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30 Zoolander Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 Who lights the cigarette that blows up the gas station?
Answer: Brint

As Derek goes over to look at the Time magazine with his picture on the cover, Brint takes a break from the gasoline fight and lights a cigarette that blows up the gas station.
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Who is the "derriere extraordinaire" that Matilda and Derek see in the cemetary?

2 Hansel refers to the Prime minister of Malaysia as all of the following except__________.
Answer: Mr. Prime Rib of Propecia

The Propecia one is said by Derek.
Question Reference: Quiz: Zoolander.
3 What was on Derek's pajamas?
Answer: penguins

Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
4 True or false? Andy Dick starred as himself in the movie.
Answer: False

His character was Olga the Masseuse.
5 What magazine did Matilda Jeffries work for?
Answer: Time

She wrote the bad article about Derek.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
6 Randall Slavin starred in the movie as what?
Answer: A JFK Assassin

The other JFK Assassin was Rudy Segura.
7 Who is the official judge for Hansel and Derek's walk-off?
Answer: David Bowie

Hansel asks "Whose gonna call this sucker?" and David Bowie walks up behind him and responds "If you don't mind, I believe I can be of service." He ends up calling the walk-off and disqualifying Derek after he can't successfully pull his underwear out of his pants.
8 Who played the hand model they met in the cemetary?
Answer: David Duchovny

The guy is most famous for his role in 'X-Files'.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
9 How many people were in Hansel's Posse?
Answer: 9

They were Vikram, Kashana, Jonah Luber, Michael McAlpin, Eve Salvail, Shavo Odadjian, Eliot Johnson, Richard Gladys, and Amy Stiller.
10 How does Derek realize that he has been in the day spa for an entire week?
Answer: He checks his answering machine.

Matilda wakes Derek up and tries to explain to him he's been gone for a week. To try to see if she is right, he sees how many messages he has missed. When the machine tells him he has 1200 new messages, he responds "That is a bit above average."
11 How does Derek spell day?
Answer: daiye

He says he was at a daiye spa.
Question Reference: Quiz: Zoolander.
12 Who played the massuese?
Answer: Andy Dick

He had his own show on MTV.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
13 Christine Taylor's character in the movie is Matilda. What is her last name?
Answer: Jeffries

Taylor, of course, is Ben Stiller's real-life wife.
14 What type of moldable material is NOT mentioned by the syndicate of fashion that orders Mugatu to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia?
Answer: Brains

The five member panel of the syndicate of fashion says that the person who should kill the Prime Minister must be easily molded "like Jello". Then another person adds "Or cookie dough". Finally, another person adds "Or play dough". At the end, the person who first spoke says "Any type of dough will do."
15 What drink will make Derek feel better?
Answer: orange mocha frappachino

Derek's roomates take him to get this drink after he is embarrassed by Hansel at the awards show.
Question Reference: Quiz: Zoolander.
16 How many years had Derek won the 'Male Model of the Year' award?
Answer: 3

He was going on 4, but Hasel won instead.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
17 Billy Zane's date was played by whom?
Answer: Svetlana

Kiva was Mugatu's Dog, Kahlua was a Coal Mine Tavern Dog, and Vikram was one of Hansel's posse members.
18 What is the hand-model's name?
Answer: J.P. Prewitt

After Derek sees his hand in the hyperbaric chamber, he gasps and says "You're J.P. Prewitt. Your work in the Winter 1974 Bulova Watch Catalog made me want to be a model."
19 Who does Hansel respect for making music?
Answer: Sting

Hansel doesn't really listen to Sting's music he just respects the fact that he creates it.
Question Reference: Quiz: Zoolander.
20 What was the name of Derek's famous look?
Answer: Blue Steel

He was perfecting his new look called 'Magnum', but he was best known for 'Blue Steel'.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
21 Who does the hand model find out he is in line to assassinate?
Answer: Jimmy Carter

After going through the history of the use of male models as assassins, he explains that he was in line to kill Jimmy Carter. Matlida asks him how he got away and he explains that "I'm a hand jockey miss. We think differently than those face and body boys."
22 Which direction can Derek turn?
Answer: Right

He's not an "ambiturner".
Question Reference: Quiz: Zoolander.
23 Who played Hansel?
Answer: Owen Wilson

Yeah. He's been in a whole bunch of other stuff too.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'Zoolander' Fun.
24 Which mountain does Hansel envision he is falling off of to his imminent death during the movie?
Answer: Mt. Vesuvius

After the party, Hansel tells Derek a story where he thinks he is free climbing Mt. Vesuvius and he falls off but while he is falling, he thinks that it could all be in his mind "and it was!"
25 "I'm just happy your mother didn't live to see you as a mermaid!" Derek responds with "________."
Answer: Merman, Merman

He tells this to his dad at the bar after coal mining.
Question Reference: Quiz: Zoolander.