized Jack had a troubled relationship with his father. However, Jack nipped Captain Hook's plan in the bud when he told Peter he wanted to go home. In Captain Hook's final fight with Peter, a statue of a crocodile fell face forwarded and the statue's mouth went right over Captain Hook, swallowing and killing him. Hoffman had parts in the movies, "Last Chance Harvey", "Sphere", and "Papillon". In 1980, Hoffman won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the film, "Kramer v. Kramer". Other Oscar nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role that year were Al Pacino for, "...And Justice for All", Roy Scheider for "All That Jazz", Peter Sellers for "Being There", and Jack Lemmon for "The China Syndrome".
18 What is the first name Rufio calls Peter, when they are eating the never-food?
Answer: Crinkled, wrinkled fat-bag

Peter is upset by the make-believe food the Lost Boys are eating. As Peter's imagination is almost nil, he can't even see the food! Peter tells Tink that he wants real food, then Rufio tells him that he can't have any, and starts calling Peter names. Because of the never-food game, Peter starts remembering, playing, using his imagination and slowly transforming himself into the Pan he once was!
19 During the softball game in Neverland, the fans were holding up letters to spell something that would cheer Jack on. What did the letters spell before Captain Hook told them to change it?
Answer: Run Home

"Run Home Jack" was what they were chanting. It almost made Jack remember that his sister told him to find a way to run home. Captain Hook told them they had it backwards. They changed it to "Home Run".
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20 During his speech at the dedication of the children's hospital, what word does Peter have a hard time pronouncing correctly?
Answer: Effortlessly

Third time's a charm...
21 I remembered my adventures with Peter in Neverland but he did not remember them so I tried to help him remember. I was the great grandmother to Peter's children. Who am I?
Answer: Maggie Smith

Smith, a native of Essex, England had the small role of Wendy. Wendy loved her granddaughter, Moira, and she also loved her great grandchildren, Jack and Maggie. In one scene, she read a book to both Jack and Maggie on her experiences in Neverland and Maggie told her Jack said she was not the real Wendy from the story of "Peter Pan". Wendy assured Maggie that she was indeed the real Wendy. Wendy feared that Captain Hook would get revenge on Peter and her fears turned out to be right, since Captain Hook kidnapped Peter's children on the night of a fundraiser Wendy attended in her honor. Right after they were kidnapped, Wendy spoke to Peter about Captain Hook and warned Peter what he was up against when it came to him. Wendy was thrilled when Peter, Jack and Maggie came home safely from Neverland. Smith was seen in the films, "Go to Blazes", "Young Cassidy" and "Evil Under the Sun". In 1973, Smith was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film, "Travels with my Aunt", but she lost to Liza Minnelli for "Cabaret". Other Oscar nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role that year were Diana Ross for "Lady Sings the Blues", Cicely Tyson for "Sounder", and Liv Ullmann for "Utvandrarna".
22 When Peter is about to be propelled through the air by a giant slingshot, in an attempt to make him fly, what does Don't Ask advise Peter to use as his happy thought?
Answer: Horsies

At the time, Peter mentions that his happy thought is to not be in the slingshot at all!
23 What was it that Tinkerbell told Peter would make him fly?
Answer: Happy thoughts

She told him to think one happy thought in order to fly. He needed to be able to fly when he had his duel with Captain Hook. Peter Pan was played by Robin Williams. Williams is an Academy Award-winning actor and comedian. He appeared in the hit 70's sitcom "Mork and Mindy". His movies include "Patch Adams", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Toys", "Dead Poets Society", and "Good Morning, Vietnam".
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24 What sound or noise causes Captain Hook's mustache to twitch?
Answer: Clock ticking

25 As Captain Hook's right hand man, I wanted to blow Peter's head off with my pistol but Captain Hook told me not to do it. Who am I?
Answer: Bob Hoskins

Hoskins, born in 1942 in Suffolk, England got the part of Smee. Smee was Captain Hook's sidekick and he did not like that Peter had returned to Neverland to get his children back. Smee offered to shoot Peter in the head but Captain Hook told him not to do this. In one scene, Captain Hook told Smee about his plan to replace Peter as a father figure to both Jack and Maggie. Smee and Maggie often fought throughout the movie but Smee and Jack got along. While Captain Hook died in the movie, Smee survived. Hoskins guest starred on the TV series', "Tales from the Crypt", "The Street" and "Frasier".