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26 Someone tries to sneak into Van's Unification Party with a fake ID. What's the name on the ID?
Answer: Ming Wong

Hutch, who's standing guard and checking identification, sees right through the guy's attempt and sends him packing saying: "Sorry err, Ming, but you ain't Asian!'
Unfortunately, he is immediately distracted from his duties by Jeannie, allowing Richard and Gordon to let in a group of kids.
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Realising that he now has a serious financial problem, who is the first person Van seeks assistance from?

27 Finish this quote (the advice he gives after the kid jumps off the roof): "Don't be a fool, _____."
Answer: stay in school

He later tells another student with VD, "Don't be a fool and wrap your tool."
28 As there are five members on the committee, they decide to take a vote, with the majority ruling. They end up voting 3-2 in favour of reinstatement. Which two committee members are disappointed, as they opted for expulsion?
Answer: Richard Bagg and Mrs. Seay

The vote proceeds as follows:

Dean Mooney - Reinstatement
Richard Bagg - Expulsion
Ms. Haver - Reinstatement
Mrs. Seay - Expulsion

...thus leaving the deciding vote to Professor McDoogle, who we have seen a few times earlier in the movie is not Van's biggest fan. However, against expectations, Professor McDoogle declares, "You know, I've waited a long, long time for this day to come. Either way Van Wilder's tenure here at Coolidge is over. Let's see what the kid's made of."
29 Realising that he now has a serious financial problem, who is the first person Van seeks assistance from?
Answer: Ms. Haver

In the scene immediately following the cross dressing underwear party scene, we see Van in Ms. Haver's office saying that he needs more time, and wonders if he can be put on some sort of extension program / pay as you go. At the end of the scene, Ms. Haver hands Van some papers and advises, "Fill this out, it's a standard payment plan extension form."
30 Which of these is not the title of one of Gwen's articles?
Answer: Laxatives: Friend Or Foe?

OThe audience's first introduction to Gwen sees her in Elliot's office, being praised for her journalistic skills. He reads out and places on the table, three of her articles. The laxatives article is not among them, though laxatives do come into the movie much later.
31 Tim Matheson plays Van Wilder Sr. What other National Lampoon's comedy did he star in?
Answer: Animal House

It is hilarious when Van Wilder Sr. shows up at his son's party and gets beer dumped on his head for not wearing pajamas.
32 Jeannie confesses to Gwen that it was actions that she and Richard took that put Van at risk of being expelled. Armed with this information, Gwen decides to get revenge on Richard. She goes to his dorm to make him his pre-exam protein shake, but adds in what additional ingredient?
Answer: Colon Blow

We see Gwen adding a rather generous portion of (Mega) Colon Blow to Richard's protein shake, which he seems to thoroughly enjoy, unaware of the troubles he is soon to encounter! We flip to the exam scene, in which we see Richard becoming more and more uncomfortable as the Colon Blow starts to take effect. The sign at the front of the exam clearly states "No Bathroom Breaks", so when Richard realises he need to finish the exam fast, he decides to simply make each of the remaining multiple choice answers as "C", then makes a dash for the bathroom. Unfortunately for Richard he is intercepted by one of the doctors who is on his oral exam board, who decides to introduce Richard to his future alumni. You'll have to watch the movie to see what happens next!
33 What sort of party does Van organise for the Lambda Omega Omega fraternity?
Answer: Rollerskating Party

Panos Patakos, the president of the Lambda Omega Omega fraternity, comes to Van's dorm room to ask for his help. Despite having had the best GPA for the past fifty years, the Lambda Omega Omega guys have not much in the way of success with the ladies, and are looking for Van to aid them in throwing a party that they can be proud of, and that people will actually turn up to. Van initially refuses, saying that he just doesn't have the time, but when Panos shows Van a wad of money and asks how much Van's time is worth, Van quickly changes his mind!
34 Darius is one of the players for the Chickadees. What number does he have?
Answer: 5

Darius is a member of Coolidge's basketball team who, for the most part, are only seen for the one scene of the film. He's the most noteable for being the subject of Van's line: "Darius, I want you all over that ball like a fat kid on a cupcake!"
He also asks about girls from Mount Hollyoak, giving Van sufficient ammunition to fire up the team to a comeback victory.
35 Fill in the blanks of this quote: "Worrying is like ______, it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."
Answer: a rocking chair

This is a great piece of advice. Van is just full of wisdom! He says this while they are discussing his present financial difficulties.
36 What is the most expensive of Vance Wilder Sr.'s expenses?
Answer: The thoroughbred

The winner is...the thoroughbred at $200,000!
37 Who says the following line: "You're going to miss the biggest party of the year."
Answer: Richard

Richard says this to Gwen in regards to his frat costume party. Then we hear crickets chirping in the background.