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40 Land of the Lost Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Land of the Lost? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Land of the Lost (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which method of transportation was the Marshall family using when they were transported to the Land of the Lost?
Answer: They were in a raft.

This sequence was shown during the opening credits of the show when the Marshall family was seen traveling on a river (said to be the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon) in an inflatable raft. The raft went over a waterfall and the family was transported to the Land of the Lost. The opening credits also showed the Marshalls grabbing their gear from the raft and running for the cave that would become their home when threatened by attack from a dinosaur (probably meant to be Grumpy the Tyrannosaurus Rex).
    Your options: [ They were in a van. ] [ They were hiking on foot. ] [ They were in a plane. ] [ They were in a raft. ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
2 According to the opening theme song, what were the Marshalls experiencing?
Answer: all of these

Opening theme: "Marshall, Will, and Holly - on a routine expedition - met the greatest earthquake ever known. - high on the rapids - it struck their tiny raft. - and plunged them down a thousand feet below. - to the Land of the Lost. - to the Land of the Lost. - to the Land of the Lost."

Closing theme: "As I look, all around, I can't believe the things I found - now I need to find my way - I'm lost, I'm lost, find me - living in the Land of the Lost- living in the Land of the Lost.."

Wesley Eure (Will Marshall) sang the theme song except for in the first episode "Cha-ka". He also starred on "Days of Our Lives" as Dr. Mike Horton in the 1970s and in the film "CHOMPS" with Valerie Bertinelli in 1979. In the first season, possibly more, Wesley Eure billed himself as only "Wesley" in the opening credits. During his commentary on the season one episodes, he poked fun at himself for this error in judgment.
    Your options: [ high rapids ] [ a routine expedition ] [ all of these ] [ greatest earthquake ever known ]
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
3 First of all, how did the Porter family arrive in the land of the dinosaurs?
Answer: They drove through an underground time warp.

In the opening sequence of every episode, we saw how the Porters arrived in the "Land of the Lost". Tom, Kevin, and Annie Porter were going on vacation. However, the road ahead was broken by a huge gap left by an earthquake. Tom could not slow the truck down in time, and the vehicle plundged into a deep underground cavern. Somehow the earthquake had opened a time warp between the modern and prehistoric worlds. When they reached the end of the cave, the Porters found themselves in a land of vast jungles, dinosaurs, and other mysterious creatures. Although their vehicle was actually an SUV, they refered to it as a truck.
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
4 What was the name of the father on the 'Land of The Lost' episodes?
Answer: Rick Marshall
  From Quiz: 'Land of The Lost'
5 In the very first episode, the Marshall family met Cha-ka, who would appear in many future episodes. What was the name of his species?
Answer: Pakuni

Pakuni like Cha-ka were a primate-like species that could walk upright and were covered with fur. They were capable of handling objects and could create and use simple tools and weapons. In addition to Cha-ka, the show featured two other Pakuni, Sa and Ta. The relationship of the older Pakuni to Cha-ka was not always clear, but appeared to be older siblings. Incidentally, the language the Pakuni used isnot nonsense. A linguist actually created an actual language for the Pakuni, complete with rules of grammar and a 300-word vocabulary.
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
6 In episode two, "The Sleestak God", who lead Rick Marshall to the lost city?
Answer: Cha-ka

Will and Holly found themselves totally off task, as usual, and wandered into the lost city. There they encountered Big Alice, Spike and the sleestak. The brother and sister team were captured and held aloft as food for I presume "the sleestak god". They escaped once on their own, but were immediately recaptured. Cha-ka led Rick to the lost city, told him to use fire (in Pakunese) before entering the temple, and watched as Rick saved his irritating children. After they made it safely out of the lost city, Rick put the pair back on task- retrieving water.
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
7 Which two characters did the Porters meet in the second episode, "Something's Watching"?
Answer: Christa and Stink

In this episode, Tom and his son and daughter explored the jungle to see if it had any other inhabitants. They discovered Christa, a woman who lived in the jungle, and her ape companion, Stink. But during their stay in the new part of the jungle, Tom was bitten by a lizard and developed a nasty wound. Kevin and Christa must go high into the mountains to find the medicine plant before it's too late.
    Your options: [ Tasha and Stink ] [ Christa and Stink ] [ Shung and Nim ] [ Namaki and Christa ]
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
8 What color hair did Holly have?
Answer: Blonde

She had blonde hair that she wore in braids all the time.
  From Quiz: 'Land of The Lost'
9 Another recurring character was an Altrusian, though he appeared to be related to the Sleestak. What was the name of this being, who at different times was both friend and rival of the Marshall family?
Answer: Enik

Enik was biologically related to the Sleestak. Initially he thought the primitive Sleestak were the ancestors of his people, the Altrusians. He was dismayed to discover that the Sleestak were the ancestors of the devolved Sleestak. In many cases, basketball players wore the prosthetic costumes if the Sleestak, who appeared to be taller than average humans. Actor Walker Edmiston portrayed the character of Enik.
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
10 What item were the kids after when they met Dopey for the first time?
Answer: strawberries

Rick had devised a car for the kids to use to roll around their items. Holly discovered a broken dinosaur egg and they eventually found Dopey. Will gave the baby brontosaur his name, as he didn't seem to be too smart. Will had NO business judging if you ask me. For a place so darn dangerous, why was Rick constantly sending his foolish children out to gather necessities alone? Maybe Rick was hoping Grumpy would eat the hapless pair? Anyway, Dopey ended up following the pair home (the high bluff) eating all their giant strawberries as he followed.

The first pylon was seen by Will and Holly in the series pilot, but as of episode three, "Dopey", the family hadn't explored one.
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
11 How did Annie "kill" the cyborg?
Answer: She flashed Simon's camera at the cyborg.

Annie met Simon Cardinas, a boy from the 21st century in "Future Boy". Simon was not the only one to be sent back in time. A huge half-alien, half-machine creature known as a cyborg followed Simon into the jungle. It wanted the electronic devices Simon carried on his belt. The creature chased the Porters and attacked other dinosaurs around the island. Finally, when the cyborg tried to snatch Tasha, Annie took advantage of the cyborg's weakness: it was light sensitive. Annie seized Simon's camera and flashed the light at the cyborg. She kept doing this until the evil creature walked backwards off a cliff. But the cyborg wan't really dead. It returned in the episode "Annie in Charge".
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
12 According to the song for the 'Land of The Lost,' what kind of expedition were they on?
Answer: routine

They were of course on a routine expedition.
  From Quiz: 'Land of The Lost'
13 Holly, daughter of the Marshall family, found a baby dinosaur which she wanted to adopt as a pet. Which species was this dinosaur?
Answer: Brontosaurus

The dinosaur, which Holly named "Dopey", was a baby brontosaurus. The others were less enthusiastic about the idea than she was. She attempted - with limited success - to harness Dopey to a wooden cart that she and Will had been using to transport food and other supplies. Kathy Coleman portrayed Holly Marshall. Dopey first appeared in the third episode of the first season (suitably titled "Dopey").
    Your options: [ Pterodactyl ] [ Megladon ] [ Stegosaurus ] [ Brontosaurus ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
14 In "Stranger", the family met Enik, an Altrusian. What was true about Enik?
Answer: All of these

Enik, played by actor Walker Edmiston, had suffered a misfortune while he traveled and ended up in the same time as the Marshalls. He needed to use a special device, which he called a Mageti, to travel back to his people. Enik and Will fought over the special device (a crystal hanging from a pyramid shaped object), as Will wanted to use it to go back home. Enik explained that like himself, the Mageti was telepathically in-tuned to whomever was near it. He assured the family that angry emotions could destroy it. Will, being the emotional teenager he was, became so panicked and distraught that the item self-destructed. Enik wore another crystal that could be used as a Mageti as well, but he needed a power source. He was shocked at the news that there were crystals all over the lost city, as he believed himself to be an ancestor of the sleestak time frame. When he saw the lost city, he realized he was actually a predecessor of that time. The lost city was his home. He realized that the sleestaks were just a devolution of his own people and he needed to go back and warn them.
    Your options: [ He was in the same lineage as a sleestak ] [ He was a telepath ] [ All of these ] [ He had traveled through time/space ]
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
15 An attack from what type of creature led to Kevin's temporary blindness in "In Dinos We Trust"?
Answer: Snake

Kevin decided to take Tasha with him to explore a canyon known as the Valley of Death, a barren wasteland littered with dinosaur bones. When he tried to examine a t-rex skull, a black and silver snake crawled out and spat venom in his face. Kevin was left unable to see, with Tasha as his only guide to take him back home. Luckily, Christa treated his eyes with some type of berries, and his sight returned.
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
16 What happened to make them end up in the 'Land of the Lost'?
Answer: Earthquake

The greatest earthquake ever known.
  From Quiz: 'Land of The Lost'
17 In the episode "Downstream", an American soldier named Jefferson who had been living in the Land of the Lost met the Marshall family. In which war had this man--who had a weapon named "Sarah"--been a soldier?
Answer: Civil War

His full name was Jefferson Davis Collie III and he had fought on the Confederate side in the US Civil War. He was played by Walker Edmiston, the same actor who also portrayed Enik. "Sarah" was a cannon that Jefferson used to scare away the Sleestak. Jefferson and the Marshalls joinEd forces to attempt to travel downstream on the main river in the Land of the Lost to escape. They found instead that the river was a closed circle when they ended their journey where they started.
    Your options: [ Revolutionary War ] [ World War II ] [ World War I ] [ Civil War ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
18 Finally, in episode nine the Marshalls met a sleestak with intelligence. In what location did Rick first meet and bond with S'latch the sleestak?
Answer: in the pit of the sleestak god

Rick and Will went to find Enik's cave to work on puzzling out the matrix table. Once inside, the sleestaks attacked, and Rick fell into the pit. Once down there, he met the sleestak named S'latch. This rare individual already knew all about the Marshalls, and explained he'd been born knowing everything about his universe. Unfortunately for the Marshalls, that did not include how to work the matrix table and open the door back home. Rick and S'latch worked together to get out of the pit. The term "the heart of darkness" comes from the novel of the same name by Joseph Conrad. This term refers to the African region known as the Congo.
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
19 What was the name of the creatures that were in the caves on the 'Land of the Lost'?
Answer: Sleestaks

They were sleestaks and although I never saw this word spelled on there this is pretty close enough for those who knew it anyway. Just in case there are those picky ones out there looking for correct spelling.
  From Quiz: 'Land of The Lost'
20 In two episodes, the Marshall family encountered an alien creature known as the Zarn. Which weakness did the otherwise formidable Zarn possess?
Answer: Can be harmed by emotions

Van Snowden portrayed the physical form of the Zarn while Marvin Miller provided the voice. Negative emotions such as hate, fear, or pity cause the Zarn physical pain and harm. The highly intelligent Zarn was capable of creating artificial creatures that resemble humans or dinosaurs. When the Zarn tried to fly his crashed space ship away from the Land of the Lost, the energy waves nearly destroyed the Land of the Lost.
    Your options: [ Can be harmed by light ] [ Can be harmed by metal ] [ Can be harmed by water ] [ Can be harmed by emotions ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
21 In which episode did the family come close to returning home?
Answer: Flight to Freedom

In "Flight to Freedom", an earthquake reopened the entry gate where the family came into the dinosaur world. However, they warned Tasha and Stink they could not come along to the modern world. But the little dinosaur and monkey followed the family all the way to the portal, where they were attacked by Scarface, the terrible t-rex. With the truck just feet from the time warp, Tom got out and decided to fight Scarface, even though it cost him the trip back to the modern world. After Scarface was chased away, the Porters got into the truck, with Tasha and Stink, and attempted to drive through the warp. Unluckily for them, it disappeared seconds before they could drive through. In a way, it was good that they did not go back to the modern world, because their return home would have ended the series short.
    Your options: [ Dream Maker ] [ Flight to Freedom ] [ Heat Wave ] [ Life's a Beach ]
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
22 Which character, who was prominently featured in the first two seasons of the show, was largely absent in the third season, explained on-show as accidentally returning home?
Answer: Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall, the father, appeared prominently in the first two seasons, but only appeared in a brief shot during the credits of the third season. Spencer Milligan, the actor who portrayed Rick, was in dispute with the producers over his contract and chose not to return to the show. A member of the crew wore a wig similar to Milligan's curly hair and was shot from the back to show Rick accidentally leaving the Land of the Lost through a portal.

Will (the son) and Holly (the daughter) were present for all three seasons. Their Uncle Ron Marshall (Rick's brother) was in the third season cast to provide an adult guardian for the children. There was no human character named Alice in the show. The children referred to an adult female allosaurus as "Big Alice".
    Your options: [ Will Marshall ] [ Holly Marshall ] [ Alice Marshall ] [ Rick Marshall ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
23 Episode thirteen, "Follow That Dinosaur", had the Marshalls discover that other humans had once inhabited the land of the lost. Based on the information in the journal pieces, when had the men originally come from?
Answer: Revolutionary America (late 1770s)

Will and Holly discovered a man's suit (jacket and knickers) stuffed with what Holly called "dinosaur nip". In the pocket was part of a journal the man left about himself and his companion. The Marshalls followed the journal into the lost city and down deeper into its bowels. At journey's end, they discovered that the writer had died hiding from the sleestak. It was he who named the sleestak, after a general he'd known. There had been three separate pieces of the journal. The final one was signed with the solder's name, and he added he was in the Revolutionary Army under General Washington. The Revolutionary War was what gave birth to the United States, by taking independence from Great Britain, and lasted from 1775-1783. The Civil War took place between 1861-1865 and I made up WW III.

This episode contradicts the season finale a bit. In this episode, Rick already knew the sleestak were in some form of hibernation, and in the season finale, he acted as though he was putting this together for the first time. I saw many contradictions in the first season while watching on DVD. It seems as though the actors would have pointed these out to the script writers, directors, and/or producers. In "Skylons", Will figured out how to get inside the pyramid, but in "Stone Soup" he and Holly acted astounded when Rick showed them how to close one.
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
24 Who was Christa's childhood friend?
Answer: Namaki

We first met Namaki in "Life's a Beach". The Porter family and Christa traveled to the shores for a vacation. However, the ocean brought back sad memories for Christa, as she remembered falling off her family's boat during a storm as a child, landing on the island. Throughout the episode, she had flashbacks to her childhood, remembering when she used to go to the beach with Namaki. Christa wandered off, and the family went to find her. But when Tasha went off on her own to eat bananas, she ran and screamed, claiming to have seen a monster. Later, Annie ecountered Namaki. He carried her back to his beach hut, and showed her things that used to belong to Christa. Namaki became friends with the Porters, and their adventures at the beach are continued in "The Siren's Song". As you probably know, the man who played Namaki, Tom Allard, also played Shung.
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
25 What was the name of the metallic structures scattered throughout the Land of the Lost that allowed one to monitor and control (to an extent) the Land of the Lost?
Answer: Pylons

The pylons tended to be pyramid-shaped, but flattened at the top and narrow for their height. An unusual feature of the pylons was that they were bigger on the inside than the outside. Dialogue within episodes and comments made by writers for the show suggested that the Altrusians created the pylons and the Land of the Lost itself, but each have decayed over time. Crystal matrix tables within the pylons appear to be control panels for various functions such as weather.
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
26 Why did the Porters think they had returned to San Francisco in "Dream Maker"?
Answer: A mysterious machine was making their visions seem real.

In one of the most bizarre episodes, the family thought they had finally made it back home. But what really happened was anything but a pleasant dream. Late one night, Tom woke up and thought he had heard the sounds of airplanes, traffic, and sirens. No one else believed him. But the next day, Kevin found a San Francisco parking ticket on the windshield of the truck! The Porters tried to piece together the mystery, and finally decided that a new time warp might have opened. The next day, they traveled deep into the jungle and found their city home. Kevin and Annie were excited to finally be back home, but Tom knew something wasn't right. There were no other people around, and the neighborhood was so quiet. The next day they returned to the house, and everything started to fall apart. First, Annie and Kevin recevied a haunting phone call from their mother, who had been dead for a long time. Then Tasha, who was in the kitchen with her head buried in the refrigerator, became terrified when the food started to fly out and hit her. Tom barely escaped the falling shelves in the garage, but he got trapped under the garage door. Somehow, back in the jungle, Stink saw everything happening on Kevin's TV he used for his video camera, and rushed to help the Porters. Meanwhile, Kevin, Annie, and Tasha were locked in the house, and the living room furniture came to life! The thermostat turned the heat up full blast. Finally, Stink arrived and helped Tom escape from the garage and unlocked the front door. The family started to walk back to the jungle, when suddenly, Scarface appeared. As the Porters ran from the killer t-rex, the houses started to disappear. To escape Scarface, they ran into a cave. There inside they discovered a machine powered by crystals, which made anything they thought about appear real. Tom removed some of the crystals, and the machine shut off.
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
27 Which "Land of the Lost" character met a future version of him or herself in the episode "Elsewhen"?
Answer: Holly

Though not directly stated, the character Rani was generally considered to be an adult version of Holly. She wore a blue dress and had long blind hair. She explained to Holly that her family saw her as the baby of the family and she should help them as she could. She also stated that she came from a future where her other family members were no longer in the Land of the Lost--though whether through death or leaving the Land of the Lost is unclear. Rani was played by Erica Hagen.
    Your options: [ Will ] [ Enik ] [ Cha-Ka ] [ Holly ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
28 In "Hurricane", Will decided he would mess with another matrix table in yet another pylon. He opened a time doorway in the middle of thin air. Who came out of that doorway for a brief stay in the lost world?
Answer: Beauregard Jackson

Beauregard Jackson was an astronaut from the future, at least the Marshalls' future. He talked of space shuttles and ships that could travel to other planets. When he passed through the doorway, he also let in a steady stream of fast moving air. Rick determined, with absolutely no basis for comparison, that if that doorway stayed open, eventually the entire place would become a torrent of fast moving air. So, Beau rolled up his parachute and, long story short, jumped back through the time doorway. The vortex even swallowed the pylon, thus destroying it and the doorway in one swoop.

This is the episode where the family, along with Beau, saw themselves through binoculars on the other side pf the world. Their fronts could see their backs way across the world/valley, whatever it was.
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
29 How many moons appeared in the night sky of the prehistoric world?
Answer: three

One line of the theme song even said, "See the triple moons." An eclipse of the moons caused trouble for the dinosaurs and other animals. In the episode "Jungle Girl", the three moons aligned, and all the creatures flocked to the Valley of Death. The Porters managed to stop the dinosaurs, along with Tasha, from jumping to their deaths at the bottom of the canyon.
  From Quiz: The New "Land Of The Lost"
30 In the episode "Tar Pit", which character was trapped in a tar pit and needed to be rescued by others?
Answer: Dopey

Spot the dinosaur was also trapped in the tar pit but was able to get out on his own. Dopey's size compared to the humans and Pakuni made teamwork necessary. Rick Marshall first attempted to use a homemade tackle and pulley to free Dopey, but was unsuccessful. Dopey was finally freed when Rick and Will attached a harness to Emily the dinosaur and used her to free Dopey. Interestingly, the significant roles of Cha-ka, Sa, and Ta led to an episode where less than half of the dialogue was in English (with the rest in Pakuni).
    Your options: [ Cha-Ka ] [ Holly ] [ Will ] [ Dopey ]
  From Quiz: A Routine Expedition: The "Land of the Lost"
31 In the season one finale, "Circle", how were Rick, Holly, Will and Enik able to return home?
Answer: Enik made it so that they arrived for the first time, no longer stuck in a paradox

Enik discovered a paradox, thus negating at least two prior story lines. He told Will that the time doorway constantly landed on the time of the Marshall family going over the waterfall. In a weird twist, the family never entered the land of the lost at all. They fell into some sort of space time loop, never entering the world nor dying in their fall. This paradox prevented Enik from getting home. Until one thing or the other happened, he was stuck. Rick told Enik to let the Marshalls stuck in the loop come through the vortex (instead of dying), and they'd three go through the door and create the balance needed. Enik agreed to do it, and the Marshalls went home. At the same time, the Marshalls arrived in the land of the lost for the first time- again.

This lack on continuity negated the storyline of Will choosing to remain in the lost world in "The Search". That storyline made Enik choose to remain behind as well, and he saved Rick. It also negated the storyline of the adult Holly, called Rani, from helping young Holly in "Elsewhen". No wonder the show didn't last past three seasons! I still enjoyed my trip back back into my childhood!
  From Quiz: "Land of the Lost" - Season 1
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