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33 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Trivia Questions & Answers

POTC: On Stranger Tides
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1 Early in the movie we see a crew of fisherman pull in a heavy net. What is unusual about the body that is wrapped up in the net?
Answer: It is still alive.

The fishermen unwind their nets to find the body of a sailor inside. They assume that the sailor is dead and so are shocked when he opens his eyes and grabs the captain's arm. His claim that he sailed with Ponce De Leon is also shocking, since de Leon had disappeared 200 years before. They take the sailor to the Spanish King, who sends out an expedition in search of the Fountain of Youth.
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Where is the Pearl?

2 Where does Captain Jack Sparrow make his first appearance in the film?
Answer: London

We first see Jack in London (the capital of England) where he pretends to be a court judge and manages to save Gibbs' life. His plan becomes a little sketchy when their carriage driver takes them to King George instead of to the coast. King George has heard of Jack's quest involving The Fountain of Youth, but from a different Jack as it turns out. It would seem Jack has someone pretending to be him.
3 At the beginning of the film, what kind of event were the people of London, England excited about?
Answer: A hanging

The hanging of a pirate was being advertised in the streets of London and the townspeople were very excited. A man explained to his son that they were actually going to a trial, but that the hanging would come after. Jack Sparrow was to be on trial, but it was actually Gibbs that was brought to the courtroom. Jack disguised himself as the judge in order to save Gibbs from hanging. Gibbs told Jack he had come to London because he'd heard a rumour that Captain Jack Sparrow was there recruiting a crew. Jack was puzzled and concluded that someone had been impersonating him.
4 How is Jack Sparrow dressed, the first time we see him?
Answer: He is disguised as a judge.

In the beginning of the movie, we find the people of London excited about an upcoming trial and probable hanging. The prisoner is Gibbs (played by Kevin McNally), who is being tried for being Captain Jack Sparrow. With the real judge tied up in his chambers, Jack dons the robe and wig and, with a great deal of gobble-de-gook, commutes Gibb's sentence from hanging to life imprisonment. Believing that he has paid off the coach driver, Jack joins Gibbs in the carriage only to find that the driver had been paid more to take them to the king.
5 The Captain's Daughter (a pub) is where we discover the person pretending to be Jack is, in fact, a woman named Angelica. Which actress portrays her?
Answer: Penelope Cruz

New pirate Angelica Malon is an old lover of Jack's and has been impersonating him in order to gain a crew and sail to The Fountain of Youth with her father, Blackbeard. Angelica is played by Penelope Cruz who has appeared in movies such as 'Sex and The City 2', 'Sahara' and 'Vanilla Sky'.
6 Who saved Jack from being captured or killed by the King's guards?
Answer: His father

When Jack and Gibbs fled the courtroom, Jack thought he had paid the carriage driver to take them to an exit route. Instead, they were brought to King George's palace. King George heard that Jack knew the route to the Fountain of Youth, and wanted him to navigate an expedition to be led by Captain Barbossa, now a privateer employed by the Crown. Jack escaped from the palace and was chased by several guards. When he thought he had successfully eluded them, he found that there was one more standing behind him, aiming a gun at him. Suddenly a shot was heard and the guard fell to the ground, dead. The gunman stepped out of the shadows and Jack greeted him as "Dad". It was Captain Teague, played by Keith Richards reprising his cameo role from the previous "Pirates" flick, "At World's End".
7 Jack finds himself bound to a chair before a table that is laden with food. He attempts to get hold of a cream puff, by manoeuvring around while still tied to the chair. Where does the cream puff end up, before his efforts are interrupted?
Answer: impaled on the chandelier

Jack's efforts to get the cream puff result in it flying up and being impaled on the chandelier, where it hangs for Jack's entire conversation with the king. After his ropes are cut lose, Jack manages to dislodge the cream puff, catch it and stick it in his mouth before making an escape.
Johnny Depp reprises the role of Jack Sparrow and Richard Griffiths plays King George II.
8 Captain Jack finds himself working with the crew on which ship?
Answer: The Queen Anne's Revenge

The Queen Anne's Revenge is Blackbeard's ship and, along with Blackbeard's sword, it can do wonderful things. The ship did exsist in reality and was formally called the Concord but it has been brought back to life and given a dark, eerie appearance for 'On Stranger Tides'.
9 Jack was captured and put to work as a crew member aboard what ship?
Answer: Queen Anne's Revenge

After discovering that the person who had been impersonating him was Angelica, an old flame, Jack was shot with a tranquilizer dart and brought aboard a ship where he was made to scrub the deck and do other chores. A fellow crew member told Jack that he was on the Queen Anne's Revenge, which Jack knew was Blackbeard's ship. It turned out that Angelica was Blackbeard's daughter and the ship's first mate, and Jack had been forced to come along with them to lead them to the Fountain of Youth. A prophecy had said that Blackbeard would die soon, so he desperately wanted to find the Fountain.
10 Jack hears that someone is recruiting crew for a ship. Who is recruiting, according to gossip?
Answer: Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack is told, a couple of times, that word around town is that Jack Sparrow is recruiting. Jack knows he is without a ship and is curious to see who is pretending to be him. He goes to the place of recruitment and finds someone dressed like him, whom he fights. The imposter is revealed, by a move that she makes, to be Angelica, a former love of Jack's.
Angelica felt she would have more success recruiting a crew as a man, than she would have as a woman. Angelica is played by Penelope Cruz.
11 What type of fictional creature is Syrena?
Answer: Mermaid

Syrena is the mermaid who pushes Philip out of harm's way during the battle scene on Whitecap Bay. She senses something different in him and feels that, unlike many of the other men he associates with, he will bring her no harm. Mermaids are creatures of myth who are half woman, half fish. When on land a mermaid will transform and appear to be a normal woman with legs, instead of tail fins, but having never really set foot on land it cannot walk.
12 What did Gibbs do with Jack's map to the Fountain of Youth?
Answer: Burned it

Since Jack had escaped from the King's palace, Barbossa had no way of getting to the Fountain of Youth. Jack had given Gibbs the map just before being taken into the palace, and to save himself from being hanged, Gibbs set fire to the map. He told Barbossa that he had memorized the route and that Barbossa must keep him alive and let him navigate the journey.
13 Who has been lashed to the mast on the ship Queen Anne's Revenge?
Answer: Philip, a religious man

Blackbeard wanted to kill Philip, but his daughter, Angelica, pleaded with him not to do so. Angelica is concerned about saving the soul of the father she has only recently known. Blackbeard's compromise is to not kill Philip, but to keep him lashed to the mast. Philip is stoic about his fate and later turns out to be useful in the matter of collecting a mermaid's tear.
Philip is played by Sam Claflin and Blackbeard is played by Ian McShane.
14 If one was to venture to The Fountain of Youth and managed to find it, what would you need in order to add years to your life, as well as the actual water from the fountain?
Answer: Two chalices, the tear of a mermaid and someone to sacrifice the years of their life.

Legend has it you would need the two Chalices of Cartagena, the tear of a mermaid taken in joy or in fear and a human to give up the years of their life, in order to add some to yours. What you would need to do, and indeed what happens in the film, is take water from the Fountain of Youth and add it to both chalices, putting the tear of a mermaid in one of them. Then you would drink from the chalice with the mermaid tear in it and the sacrifice would drink from the other.
15 What did Blackbeard do to the sailor who was punished for mutiny?
Answer: Burned him

Jack Sparrow had suggested to the rest of the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge that they mutiny and take the ship. The others were enthusiastic and they had at it, and were quite successful until Blackbeard came out of his cabin and put an end to it. When he asked who the leader was, the cook raised his hand, so Blackbeard had him set out to sea in a boat, to try row away from the ship as fast as he could, but he could not get away fast enough to avoid the fire shot out of the front of the ship. The whole small boat went up in flames, and Blackbeard had it doused with fire once more for good measure.
16 Where is the Pearl?
Answer: in a bottle on Blackbeard's ship

Angelica opens a cupboard to show Jack a collection of ships in bottles. However these aren't your regular model ships in bottles, that many people have collected over the years, but the actual ships that Blackbeard has defeated, miniaturized and bottled. Jack recognises the Pearl as one of these ships.
17 How does Captain Jack Sparrow open the gateway to The Fountain of Youth?
Answer: He speaks the words 'Aqua Devida'.

Jack lied to Angelica and has never been to The Fountain of Youth before. So when they reach a dead end in the cave in which Jack thinks the entrance to The Fountain of Youth is located, people start to question him. He tries banging the two Chalices together to create a chime and after that fails and he gets shot at, he desperately utters the words 'Aqua Devida', which is written on the chalices. To his suprise the gateway opens and they can move forward through the water on the ceiling to The Fountain of Youth.
18 Where did Blackbeard's crew go to find a mermaid?
Answer: Whitecap Bay

They needed to find a mermaid because a mermaid's tear was required in order to take advantage of the Fountain of Youth; combined with water from the fountain, the person who drank the tear would take all the years of life away from the person who drank the water without a tear. At Whitecap Bay, Blackbeard had a bunch of his crew members sit in a boat in the water, singing, as bait to attract the mermaids. It turned into chaos when dozens of mermaids showed up, trying to lure the men to the depths of the ocean. They all swam off when Jack caused the lighthouse tower to explode, except for one, whom Blackbeard captured and imprisoned in a glass coffin. Barbossa's crew of sailors also went to Whitecap Bay, but all they found there was the wreckage that Blackbear's crew had left.
19 Why does Jack start a mutiny on the Queen Anne's revenge?
Answer: because he does not believe that Blackbeard is actually onboard

Although Angelica has told him that Blackbeard is onboard, none of the crew has actually seen him. Jack is told that he is keeping to his cabin because his death at the hands of a one-legged man has been foretold. Jack questions whether Blackbeard is actually on the ship or not, and works the crew into believing him and following him in a mutiny. Blackbeard makes an appearance and makes short work of the mutiny.
20 What does Barbossa put on his sword, which will kill his enemies if they receive the slightest scratch?
Answer: The innards of poisonous toads

Barbossa has changed a lot since we last saw him in 'At World's End'. He is now missing one leg and The Black Pearl thanks to Blackbeard. He wants his revenge and intends to take Blackbeard's life. To increase his chances he smothers his sword with the innards of poisonous toads.
21 What did Phillip, the missionary, name the captured mermaid?
Answer: Syrena

Phillip had a special connection with the mermaid from the moment they first looked at each other. He gave her his shirt when she was cold, and carried her when the glass coffin broke and she lost her mermaid tail being out of the water but couldn't walk on her own. Partway through the journey, Phillip got angry with the way Blackbeard was referring to the mermaid and announced, "She has a name!" He then gave her the name Syrena.
22 When they arrive in Whitecap Bay, they set out bait for the mermaids (in the form of a longboat filled with men) and light the lantern, focusing its beam on the ship. What does one sailor do that eventually attracts a mermaid?
Answer: sings a song

The men sit in the longboat, waiting for something to happen. Other sailors wait nearby with nets to catch a mermaid. Finally Blackbeard commands that one of the sailors sing, which he does, somewhat hesitantly. Shortly after that a mermaid comes up to the side of the longboat and, after some conversation with the sailor, starts to sing along. Before they know it the water is teeming with mermaids.
23 Blackbeard is a fierce pirate. Which popular actor plays him?
Answer: Ian McShane

Ian McShane is an English Actor who appeared as the main character in a long running T.V drama called 'Lovejoy'. He has also voiced characters in several films including 'Shrek the Third', 'Kung Fu Panda' and 'Coraline'. He makes a great Blackbeard and I think his acting was brilliant throughout the film!
24 What finally made the mermaid cry?
Answer: Seeing that Phillip was alive

When Blackbeard was trying to force Syrena to cry, because a mermaid's tear was required for the fountain of youth formula, he noticed that she and Phillip seemed to care for each other, so he had one of his men cut Phillip and toss his body aside. Syrena was upset, but still did not cry. Later, Phillip regained consciousness and returned to where Syrena was tied up to help her. She was very happy to see him alive and was so grateful that he was helping her escape that she started crying tears of joy. Blackbeard and his men then appeared to catch a tear, saying that a tear of joy was more potent than a tear of sorrow anyway. Later, when Phillip was wounded again, he returned to where Syrena had been left to die and they kissed. She pulled him down into the water with him.
25 The captured mermaid is transported in a glass, coffin-shaped box, filled with water. What does Philip point out that Blackbeard has neglected to give her?
Answer: air

The mermaid is clearly distressed and Philip points this out. Blackbeard callously replies that she has water but Philip insists that she needs air. He pushes the top off the box and she gratefully sucks in air. The pirates go to put the lid back on but Philip inserts his bible, so that the lid cannot completely close and cut off her air supply again.
The mermaid is played by Astrid Berges-Frisbey.