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62 The Rescuers Trivia Questions & Answers

Rescuers, The
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1 Where are Miss Bianca and Bernard when we first see them in "The Rescuers Down Under"?
Answer: At a restaurant, having an intimate dinner

Bianca (voiced by Eva Gabor) and Bernard (voiced by Bob Newheart) are at an elegant restaurant, sharing an intimate dinner. The surroundings are lovely, with candles and wine and softly falling snow visible through the window. It is all very romantic. But Bernard seems uneasy. At last he nerves himself to ask Bianca a tremendously important question...when he has a mishap!
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What is the name of the little girl who needs assistance?

2 Before the opening credits of "The Rescuers", we see a creepy old riverboat in a swamp at sunset. A little girl comes cautiously out and throws something overboard. Unbeknownst to her, she's being watched by two alligators. What does she throw into the water?
Answer: A bottle

During the opening credits, we watch the bottle's journey across the wide and lonely sea, until it makes landfall on the island of Manhattan. Who is this little girl and why has she dispatched a message in a bottle?
Question Reference: Quiz: Rescue Me.
3 My friend begins, "'The Rescuers Down Under' starts with a boy named Cody who lives in Australia. He's trying to rescue an animal called Marahute from poachers." What kind of animal is Marahute?
Answer: Golden eagle

She's a very rare bird, making her a target for poachers, who have already killed her mate. Golden eagles that live in the Northern Hemisphere are dark brown in color.
4 When does Cody promise to be home at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Supper

After trying to sneak out of the house unsuccessfully, Cody's mom yells to him "Be home for supper" to which Cody replies "No worries, mom!". Little does Cody know that helping a small field mouse will result in his kidnapping.
5 Who is the first character we see in the movie?
Answer: Cody

In the beginning of the movie, we see nothing but a field with flowers and Ayer's Rock in the background. Then the camera goes closer as the movie's main title starts. It eventually stops when we see Cody's house, after that we see what's happening inside the house in Cody's room where he's sleeping.
6 Who of the following is NOT one of the characters from the movie?
Answer: Christina

There is no Christina in the movie. Nero and Brutus are Miss Medusa's "precious pets", and Evinrude is the dragonfly who uses moonshine as fuel.
7 What kind of store does Madame Medusa own?
Answer: Pawn shop

Question Reference: Quiz: The Rescuers.
8 Why does Bernard suddenly change what he is going to ask Miss Bianca and say instead, "Would you excuse me for a minute?"
Answer: He has dropped the engagement ring.

In his nervousness, poor Bernard drops the ring at the very moment he is about to ask Miss Bianca to marry him. He has to go chasing it, and so is not at the table when Francois (voiced by Ed Gilbert) brings an urgent message from the chairmouse of the Rescue Aid Society.
9 What is the name of the little girl who needs assistance?
Answer: Penny

After the opening credits we are introduced to the Rescue Aid Society, an International mouse organization, a meeting of which has been convened because the society has received an urgent request for help. Although the message, printed in pencil on lined paper, was in a bottle, it has been damaged by water. Studying it carefully, Miss Bianca can read little except 'Hurry!" and the name Penny. She is moved with compassion and immediately volunteers for the rescue mission, even though she still knows almost nothing about the little girl who wrote the message.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rescue Me.
10 "Then Cody gets kidnapped by a poacher who's trying to capture Marahute. And he's got Jeremy Irons' voice." Not quite right. Who voices McLeach?
Answer: George C. Scott

The only other time Scott did a voice for animation was for the "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" anti-drug special. Scott won an Oscar for the title role in "Patton."
11 Whom does Cody rescue from the poacher's trap on top of the cliff?
Answer: Marahute

Marahute is the great golden eagle. Upon cutting Marahute free, Cody is accidentally flung from the cliff! But his new friend rushes down to save him and takes him on a short flying adventure. Faloo is the kangaroo who calls for Cody, and Nelson is a porcupine that Cody wakes up on his way to Faloo. Jake joins the rescuers in rescuing Cody and is a kangaroo rat.
12 When McLeach has kidnapped Cody, the mice send a distress call to the Rescue Aid Society's headquarters in New York. What is the distress call?
Answer: RAS

The mice distress call is RAS, for "Rescue Aid Society".
13 What is the name of the orphanage that Penny lives at?
Answer: Morningside Orphanage

Penny is heartsick because a couple came the orphanage, looked at her, and decided to adopt the little redheaded girl instead. Rufus the cat is her only friend at the orphanage.
14 What is the name of the Albatross?
Answer: Orville

Nero and Brutus were the crocodiles and Bernard was the mouse.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Rescuers.
15 What announcement does Miss Bianca make to the assembled Rescue Aid Society?
Answer: That she and Bernard accept the Australian assignment

When Bernard gets back to the table clutching the ring, Miss Bianca tells him that Francois has explained everything. Needless to say, this puzzles Bernard mightily. They talk at cross purposes all the way back to the Rescue Aid Society headquarters, where he finally learns that he will be accompanying his lady love to Australia on an assignment. He'll have to find another time to propose. Gallantly, he puts aside his romantic problems and prepares to leave on the rescue mission.
16 The message found by the Rescue Aid Society has been damaged. But the address can still be read - someplace right there in New York City. Where did the little girl needing help mean the message to be delivered?
Answer: Morningside Orphanage

Penny is an orphan from the Morningside orphanage. It isn't much to go on, but if she addressed her message to the orphanage, there must be someone there who cares about her. And whoever that is might have some idea of what happened to her. So, Miss Bianca and Bernard set out on the first stage of their investigation.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rescue Me.
17 What city does the mouse's message eventually end up in?
Answer: New York City

While the message passes many other cities, it ultimately ends up in New York City, where the Rescue Aid Society resides. After their success in rescuing Penny, Bernard and Bianca are quickly chosen to rescue Cody.
18 When the mice in Australia sends the call, how many "stops" does it make before it reaches New York?
Answer: 7

The distress call makes seven "stops" before reaching New York: Marshall Islands, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, Chicago and Washington D.C.
19 What is the name of the group that Miss Bianca works for?
Answer: Rescue Aid Society

Miss Bianca, voiced by the late Eva Gabor, was the lady mouse who rescued Penny. She was accompanied by Bernard, a shy janitor, voiced by Bob Newhart.
20 What was the name of the diamond that Medusa and Mr. Snoops want Penny to find for them?
Answer: The Devil's Eye

Question Reference: Quiz: The Rescuers.
21 What happens to Bernard when he and Miss Bianca reach the Albatross Air office?
Answer: A load of snow falls off the building and buries him.

Captain Wilber Albatross (voiced by John Candy) proves even more eccentric than his brother Orville, with whom the R.A.S. agents had flown to Devil's Bayou. He is, though, just as kind, and as smitten with the beautiful and sweet-natured Bianca. Despite Bernard's misgivings, they start on their long journey that very night. A little thing like a blizzard isn't going to keep Albatross Air grounded when a child has been kidnapped and Miss Bianca has been directed to rescue him!
22 Going to the place named by the request for help they have received, Miss Bianca and Bernard meet a cat who is a friend of the little girl who sent the message. He tells them about her, including what she wants more than anything. What is the missing child's dearest wish?
Answer: To be adopted

Rufus recalls that Penny was distressed because the people who had looked at her on Adoption Day chose another little girl instead. The cat comforted her, reminding her to have faith and never to lose heart.
Question Reference: Quiz: Rescue Me.
23 After being corrected, my friend goes on. "They go to Wilbur or Orville, I can't remember which one, to get to Australia. The albatross gets hurt on the way there and a group of crazy mice try to operate on him with a chain saw." Help her out: what ails poor Wilbur?
Answer: Bad back

Thankfully, Wilbur's back gets better before they operate and he flies off to help Bianca and Bernard. Orville is the albatross in "The Rescuers." They are named after the Wright brothers. Wilbur is voiced by John Candy.
24 Why does Jake try to stop Wilbur from landing at the airport?
Answer: The runway isn't long enough.

Jake is playing checkers until he gets a call from Wilbur. After looking at his size chart to see that Wilbur is an albatross, he tells Wilbur to leave, as the runway isn't long enough. After some makeshift runway extenders are placed, Wilbur is able to land, but unfortunately, damages his back in the process. This forces Wilbur into the makeshift hospital from Hell.
25 When Bernard and Bianca are sitting in the restaurant, what is the waiter's name?
Answer: Francois

The waiter's name is Francois. He gave Bernard and Bianca the call so that they'd be able to accept the mission.