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I no longer receive the daily trivia emails. What can I do?

READ ME FIRST: It has come to our attention that trivia services called "TRIVIA TODAY" and "Brain Candy" are no longer working, and people are submitting complaints to us.

The website you are now on is NOT RELATED to "trivia today" or "Brain Candy".. We are

If your problem is with either of those two services,then we cannot help you -- you will need to inquire at the website

While you're here, check out our daily trivia emails! Thanks

If your issue is with Daily Trivia (which is a 10 question emailed quiz that you can play on the web by clicking in the mail):

There is a variety of reasons that trivia emails might no longer arrive. Please check them in the following order:

Step 1: Please check your spam folder. Even if you did not make any changes to your spam settings, spam filters might suddenly pick up a word or two in a question and classify the daily message as spam. Ideally, you should whitelist in your spam settings.

Step 2: If you have not actually played the game for some time (that is, you did not click through on the website link, fill in the answers and submit, the mails will stop. Use any of your older mails to access the daily game and play (note you must submit - just calling up the question page is not enough); mails should resume on the next day.

Step 3: Confirm that you are still subscribed. Go to, enter your address and choose "I was a subscriber but am no longer receiving emails. Please re-add me."
You should hopefully see messages again on the next day.

Step 4: If step 3 does not help (you get the message "This address is set to receive e-mails" but still do not get any), your subscription might be stuck. Please unsubscribe using the link in an older email you received, then go to to resubscribe.

If you just played for yourself, use the "I am a new subscriber" option. If you were part of a group, you will need to rejoin that group. Check an older message and look at the play link. There is a number (usually five or six digits) after "egroup=". That is your group number. Check the "My friends already play" option and input the number in the box. Then send your subscription request.

Once you have resubscribed, you should receive a confirmation email in which you will have to click the confirmation link to activate your subscription. Messages should resume on the next day.

Step 5: If you did everything up to step 4 but still get no daily mails or never receive your confirmation mail when resubscribing, the mails from do get sent but they do not arrive in your inbox. Please check with your Internet Provider to see if they have possibly blocked for some reason.

Please note that we cannot troubleshoot the emails for you. If you contact us with "I am not receiving my emails", the only thing we can do is redirect you here.
Steps 1 to 4, once properly followed, guarantee that you do have an active subscription and mails are being sent. Email is an unreliable medium and not guaranteed to arrive. We cannot track mails once they leave our system.