Frequently Asked Questions

FunTrivia Knockout

What is FunTrivia Knockout?
    FunTrivia Knockout is a weekly FunTrivia game, open to all members (free and gold).

    Players sign up to play on Monday. On Monday night, sign ups close, and players are divided into groups of 16. For the rest of the week, these 16 players will battle it out in an attempt to be the last one standing. At the end of the week there will be one winner in each 16-player division.

    The first round starts on Tuesday. The 16 players are placed into 8 pairs. Each pair plays a game (20 mixed-category trivia questions), and the player with the highest score advances to Wednesday. The player that loses is out of this week's knockout. Don't fret -- there's always next week!

    The second round is on Wednesday. The 8 remaining players play a game, and get reduced to 4 players.

    The third round is on Thursday. The 4 remaining players play. 2 advance to Friday.

    Friday is the final! 1 vs 1. Player with the high score WINS!

    Saturday the winners are announced, and any awards / badges given.

    Then we start fresh on Monday, with players signing up before being placed in new divisions.

How do I join? It says I have to wait until Monday?
    Yes, players may join this game only on Mondays. That's because this is an elimination game that starts fresh every Tuesday. You can't join later in the week because the games are already in session.

    You can, however, subscribe to FunTrivia Knockout at any point during the week. You will then be automatically registered each Monday and be reminded to play.

What determines what division players are placed in?
    A semi-random algorithm creates the divisions based on all players signed up.

    What we do is clump players of similar ability level together, so that new players on FunTrivia will have a greater chance of playing in a newbie tournament, while players with 1,000,000 points and 5 years of experience play against similar players. There is, however, a random element, so that tournament divisions always have new faces.

    The lower numbered tournaments will tend to contain more experienced players.

What happens if I forget to play on a day that I'm scheduled to play?
    You have 24 hours to play each game. If you don't play in that 24 hour window, you will be scored a 0 as a "no show".

    At this time there is not a penalty for no shows, but we will likely add a FunTrivia point penalty for habitual no-showers.

What is a daily knockout game and how is it scored?
    As a contestant in a tournament, you can look at your tournament bracket chart to see where you stand and whether you have been eliminated or not.

    If you have a game to play, you will be prompted to start it on the Knockout homepage.

    A game consists of 20 questions, taken from most FunTrivia question categories. Questions are of average difficulty level.

    A player is awarded points based on correctness and time taken to answer the questions. Your goal: accuracy and speed!

    After playing your daily game, return back the next day to see if you advance to the next round! If you did not, do not fret! Half of the players get eliminated each day.

Are there cumulative statistics over multiple weeks?
    At the end of each week, players will receive "Knockout Points". You will earn one KO point for each player that you knocked out of the competition, plus one KO point for winning your division.

    So, a player who wins his/her division will earn 5 KO (4+1) points.

    A player who survives the first round but gets knocked out in the 2nd gets 1 KO point.

    What are they for?

    1. FAME! These points will accumulate over time, and standings charts will show you who's got the most KOs.

    2. FORTUNE! Special badges will eventually be created for different KO levels.

    3. COMPETITION! Players will be placed in tournament divisions based on the total number of KOs they have. As you climb the ladder, you will find yourself matched up against your competitive enemies.

Do players get the same questions?
    Yes, each player in a pair match-up gets identical questions to the other player. To prevent cheating, different pairs will get different questions. It is a completely level playing field!

What is FT_Bot?
    Occasionally you will see a player in your tournament named something like FT_Bot1 or FT_Bot4. Since we need 16 players in each tournament, we pad any empty spaces with these dummy bots.

    You still need to show up to play if you are matched against one though!

Do the winners of each tournament go into a super-tournament?
    No, not at this time. Right now we declare all such players as winners, and award them a badge for their victory. We may do something like this in the future, but it is not high priority at this time.