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22 Secondhand Lions Trivia Questions & Answers

Secondhand Lions
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1 At the beginning of the movie "Secondhand Lions", Walter's mother, Mae, drove him up the long driveway leading to the house in which he would spend the summer with his great-uncles. Posted along the sides of the driveway were many warning signs. Which of the following signs was NOT posted?
Answer: I'd Turn Back If I Were You

The movie does not actually tell the viewer why the signs were posted, but inferring from the movie, Hub and Garth probably posted these signs because they were getting old, and they wanted to live out their years without being bothered by visitors. Hub and Garth also had a lot of money hidden in the barn, and they may have posted the signs to prevent people from going onto their property and searching for it.
"I'd Turn Back If I Were You" was a sign outside the Wicked Witch of the West's castle in "The Wizard of Oz". There was a sign on the side of Hub and Garth's driveway that said, "Turn Back Now". The other three answers were all signs along the driveway.
2 What does Walter name his lion?
Answer: Jasmine

The name was inspired by Hub's wife, who passed away during child birth.
3 Where does Walter's mother tell him she is going, when she leaves him with his uncles' at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Fort Worth

She says she's going to Fort Worth, although she actually goes to Las Vegas.
4 While Walter's mother was driving him to his uncles' house, she told Walter that she was going to take some classes at a college. What skill did Walter's mother tell him she was going to study?
Answer: court reporting

Walter's mother told him that she was going to the Fort Worth College of Court Reporting to study court reporting. Instead of going to Fort Worth, however, she went to Las Vegas. According to Walter, his mother, Mae, had a history of lying to him. The movie does not make it clear as to why Mae went to Las Vegas, but later in the movie, Mae returned from Las Vegas with a new boyfriend, Stan. They tried to convince Walter that his two great-uncles were thieves, and that Walter should tell them where the money was hidden.
5 What are Walter's uncles' names?
Answer: Garth and Hub

Garth is played by Michael Caine and Hub by Robert Duvall.
6 The first night that Walter was with his great-uncles, he put his suitcase down on his bed and puffs of dust flew up. Where was the room in which Walter's bed was located?
Answer: in the tower

Walter's bed was located in the tower of the house. It was in this room in the tower that Walter found the key which unlocked the trunk in which the picture of Jasmine, Hub's deceased wife, was hidden.
7 What was the name of the woman from Walter's uncles' past, whom Hub fell in love with?
Answer: Jasmine

Jasmine was an Arabian princess, also desired by a "rich sheik".
8 After Walter convinced Hub and Garth to spend some of their money, a traveling salesman came by with seeds. They bought what they believed were seeds that would grow into several different vegetables in their garden, when in fact, all of the seeds were the same. What did Walter, Hub, and Garth end up with a whole garden of?
Answer: corn

When the plants started growing from the seeds, Walter asked what they had planted in each row. Walter, Hub, and Garth noticed that all of the rows looked alike, and figured out that they had been tricked by the traveling salesman. Instead of a variety of vegetables, they had a mini-cornfield.
9 What two items did the uncles not have at their house?
Answer: Television and Telephone

When Walter is sitting by the balcony he asks if his mom calls, will they hear the telephone. When he finds out they don't have a telephone, he asks if it's ok if he goes inside and watches television. Then he finds out they don't have one of those either.
10 What did Walter name, after the woman from his uncles' past?
Answer: The lion

The giraffe and the lake unfortunately did not get names, and if the dogs have names, they're not memorable, and they were not named Jasmine.
11 Walter's great-uncles, Hub and Garth, bought a lion. The lion, which Walter named Jasmine, was delivered by a truck that carried other exotic animals, including a giraffe whose head and neck extended well beyond its crate! What was the name of the animal delivery company?
Answer: ACME Animal Movers

The name of the company, "ACME Animal Movers", was seen on the door of the truck as the movers got ready to unload the lion. Walter was surprised that Hub and Garth had bought a "used lion".
12 After Hub fought with the teenagers in the restaurant, he took them back to the house where they put meat on their bruises and searched for the lion with Hub, Garth, and Walter. Before the teenagers left, Hub gave them a speech. What was the title of this speech according to Garth?
Answer: the "what every boy needs to know about being a man" speech

Hub gave the teenagers the "what every boy needs to know about being a man" speech. When Hub bought an airplane, Walter worried that Hub may not be around when he got older. Walter begged Hub to not do anything crazy, so that Hub could give him the full speech some day.
13 Who acts as Walter Thomas?
Answer: Haley Joel Osment

I absolutely loved Haley in the "Sixth Sense" and in "Pay it Forward" and I loved it when he squeaked when he spoke throughout the movie!
14 What happened to the sheik in the story?
Answer: Oil was discovered on his land and he became rich

He was so rich that his grandson had a private helicopter.
15 While Walter was staying with his uncles, some other relatives kept visiting to try to convince Hub and Garth to leave the money to them in a will. The two boys in the family accidentally set Jasmine, the lion, free when they decided to destroy the crate. Where did Jasmine end up going after she escaped from the crate?
Answer: the garden full of corn

Jasmine ended up staying in the mini-cornfield that Hub, Garth, and Walter had created when they were trying to make a garden. Hub said to Walter, "The cornfield's the closest thing to a jungle she's ever seen. She knows this is where she belongs."
16 Where was the money actually hidden?
Answer: In the barn

Walter follows Garth out to the barn and discovers the stash.
17 Walter learned where the money was hidden when he followed a person to the hiding place one night. Who went down into the secret hiding place while Walter was watching?
Answer: Garth

Through the outside door to his room in the tower, Walter saw his Uncle Garth leave the house late one night. Walter followed his Uncle to the barn, where he saw him lift the piece of wood that was the entrance to the hiding place. Later, Walter, himself, went into the hiding place to look at all of the money.
18 Who directed "Secondhand Lions"?
Answer: Tim McCanlies

David Kirschner, Scott Ross and Corey Sienega were all producers of the movie.
19 As an adult, what is Walter's occupation?
Answer: cartoonist

We see his cartoons, which appear to be about his experiences at his uncles' house, at the beginning and end of the movie.
20 Later in the movie, a grown-up Walter was told about the deaths of his two uncles while he was working. Walter's office was decorated with comic strip memorabilia. What was the name of the comic strip that decorated Walter's office?
Answer: Walter & Jasmine

At the end of the movie, it appeared that Walter had created a comic strip about himself and his lion, Jasmine. His comic strip was titled "Walter & Jasmine". The pictures in the comic strip were of a boy, a lion, and the house with the tower.
21 At the end of the movie, the grandson of the Sheik visited Hub and Garth's house after he heard that they had died. What type of transportation did the Sheik's grandson use to get to the house?
Answer: helicopter

The Sheik's grandson and his own son took his family's oil company's helicopter to the house where Hub and Garth lived. The Sheik's grandson commented about how "wisely" Hub and Garth had used his grandfather's gold when he saw a yacht sitting in the small pond.
22 Who gets out of the helicopter at the end of the movie with the sheik's grandson?
Answer: The sheik's great-grandson

The boy says, "so the men in great-grampa's stories really lived?"