Frequently Asked Questions


Report a problem user, spam, or other abuse-related issue
    Please note: We do take abuse reports very seriously and treat them with priority. To ensure proper processing of your report, please ensure you follow these guidelines:

    This facility is for reporting suspected code of conduct / terms of service violations - in particular offensive messages and suspected cheating - not system issues.


    - If you feel a question in a quiz or game is offensive or wrong, please use the link provided on the answer screen to report the issue. We have over a million questions and we cannot find a question just by "a question about X contains this offensive content" - so we wouldn't be able to fix it.
    - If you have an issue with an editor while trying to submit a quiz, please read this answer.
    - If you do feel the system has somehow not awarded you a proper score or challenge, please read this explanation first and if that doesn't help, report your issue there.
    - If you feel a user has cheated when they beat you in a duel or game, please be aware that we are seeing very, very good legitimate scores every day. Some players have been practicing for years. Look around - do other users get similar scores or is the score comparable to a high tier challenge requirement? If so, it's most likely legit. Is the user really high level (well over 150)? If so, we probably already checked them several times.

    Please provide as much information about the issue as possible, including any messages received, and any relevant history to this issue. If your issue concerns a private message, do not delete it from your inbox until we tell you so. We cannot review or act upon a deleted message. We also please ask that, once you have reported a user or plan to do so, you do not reply or message them again until we have reviewed the situation. Even if you mean well, such situations can escalate quickly. If you've been falsely accused of cheating, we'll clear it up for you in our message to the sender and explain to them how your score was legit (we're seeing a lot of people who don't believe those high scores good players get, so we're used to this :) ).

    Also, if you wish us to review a user's messages, you would have to actually name them and state where it happened (personal message, chat board, forums). "This one user keeps making snide remarks" is not something we can look at because we would not know who "this one user" is or where to look for the remarks.

    Our administrators will deal with any abuse report as soon as possible. Thanks!