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Seven Years in Tibet
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1 What year does Heinrich set out on his visit to the Himalayas?
Answer: 1939

The movie opens in 1939 Austria with Heinrich getting ready to leave on the expedition. At the train station, much is made of Heinrich's mountain climbing being accomplished for the glory of the Reich, but Heinrich is a self-possessed man who is doing what he does for his own glory.
2 Frenchman Jean-Jacques Annaud, who directed this film, is also the maker of another exceptional movie, based on a best-seller by a famous Italian writer Umberto Eco. What is the title of that other movie?
Answer: The Name of the Rose

'The Name of the Rose', released in 1986, starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater, tells the story of a medieval abbey in Italy, where mysterious deaths occur.
3 The film 'Seven Years in Tibet' is based on the best-selling book by a mountaineer Heinrich Harrer. What nationality is he?
Answer: Austrian

After Germany took control of Austria in 1938, Harrer joined the Nazi party. He was also in the infamous SS (Nazi party's police). But, after the war, Harrer redeemed his past by dedicating his life to fight for human rights and independence of Tibet.
4 Which famous American actor portrays Heinrich Harrer in this movie?
Answer: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt speaks with a pretty good Austrian accent. Because of his role in 'Seven Years in Tibet', Pitt has been banned from entering China forever.
5 When Heinrich receives a letter from his wife, what news does she give him?
Answer: she wants a divorce

The British put Heinrich and Peter in a POW camp in India after arresting them. Heinrich continually attempts to escape, but has no success. He receives a letter, and divorce papers, from Ingrid. She tells him that their son Rolf is two years old and that he calls their friend Horst his papa. Ingrid tells Heinrich that she is marrying Horst as soon as their divorce is finalized.
6 Harrer's goal was to climb which Himalayan peak?
Answer: Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is the ninth tallest mountain in the world. It was not conquered yet at that time. Harrer was a member of the German expedition to reach the summit.
7 While Heinrich and Peter are on their long journey to Tibet, what is Peter forced to trade for food?
Answer: his watch

Heinrich joins a group of other POWs escaping, but then separates from them. He and Peter later cross paths and travel together. They come upon a trading post and are both hungry. Heinrich says if he had a watch he would trade it. Peter doesn't want to trade his watch because it was a special gift, but he does so anyway. He later sees three watches in Heinrich's backpack and is angry that Heinrich selfishly asked Peter to give up his watch. Later in Lhasa, Heinrich, who has become more compassionate, gives Peter a gift which turns out to be the same watch Peter had traded. Heinrich had found it for sale at a market.
8 In Lhasa, a woman tailor named Pema Lahki is hired to make suits for Peter and Heinrich. Both men are attracted to her, but which one does she marry?
Answer: Peter

After their long and arduous journey, Peter and Heinrich enter the holy city of Lhasa. They see a woman putting a bowl of food out for her dog, and are so hungry they attempt to eat the food themselves. The woman's husband, Kungo, befriends Peter and Heinrich and invites them to stay with them. He requests and receives permission from the council for the foreigners to remain in Lhasa. Ngawang Jigme, a secretary on the council, sends the tailor to make suits for Heinrich and Peter as gifts. Both Heinrich and Peter spend time with Pema, but she and Peter end up marrying.
9 In which country were the mountain-climbing scenes shot?
Answer: Argentina

'Seven Years in Tibet' had to be filmed in Argentine Andes for political reasons (China occupies Tibet, and the movie takes a pro-Tibetan stand).
10 What does the Dalai Lama want Heinrich to build for him?
Answer: movie theater

The teenaged Dalai Lama, called Kundun, has been watching the two foreigners in Lhasa with his telescope and is very interested in them, particularly Heinrich. After Peter and Pema marry, Heinrich is thinking about leaving Lhasa, but is summoned to the home of the Dalia Lama's mother. She tells Heinrich of her son's interest in him, and invites Heinrich to come for her monthly visit with her son. Kundun plies Heinrich with questions about western culture and asks him to build a movie theater since he has a projector and films.
11 Harrer found shelter in which city?
Answer: Lhasa

Harrer and his colleague (the climber Peter Aufschnaiter, played by David Thewlis) escaped from the POW camp and found refuge in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, where few Westerners had been allowed to stay (that's why it was called the Forbidden City).
12 What animal causes construction delays for Heinrich?
Answer: earthworms

As they begin digging for the foundation, a worker finds an earthworm and tells Heinrich that it could have been his mother in a past life. They refuse to dig further and Heinrich goes to the Dalai Lama about it. The Dalai Lama explains to Heinrich that they will not harm any living creature because they believe everything has a soul. He tells Heinrich he'll have to find a solution. In the next scene, which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, we see monks transferring the earthworms from the construction site to another hole which has been dug. They gently place each earthworm in the dirt, cover him up and say a prayer over him.
13 What does the Dalai Lama call Harrer?
Answer: Yellow Head

The 14-year-old Dalai Lama calls Harrer 'yellow head' because of his blond hair of course. Brad Pitt fits this description perfectly.
14 What does the Dalai Lama ask Harrer to build for him?
Answer: a movie theater

The young Dalai Lama is fascinated by the Western culture and wants to learn about it as much as possible, so he asks Harrer to build a movie theater for him. The Austrian becomes his tutor and best friend.
15 Which country invaded Tibet while Harrer lived there?
Answer: China

China invaded peace-loving Tibet in 1950. A brutal repression, depicted in the movie, followed. Harrer decides to return to Austria and the film ends. In 1959 the Dalai Lama escaped to India, where he still lives in exile, but that is another story.