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35 Thunderball Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 The theme song for "Thunderball" was sung by Sir Thomas John Woodward, OBE. You know him by his more recognizable stage name. Who is he?
Answer: Tom Jones

1965 (the year "Thunderball" was released) was early in Tom Jones' rise to international stardom. He also recorded the theme song for another film that year - "What's New Pussycat?", and that song became a lifelong Tom Jones anthem. Even the name Tom Jones was taken from a film. Jones' manager, Gordon Mills, took the name from the film, "Tom Jones" which was very popular and had won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1963. When the "Thunderball" theme was recorded by Tom Jones in the recording studio, he held the final high note so long that he fainted.
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trivia question Quick Question
What country is Largo's boat registered to?

2 What initials are on the casket at the start of the movie?
Answer: JB

The initials on the casket at the start of the movie belong to Jacques Bouvar, who is SPECTRE #6.
3 "Madam I have come to offer my sincere condolences."
Answer: James Bond

Bond speaking to SPECTRE agent, Jacques Boulevard right before he punched him in the face.
4 In the opening sequence of the film, Bond must make a daring escape after killing Colonel Jacques Bouvar (SPECTRE Operative #6). What method of transport does he use to get away from Bouvar's henchmen?
Answer: A jetpack strapped to his back

Colonel Bouvar couldn't resist attending his own funeral disguised as his widow. Bond confronts him at his mansion and kills him. He has to fly off the roof of the mansion with a jetpack to escape.
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5 What piece of fruit does Bond pick out of the fruit bowl and eat?
Answer: Grape

Bond has time to stop and try some of the local friut.
6 "Our expectations were considerably higher number 11."
Answer: Blofeld

Blofeld was referring to the small amount of money returned by numbers 6 and 11 from their drug dealings. He discovers that number 6 stole from him so he electrocutes him.
7 After returning to England, Bond is checked into a clinic for rest and recuperation. What is the name of the clinic?
Answer: Shrublands

Shrublands is a very exclusive health spa and clinic. At Shrublands, Bond meets Count Lippe and, inadvertently, the mysterious Angelo Palazzi. Mr. Palazzi is heavily bandaged and his face cannot be seen. He is supposedly at Shrublands to recover from a bad auto accident. Actually, he is the man SPECTRE is using to replace Commander Derval of NATO. He is really there to take the place of Derval in a flight at the nearby NATO air base. Because he has had extensive plastic surgery so that he looks like Derval, he remains bandaged at the clinic. Later Bond finds the real Derval's body in the clinic and begins to suspect that something very sinister is taking place. The NATO flight with the "new" Derval aboard launches the beginning of SPECTRE's fantastic plan of world blackmail. The location for Shrublands was a converted hotel near Pinewood Studios. It is the Chalfont Park House, Chalfont Park, Buckinghamshire.
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8 How much does Angelo Palazzi want to be paid, instead of his original agreement?
Answer: $ 250,000

Angelo Palazzi is pretending to be Major Francois Derval to help SPECTRE capture the nuclear weapons. This involved plastic surgery, and speech adaptation.
9 "Moneypenny, next time I see you, I'll put you across my knee."
Answer: James Bond

Bond was joking with Moneypenny after he told her to check out the symbol that was tattooed on Count Lippe's forearm.
10 As Bond recuperates at the clinic, Bond notices a Tong sign on the arm of Count Lippe (a SPECTRE Agent played by Guy Doleman). It is a red square with a spike through it. He tells Miss Moneypenny that it belongs to which group?
Answer: Red Dragon of Macau

We never hear the Tong sign or the Red Dragon of Macau mentioned again in the film. However, having seen the Tong sign on Count Lippe's arm, Bond decides to search his room while Lippe is out. Bond is seen leaving the room and Lippe later attempts to kill Bond while he is strapped to a motorized traction table.
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11 What does Derval always say instead of goodbye?
Answer: Ciao

Angelo Palazzi was leaving for the heist and he said 'bye'. He was then told by Fiona Volpe that Derval always says 'ciao'.
12 "Number 2 has done well. Unlike Count Lippe, whose choice of Angelo might of jeopardised the success of our project."
Answer: Blofeld

Blofeld was talking in front of most of the SPECTRE agents about the near failure of the project. Shortly after, Fiona Volpe kills Count Lippe.
13 SPECTRE has a very elaborate and audacious plan in "Thunderball", but what do they actually steal?
Answer: 2 Atomic bombs

SPECTRE steals two atomic bombs and blackmails the world to pay to get them back. The two atomic bombs are on a routine NATO flight which leaves from an airbase very close to the Shrublands health spa and clinic. It is at Shrublands where SPECTRE has hidden Angelo Palazzi. Palazzi has had extensive plastic surgery to look exactly like Commander Derval, who is to be a member of the flight with the bombs aboard.
Because Palazzi looks exactly like Derval, he is able to get onto the airbase and aboard the flight. The real Derval is killed and left at Shrublands to be identified as Angelo Palazzi. The "fake" Derval poisons the crew during the flight through their oxygen masks, killing them all instantly. He then lands the plane in the water near the Bahamas and SPECTRE takes the bombs off the aircraft as it rests on the bottom of the ocean.
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14 What were the serial numbers of the two bombs stolen by SPECTRE?
Answer: 456 & 457

The numbers are not really important, but are mentioned by Largo to the British government.
15 "Every 00 man in Europe has been rushed in and the Home Secretary, too."
Answer: Moneypenny

Moneypenny telling Bond that he had to go to the Conference Room for an urgent meeting.
16 Which character says this? "I find this business of equipping you in the field, on the run as it were, highly irregular." (Hint: You can always depend on him to provide James Bond with some highly unusual spy gear.)
Answer: Q

Q says this to Bond when Q arrives in Nassua. As usual, Q comes bearing gifts of an unusual and top secret nature. In this group, there is an underwater camera for taking pictures in the dark with infrared film, a pocket size underwater breathing apparatus, a camera that is also a geiger counter, and a tracking device that Bond has to swallow.
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17 How many times does Big Ben have to strike, and at what time?
Answer: 7 times at 6 PM

This is the deal that Largo makes with the British government, to see if they are going to pay the ransom money.
18 "Please signal your acceptance of our terms by arranging for Big Ben to strike 7 times at 6 P.M. tomorrow."
Answer: Blofeld

This line is from the recorded voice message of Blofeld's demands.
19 SPECTRE demands a blackmail payment equal to $100 million pounds. In what currency do they insist payment be made?
Answer: Diamonds

Well they are a girl's best friend. SPECTRE insists that the payment be "blue-white flawless diamonds between three and eight carats, total value to be not less than 100 million pounds, present market price." This is specified in the recording SPECTRE sends which gives instructions for payment.
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20 What is the name of Emilio Largo's estate in Nassau?
Answer: Palmyra

This is Largo's beautiful estate in Nassau, Bahamas. It has everything from oceanview, tennis courts and a shark tank.
21 "You've been reading the wrong books, Mr Bond."
Answer: Domino

Domino was speaking to Bond whilst they were having lunch.
22 When Bond is called back to London from his stay at the health spa, Moneypenny immediately lets him know that the reason for his recall is very important. She says, "In the conference room. Something pretty big. Every 00 man in Europe's been rushed in. And the Home Secretary too." What is Bond's response to this?
Answer: "Somebody's probably lost a dog."

Even in the face of very real danger, Bond always has that bit of wry humor. He is always ready with a quip to lighten the moment. This occurs in the office just before Bond enters the huge conference room, where he and the other 00 agents hear about the stolen atomic bombs and the blackmail by SPECTRE.
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23 How many hand grenades are thrown into the water to try and kill Bond?
Answer: 4

Four grenades and not one hit Bond. This was when Bond was taking photos of the bottom of Largo's yacht.
24 "The spectre of defeat. That your luck was due to change."
Answer: James Bond

Bond used that pun after he beat Largo at a round of Baccarat. The mentioning of the word "spectre" drew a insecure look on Largo's face.
25 Vargas is a killer and Largo's right hand man. How does Vargas die?
Answer: Bond shoots him with a spear gun.

Vargas finds Bond and Domino on the beach and is sneaking up behind them when Domino spots him. She warns Bond, who then picks up a spear gun and shoots Vargas, pinning him to a palm tree.
Question Reference: Quiz: Thunderball.