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29 Rookie of the Year Trivia Questions & Answers

Rookie of the Year
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There are 29 questions on this topic. Last updated May 30 2023.
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1 What is Larry Fisher's nickname?
Answer: fish

Larry Fisher was played by Dan Hedaya.
trivia question Quick Question
Henry had two best friends. His one friend was named George. What was the name of his other friend?

2 How did Henry end up playing major league baseball?
Answer: Arm injury

He broke his arm running to catch a ball at school and tripped over another one. His tendons were too tight.
3 How much does a manager of a baseball player get?
Answer: 10%

The owner of the Cubs told Jack that he would receive 10% of Henry's salary.
4 Where was the opening scene?
Answer: baseball game

At the Cubs season opener.
5 Henry had two best friends. His one friend was named George. What was the name of his other friend?
Answer: Clark

Clark was the one that stopped the fight that George and Henry had. They got into a fight because Henry was late to their meeting.
6 What does the Dr. say when Henry accidently hits him in the nose?
Answer: Funky butt loving

I've never quite heard that anywhere else.
7 What number did Brickma wear?
Answer: 43

He was stuck between two doors in the hotel. I thought that was the funniest part.
8 For the parents out there. Who played Chet Steadman?
Answer: Gary Busey

9 What soda sponsored Henry?
Answer: Pepsi

Henry took off in the middle of filming the commercial.
10 What was Chet Steadman's nickname?
Answer: Rocket

11 What did John Candy's character say the attendance was in the beginning of the season? About ____ people.
Answer: 300

No one would go to the Cubs game until Henry started to play.
12 Who does Henry end up playing for?
Answer: The Chicago Cubs

13 When Henry first pitched, his coach came out to the mound and told him to "Throw the ____." Fill in the blank
Answer: heat

Henry threw a fast ball and the hitter got a home run.
14 What does Uncle Bob pull out of the Cracker Jack Box that gets him so excited?
Answer: A decoder ring

15 What was the first team Henry pitched to?
Answer: New York Mets

The first player to face him hit a home run and the second hitter was hit by a pitch.
16 Which commercial is Henry making in the movie?
Answer: Pepsi

You got the right one baby. Uh-hunh, pepsi. Ray Charles is singing in the background.
17 What is Henry's mothers pitch called?
Answer: The Floater

18 What other famous movie starred Thomas Ian Nicholas?
Answer: American Pie

I also watched the "American Pie" movies. He was great in these movies as well.
19 When Henry first went to the stadium for his first day of 'work', they knocked on the doors and the guard depicted which movie?
Answer: The Wizard of Oz

'Who goes there'...'That's a horse of a different color, come on in.'
20 What number jersey did Henry wear?
Answer: 1

21 What are the three friends making in the movie?
Answer: A boat

22 One of the cutest parts of the movie. What advice does Steadman give Henry on the mound during the second game?
Answer: Use the have-to

Remember...'What the heck was he talking about'...'The Have-to, what the heck was I talking about?'
23 When Henry makes it to first base, what does he NOT say to the other pitcher to irritate him?
Answer: Youuuu stink

24 What drink does Henry make for his mother and Steadman in the back of the limo?
Answer: Club soda

He learned to make it on the road. For those of you younguns that don't know, Lavern, on Lavern and Shirley drank the milk and pepsi.
25 Who did Henry get traded to?
Answer: New York Yankees