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69 Real Genius Trivia Questions & Answers

Real Genius
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1 In the beginning of the movie, Mitch Taylor's mother asks Dr. Hathaway a personal question. What was that question?
Answer: Is that your real hair?

Dr. Hathaway quickly responds, "Is Mitch adopted?"
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Chris informs Mitch that he "had a little trouble" with one of Mitch's belongings, so he threw it out. What was the item?

2 The college entrance exam scores of Mitch Taylor (Gabe Jarrett) were higher than those of Chris Knight (Val Kilmer). Finish the quote by Kent Torokovei (Robert Prescott): "Mighty Mouse here beat your entrance scores by over ________ points."
Answer: 20

Chris, for the record, seems completely unthreatened by this news.
3 The remarkable stylings of which vocalist can be heard under the opening credits of this film?
Answer: Carmen McRae

Specifically, we hear McRae's mid-1960's rendition of "You Took Advantage of Me," which is a fitting theme song for the film, given the treatment of the featured "geniuses."
4 Who plays the role of goofball genius Chris Knight?
Answer: Val Kilmer

5 When Mitch sees Lazlo for the first time, Lazlo is carrying something in his hand that he brings with him into the closet. What was he carrying?
Answer: A McDonald's bag

If you look close enough, you can see that it is an old school version of the McDonald's bag.
6 Jordan Cochran (Michelle Meyrink), a physics genius, is apparently also an accomplished knitter. What does she knit as a present for Mitch?
Answer: a sweater

Mitch is seen wearing the sweater to a class later in the film.
7 The movie opens with a promotional film illustrating the benefits of a particularly creative military initiative. Finish its name: "Operation ____________."
Answer: Crossbow

The soldier depicted in the promo film even refers to himself as "Crossbow One." Operation Crossbow is based on the concept of utilizing a satellite and an advanced laser system to vaporize small (read: human) targets from space.
8 How old is Mitch Taylor when he enters college?
Answer: 15

9 When Chris uses the liquid nitrogen to buy coffee and candy out of the vending machines, how much did the coffee cost?
Answer: 20 cents

Man, how times have changed.
10 Chris Knight seems to be a fan of distinctive slippers. Which characters or creatures do NOT appear on any of the pairs of slippers that he wears during the film?
Answer: Batman and Robin

Val Kilmer played Batman in 1995's "Batman Forever," but Chris never wears Batman-inspired slippers in the film. We see him wearing the pink bunny slippers several times, and he wears the Heckle and Jeckle slippers during the "liquid nitrogen slug" scene with Mitch.
11 Finish the name of the corporation slated to provide the U.S. military with the equipment required to make its secret weapon possible: _____________ Electronic Instruments.
Answer: Darlington

Darlington is mentioned several times in the film. An amusing inside joke: Cal Tech, the school on which "Real Genius"' fictional Pacific Tech is based, has encouraged its graduates to make the initials "DEI" as prominent as possible, for reasons unknown to this quizmaker. Rumor has it that "DEI" can be found on the surface of the moon and at the peak of Mt. Everest. "Darlington Electronic Instruments" therefore also seems to be a Cal Tech triumph of sorts.
12 Mitch meets a very hyper young lady at college. What is her name?
Answer: Jordan

13 During the ice scene, what does Chris sarcastically tell Kent they were going to crown him?
Answer: King of the Winter Carnival

The saddest thing was, Kent thought they were serious and got a little bit excited.
14 Finish Chris' quote to Mitch: "Was it that dream where you're dressed in sort of sun-god-like robes, and thousands of women are screaming your name and throwing little _____________ at you?"
Answer: pickles

Mitch quickly says, "No." Chris looks off into space, and with all sincerity, asks the rhetorical question, "Why am I the only one who has that dream?"
15 During the briefing at the opening of the film, Major Carnagle (Louis Giambalvo) requires clarification after the use of a specific word by David Decker (Ed Lauter). What is the word?
Answer: "liberate"

Decker says, in reference to George, the man who has left the room(and the Crossbow Project) on moral grounds: "We may have to liberate him." Carnagle immediately asks, "'Liberate'? As in 'liquidate'?" Decker is indeed using the term "liberate" as a euphemism for "kill." (Odd, though, that Carnagle uses ANOTHER euphemism as his point of translation.)
16 What food is Kent accused of being intimate with?
Answer: Jello

17 What does Lazlo offer to let Mitch borrow when Mitch says, "I gotta get some sleep."?
Answer: His pajamas

Mitch replies "No... thanks." (confused)
18 Val Kilmer, apparently a highly dextrous man, is known for working complex hand-related activities into many of his films. What dextrous feat does Chris Knight perform in this film?
Answer: He "rolls" coins across his knuckles

Chris uses his knuckles to "roll" coins across the backs of his hands (simultaneously!) as he talks to Mitch in Hathaway's classroom during a montage. He also twirls a socket wrench in his hand in the same sequence. Kilmer twirls a drumstick in "The Doors," and performs a number of dextrous pistol tricks in "Tombstone."
19 At the local science fair where we first see Dr. Jerry Hathaway (William Atherton), he is asked by an autograph-seeking fan, "What's Mr. Einstein really like?" What is Jerry's one-word response?
Answer: Dead

Not exactly informative, but one can't argue with his accuracy.
20 Mitch is ready to quit school but Chris convinces him to stay. Finish Chris's inspiring words. 'You have to get even with Kent, it's a ...?'
Answer: moral imperative

21 Which of the following items do we never see Chris Knight wearing?
Answer: a hat

He is wearing the oversized boxers when Mitch informs Chris that there is a guy living in their closet (the boxers are pinned on one side, so they don't fall down.) Chris is wearing the earmuffs in the "Ice Age" scene. Then, whenever Chris is working on the laser, he wears the catcher's mask for protction.
22 Mitch finally figures out that, in order to follow the mysterious Lazlo Hollyfeld (Jon Gries), he has to close the closet door (into which Hollyfeld habitually disappears) behind him. A hidden trap door slowly and dramatically opens before Mitch's eyes. What message has been painted on the wall that is now visible to him for the first time?
Answer: "THIS IS IT"

The first indication that Mitch has succeeded in his quest is the message "THIS IS IT." He *later* encounters the words "HERE IT COMES."
23 When we first see Mitch Taylor (Gabe Jarrett), he's trying to explain the particulars of his science project to his father (Paul Tulley). What word does Mitch's dad clearly not understand?
Answer: "coherent"

Mitch: "This is coherent light." Mr. Taylor: "Oh. So, it talks?" Mitch, with a sigh: "No." "Coherent" is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "relating to or composed of waves having a constant difference in phase." It follows that Mitch's expertise in this area has led him to being recognized by Hathaway as a potential genius in the field of lasers.
24 Dr. Hathaway burst in on a party and scolds Mitch for not working in the lab. What Bryan Adams song is playing when Dr. Hathaway enters?
Answer: One Night Love Affair

25 What does Kent's licence plate say?
Answer: KENT TOR

..."Your mom puts licence plates in your underwear? How do you sit?" One of Chris' best lines, I think.