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Uptown Saturday Night
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1 What was Sidney Portier's name in the movie?
Answer: Steve Jackson

2 What is Bill Cosby's name in the movie?
Answer: Wardell Franklin

3 What was the phrase that the robbers said after they robbed Madame Zonobias?
Answer: Never has so few owe so much to so many

4 Who robbed Madam Zonobia's Place?
Answer: Silky Slim

5 Who was the preacher in the movie?
Answer: Flip Wilson

6 Who was Bill Cosby's sidekick?
Answer: Sidney Poitier

These two also starred in two other fabulous Bill Cosby movies...'Piece of the Action' and 'Let's Do it Again'.
7 Who played Congressman Lincoln?
Answer: Rosco Lee Brown

8 What was Bill Cosby's wife's name in the movie?
Answer: Urma

Remember.. Bill and Sidney were in the bar, and Bill said 'I tell Urma to jump up and she don't come down until I tell her to!
9 What was Sidney Portier's wife's name?
Answer: Sarah

10 Who played Getche Dan?
Answer: Harry Belafonte

11 Finish this Bill Cosby quote: 'Don't worry about nothing, cause if a dude mess with me, I'm goin' knock him out, you know why...'
Answer: Cause I'm from off the corners

Bill Cosby said this when he and Sidney Poitier were about to enter the bar where Little Seymore was.
12 What was Richard Pryor's name in the movie?
Answer: Sharp Eye Washington

13 What color was Bill Cosby's suit in the scene when he said this quote? 'Don't worry about nothing, cause if a dude mess with me, I'm goin' knock him out, you know why...'
Answer: blue

14 Richard Pryor was ACTUALLY a what in the movie?
Answer: Con man

He was pretending to be a private eye, but he was a con man moving from city to city pretending to be different people like...a lawyer (Henry Hawthone Washington) and a preacher (Clofus Washington)
15 What was Little Seymore's bodyguard's name?
Answer: Big Percy

16 What was taken from Sidney Poitier at Madame Zonobia's?
Answer: his wallet

17 Finish this quote: 'Naw, Naw, see that was the baddess, fastess, little ________ _________ of color decent I've ever seen!'?
Answer: black man

Bill Cosby said this after Little Seymore kicked his and Sidney Portier's butts!
18 What did the item taken from Poitier contain that Sidney wanted so badly?
Answer: lottery ticket

19 What was the type of music playing in Congressman Lincoln's office when he found out that Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier wanted to see him?
Answer: Jungle Music

20 What was Bill Cosby's occupation in the movie?
Answer: cab driver