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48 The Virgin Suicides Trivia Questions & Answers

Virgin Suicides, The
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1 After Cecilia's first suicide attempt, she drops a plastic card on the bathroom floor. Who is on this card?
Answer: Virgin Mary

Cecilia is holding a plastic card with a picture of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. It lands on the floor with drops of blood on it as the paramedics lift Cecilia out of the bathtub.
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How did Cecilia eventually die?

2 How old was Lux when she was first introduced?
Answer: 14

Lux Lisbon was the second youngest Lisbon daughter, but was considered the youngest after Ceclila's death. Lux was most likely 15 when she died, as a year had passed after she was introduced.
3 How old was Cecilia when she died?
Answer: 13

Cecilia's age was mentioned twice in the movie. The first time was when she was in the hospital after her attempted suicide. When the doctor asked her why she was there, her reply was, 'obviously doctor, you've never been a thirteen year old girl.' The second time was when the narrator was introducing the girls as they got out of the Lisbon family car.
4 How does Cecilia kill herself?
Answer: She impales herself on a fence

On her first suicide attempt, Cecilia, the youngest sister, slits her wrists in the bathtub. When this fails she jumps out of the window impaling herself on the garden fence.
5 In what state is the movie set?
Answer: Michigan

It takes place 25 years ago, so assuming that it is based on the film's release date, that would make the year 1974.
6 When Peter Sisten is leaving after having dinner with the Lisbon family, he almost leaves something behind. What is it?
Answer: His retainer

After Peter thanks everyone for dinner, Mary asks if he is forgetting something. He then grabs his retainer which is still sitting on his dinner plate and quickly leaves.
7 In the middle of the book/movie, who was Lux's boyfriend?
Answer: Trip Fontaine

Trip Fontaine was played by Josh Harnett in the movie. Trip was a "lady's man" and when he fell for Lux, she didn't even acknowledge him.
8 Between her suicide attempt and her actual suicide, what was the only thing Cecilia wore?
Answer: A 1920's wedding dress

The book went more into depth about this clothing item. Cecilia had some attachment to this dress and never seemed to take it off until she died. After her death, her mom threw away the dress and Cecilia was buried in a stiff beige dress.
9 Which of the Lisbon sisters takes an overdose of sleeping tablets?
Answer: Therese

Bonnie hangs herself, Mary puts her head in the oven and Lux dies of carbon monoxide poisoning.
10 From youngest to oldest, which of the following lists is correct?
Answer: Cecilia, Lux, Bonnie, Mary, Therese

Cecilia is 13, and the oldest, Therese, is 17.
11 According to Cecilia's diary, who did Lux "fall for"?
Answer: The garbage man

Lux lost it over Kevin Haynes, the garbage man. She'd wake up at 5 in the morning and lay about on the front porch like it wasn't completely obvious! She wrote his name in marker in all her bras and underwear and mom found them and bleached out all the Kevins. Lux has been crying on her bed all day.
12 How did Cecilia first attempt to kill herself?
Answer: Slitting her wrists

The story began with Cecilia's attempted suicide, and ended a year later with the rest of the girls' suicides. Cecilia's nearly dead body was discovered by Paul Baldino when he snuck into the Lisbon house.
13 What number house do the Lisbon family live at?
Answer: 2037

You can see the number just above the door after Mrs. Lisbon takes Lux's records out to the rubbish bin.
14 How did Cecilia eventually die?
Answer: She jumped out the window.

Cecilia jumped out her bedroom window and fell onto the fence in the yard.
15 Joe, a boy with Down Syndrome, is invited to the Lisbon girls' party. Which of the following is NOT something Joe does at the party?
Answer: He does a dance.

When Joe arrives at the party, the boys kind of treat him like a party trick to break the ice and entertain the girls. Cecilia is not impressed by this and excuses herself from the party.
16 How did Lux die?
Answer: She gassed herself in the family car

Lux distracted the boys when they came over to let her sisters die in peace. Lux died after the boys ran away and we later see her arm coming out of the car as the medics come and get her body.
17 How did Cecilia Lisbon die?
Answer: She jumped out of a window and impaled herself on a fence

Cecilia first attempted suicide by slitting her wrists, but she failed and ended up jumping out her window onto the garden fence. The other deaths were those of her sisters'.
18 Which of the boys drives the car when the girls go to the homecoming dance?
Answer: Parker Denton

Parker was chosen by Trip to take one of the girls to the dance because he had the car.
19 What was the first item that the neighborhood boys, who loved the Lisbon girls, get a hold of?
Answer: a diary

They managed to retrieve Cecilia's diary. It revealed that Mary had capped teeth, Lux was in love with the garbage man, and Cecilia's love interest, Dominic, was in love with Diana Porter.
20 There is a strike at the cemetery and the workers are not doing burials until they get better pay. When Cecilia's family pulls up and Mr. Lisbon talks to the cemetery workers, they allow him to proceed with Cecilia's funeral. Why?
Answer: Because Cecilia was only 13

After Mr. Lisbon talks to the cemetery workers, they put down their signs and step aside to allow the car and hearse to pass. You can then hear one of the workers say "He said she was only 13".
21 What was Lux's only flaw?
Answer: She showed all her teeth when she smiled

Lux seemed to be the 'ideal' sister, but she showed all her teeth when she smiled, much like her other sisters, and laughed like a hyena. Mary had a slight mustache which she bleached, Bonnie had a long neck, and Therese had a cow-like face.
22 How many times did we see Cecilia's "ghost"?
Answer: Three times

The first time her ghost was seen was by her father in her room, but this later turned out to be Bonnie in a long nightgown. The second time Tim Weiner saw Cecilia sitting on his bed right before he fully woke up. And the last time she was seen sitting on a tree by Chase Buell on his way to school.
23 What colour suit was Trip wearing to the homecoming dance?
Answer: Red

He wears a dark red velvet suit. Trip is played by a very young looking Josh Hartnet.
24 What subject did Mr. Lisbon teach at the high school?
Answer: Math

He eventually lost his job when the girls were taken out of school.
25 In a news broadcast, a girl explains how she planned to commit suicide by baking a pie full of rat poison and eating it. Unfortunately, someone ate the pie first. Who?
Answer: Her grandma

The girl begins to cry as she explains the terrible accident. Her nana really liked sweets and ate 3 pieces.