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Revenge of the Nerds
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1 Our film's hero, Lewis Skolnick, was played by what actor?
Answer: Robert Carradine

Robert Carradine has more recently portrayed Hillary Duff's father on "Lizzy McGuire". His siblings include actors Keith Carradine and David Carradine (of "Kill Bill" fame). John Carradine was his father and a noted horror film actor.
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What did Tokashi Toshiro have to do in between every lap of the tricycle race?

2 In the movie, what is the name of the college that Lewis and Gilbert have chosen to attend?
Answer: Adams College

Yes, it was Adams College..."Home of the Atoms."
3 At the party to impress U.N. Jefferson, what is the drink that Wormser is drinking?
Answer: Mr. Pibb

Wormser is drinking Mr. Pibb. It is shown only once and very quickly.
4 What instrument does Poindexter play?
Answer: Violin

5 What "ER" actor played Gilbert Lowell, the nerd that was stuck at home with a broken leg but appeared later in the movie in a dream sequence? (Note: He played a much larger part in the first "Revenge of the Nerds" movie.)
Answer: Anthony Edwards

Weird, he appeared in dream sequences in "ER" too...maybe he really likes that sort of thing.
6 Which University did the shooting of the film actually occur at?
Answer: University of Arizona

Yep, it was the University of Arizona, however, after giving its permission for the film to be made there, the university changed its mind and revoked the offer claiming the script was "too bawdy." Thankfully the University again changed its mind and allowed the film to be made there. And what a gem of a film it is!
7 What is Gilbert Lowe's mother's full name?
Answer: Flow Lowe

This is also only said once, in the very beginning of the movie when Lewis goes to pick up Gilbert to go to school.
8 What is Lewis' last name?
Answer: Skolnick

9 What "Ally McBeal" actress starred as hotel desk clerk Sunny Carstairs (and Lewis' love interest)?
Answer: Courtney Thorne-Smith

After "Nerds In Paradise", Courtney Thorne-Smith went on to television projects including "Melrose Place" and "According to Jim".
10 When calculating their ETA for Adams College, Louis refers to "ARVs." What, according to Louis, does "ARV" stand for?
Answer: Average Restroom Visit

One can never overestimate the importance of an average restroom visit when calculating the all important ETA on a long trip in the car.
11 What is the name of the dean at Adams College?
Answer: Dean Ulich

His name is Dean Ulick.
12 What was Boogers' real name in the movie?
Answer: Dudley Dawson

13 Sunny, the hotel desk clerk, had to seek out Buzz, the acting hotel manager and a man she did not respect, when she sought to override the nerds' room cancelations. When he tried to establish who was boss by asking her who was the hotel manager, whose name does she give instead of his?
Answer: Fred C. Dobbs

According to, this was also the name of Humphery Bogart's character in 1948's "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre". Ed Lauter played Buzz, the acting hotel manager.
14 What is the slogan written on the wall of the football team's locker room?
Answer: Only the strong shall survive

This again is only shown once, at the end of the movie, when all of the football players are dressed like cheerleaders and the coach is yelling at them.
15 What did the Alpha-Betas say caused their house to burn down?
Answer: Faulty wiring

16 When the nerds' reservations at the conference hotel were canceled, what motel did they wind up staying at?
Answer: Hotel Coral Essex

The worst place you'd ever want to stay. Remember how the boys' room had a chalk outline on the floor? Yikes!
17 A cheerleader, also a Pi Delta Pi sister, Betty Childs, convinces Louis and Gilbert to pledge a fraternity. Which one does she recommend?
Answer: Alpha Beta

That wasn't very nice of Betty, now was it? After all, the Alpha Betas were all football players and "face-men."
18 When Lewis and Gilbert begin moving into their dorm room, what is on the poster that Lewis hangs on the corkboard?
Answer: computer

Most college students put pictures of women or beer, but not the nerds. Lewis takes the opportunity to put up a poster of a computer, since Adams does have the best computer department in the country.
19 Where were the nerds forced to live after the Alpha-Betas took their dorm?
Answer: Gymnasium

20 During the scene where the nerds attracted many of the conference goers to the Hotel Coral Essex, many of the nerds performed on stage in some capacity. However, who were the two rappers performing the "NO on 15" song?
Answer: Lamar and Stewart

Lamar was the effeminate, somewhat cross-dressing nerd. Stewart Lifsey, sometimes just called Lifsey in the movie, worked at the conference hotel but teamed up with the nerds after he was fired.
21 When pledging to this fraternity, what does Stan Gable (president the Greek Council) hand to Louis and Gilbert as they enter, telling them, "you'll need these for later?"
Answer: condoms

EEWWEE! And we can all assume what happened next...It's baaaahd!
22 When the nerds have to move to the gym, the Dean is calling role. What is the response of Takashi Toshiro when his name is called?
Answer: 'ah, here sir'

There are plenty of interesting booger saying "Call me booger", and Wormser saying "present". But Takashi's is my favorite, " sir".
23 At what University was the movie filmed?
Answer: University of Arizona

24 Why did the nerds go to jail?
Answer: They allegedly stole a car

They did buy liquor with fake ID's, but that's not why they were arrested. Roger offered his car to them to borrow, then called the police and reported it stolen.
25 What food is recommended by Takashi when they are planning for the party to impress U.N. Jefferson, although he pronounces it wrong?
Answer: Lobster Claws

Takashi says, Robster Craws, and Booger replies with, 'what ... are Robster Craws?'