Frequently Asked Questions

FunTrivia Duel

How can a players score a perfect 1000 on duels? This seems impossible!
    Actually, scoring a 1000 is not impossible at all. However, it relies on players being able to answer the questions in their mind before actually seeing the answer options.

    When the question text is displayed, you have some time for reading before the answers are unveiled. During that time, you may already know the answer (especially if it is a question you've seen before).

    Once the buttons show up, hitting any of the first three before the timer starts is relatively easy. If the correct answer is the fourth, however, it takes some practice to hit it in the very small window of time available (it's less than half a second, but still doable).

    Some of our most prolific duel experts with thousands of wins have this skill down rather well and can reliably score 998+ on easy categories as well as having a good rate of 1000s. It's all about practice!

Duels or topic mash games hanging / freezing
    The duel and the topic mash games are coded in JavaScript and run on your client. We have tested them on a number of different platforms and they run smoothly. However, we cannot test every single configuration and we know that a small fraction of users are experiencing occasional issues.

    An important thing to remember: If you experience duel or topic mash games hanging after the game loaded the questions and you pressed the "start" button, this is happening on your computer. The game won't connect to the server again until it sends your final score, so we cannot see anything that happened or might have caused the crash.

    Troubleshooting duels:

    The most common reason for a hanging duel or topic mash is an incompatibility between the game and a browser extension. With thousands of browser extensions and millions of combinations, we cannot test all of those. If you experience hanging games, try disabling your browser extensions and see if that can fix your issue. Likely candidates are adblockers, browser plugins installed by security software and so-called "browser toolbars". All of these analyze and possibly modify code run on the page which can result in unpredictable behavior.

    If you cannot get the games to run reliably even if you start your browser without any active extensions, please try a different browser, preferably one freshly installed (We recommend Firefox, or, if you are currently using that, Chrome). That might help you get the games to work.

    If you experience the problem with different browsers, you might be affected by security software (antivirus) interfering with the game or you may have malware that causes computer problems. Do a thorough scan for unwanted software and see if you can whitelist or use a less aggressive scanning mode for web content.

    If nothing helps, please contact us with a description of your system (hardware, operating system, browser and antivirus software, all with version numbers). The game state upon hanging (how many questions did you play before the problem, how many answers do you see) could be helpful - complete question text is not necessary. We may not be able to reproduce the problem (it's not likely we have the same configuration available), but getting a larger number of qualified and detailed reports could show us some patterns and let us pinpoint causes for these occasional hanging games. It would also be helpful for everyone if you were able to resolve the problem if you could point us to what you did (e.g. disabling a specific extension worked). Thanks!

    Reporting a hanging game - READ THIS BEFORE SENDING A REPORT

    We are aware that some platforms and configurations are occasionally encountering hanging games, particularly on mobile devices. With the many possible configurations and the error not being predictable (the exact same game can run through once and hang on the next run), we have not been able to find a fix yet.

    If you are affected, please only send a report if you can contribute data. At the very minimum, we would need your device type, operating system and browser, with the exact version numbers. Ideally, open a Javascript error console and try to play with it open so that you can give us any warning/error messages you might see. The more configuration information you can give, the better. We do not need the question text - the problem can occur on any question, including one you have played successfully in the past.

    We are aware that this error is frustrating for you and it is at least equally frustrating to us to see players unable to play while being unable to reproduce the issue. It is however not helpful to us if you describe your frustration in ample detail but don't send us any technical information. We won't be able to reply to that with a fix and will only be able to redirect you here if all we can derive from your message is "it didn't work".

    Thanks for your consideration!