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Gold Membership

What is Gold Membership?

I'm a Gold Member but I still get ads! Help!

    Please try going to our homepage, clicking "logout", and then login again. This should fix the problem.

    Please note that Gold Membership does not actually apply to private tournaments or the email trivia, so you will see ads there. There are also a few, infrequently accessed pages, that are statically generated and contain an ad for everyone. This specifically applies to some "last month" standings on hourly / daily games. You can recognize these pages by looking at the top - they will actually show you as not logged in (although you are - switching to any other page will return your usual experience). If this bothers you, feel free to use an ad blocker to ensure an ad-free experience for the duration of your membership.

    If you get ads on many / all pages in spite of a valid Gold Membership (make sure it didn't expire), they may actually not be by FunTrivia but caused by a different source. Some browser extensions or utility software (often labeled "toolbars" or "search bars") in fact exist just to serve ads. As these look at the content of pages you access for keywords to serve you "relevant" ads, they are more likely to trigger on the wealth of content in our quizzes than on many other pages, making it appear that you are getting ads from FunTrivia although this is not actually the case.

    If you are still encountering this problem after trying the above, let us know below. Thanks!

How do I pay by check or money order?

    Sorry, at the moment we are not accepting checks or money orders at this time -- only Paypal.

    However: Prepaid Debit Cards can be purchased at many retail stores, such as Walgreens, Walmart, etc. You buy these at the store, and they can be used on Paypal. Please give this a try if you do not have a credit card!

I cannot or do not want to use Paypal. How can I get a membership?
    Sorry to say so, but we have to rely on Paypal for credit card processing because they allow us to keep payment fees low and thus offer the best deal on memberships.

    Before you reject them outright, however, (and there are some valid concerns about opening an account which is, while convenient, inherently not held to the same standards as a bank account - it's more like a customer account at an online retailer such as Amazon), you should however know that for making one-time payments (entering your card data on the fly), Paypal are a financial institution like any other and have to adhere to the same protection standard as every other credit card processor. So there is no difference in security for that kind of payment, whether it is mediated by Paypal or another company.

    If you absolutely do not trust them with your credit card, you can, at least in the United States, use a gift card to fund a payment. If you do that, obviously your risk would at most be any funds left on the card after buying your membership.

    If that's not an alternative for you either (these cards are not offered worldwide), a last resort would be to ask a friend or relative who does use Paypal to buy you a gift certificate and repay them in cash or any other method you prefer. Gift certificates are the exact same price as standard memberships, so you'd not pay any extra for this process.

    We do hope that there's a solution for you among these!

I signed up but I don't see Gold Membership options!

    If you have just signed up for Gold Membership and do not see your Gold Membership options (in the My Stats & Quizzes section), then you should log out from the homepage and then log in again. This ought to reset your settings!

    If you have tried the above suggestion and still don't have access, please explain below. Thanks!

How do I become a Gold Member?

How do I cancel my Gold Membership?

    If you selected one time payment when you signed up for Gold Membership, you will NOT be charged again. Your subscription will expire automatically and you need not do anything.

    If you selected recurring payment when you signed up for Gold Membership and you'd like to cancel, please log in to, and cancel your FunTrivia subscription from there. Paypal handles our recurring payments, so once you cancel the auto-payment with them, you will be all set. To check whether you have a recurring subscription, log into Paypal and locate your recurring and preapproved payments: You will find this option by first clicking the gear symbol at the top right, then choosing "Preapproved Payments" (bottom entry in the right column) and then choosing the FunTrivia line on the screen that appears. If you wish to no longer automatically renew, you can then choose "Cancel".

    If you cannot remember whether you signed up for recurring payments or not, please log in to They will show you there what sort of subscription you made. If this does not answer your question, feel free to ask us below:

When does my current subscription expire?
    Your Profile Page tells you when your expiration expires.

    If you signed up for a "recurring subscription", then you do not need to do anything -- your account will automatically renew.

    If you chose "one time subscription", then you will need to re-subscribe after your subscription expires. Don't worry, no stats or other data is lost at expiration.

Will I be notified before my subscription expires?

    Yes! We will send you a message via email approximately a week before your subscription is set to expire.

When my Gold Membership expires, do I lose my stats/quizzes?

    No! Your stats and quizzes will remain untouched. ADDITIONAL stats may not be kept though.

    So if your membership expires and you sign back up a month later, you will continue off precisely where you were before your membership expired.

    Stats will only disappear if you don't visit the FunTrivia website within one year.

Do my quizzes get special treatment as a Gold Member?
    No. All authors on are treated equally. Our editors do not give any special treatment to Gold Members.

    As a Gold Member author, you will be held to the same standards and waiting times as all other authors.

My Gold Membership has expired. How do I renew?

    The system will automatically send out an email to you when your subscription expires.

    In order to renew, go to this page and register at the bottom of the page.

    If you pay through Paypal, we now have the option to automatically renew your membership every 6 months. Simply select that option when it is presented if this is more convenient for you.

How can I change or terminate an auto-renewing Gold Membership?
    If you have an ongoing Gold Membership subscription and would like to end it, you will have to do so yourself on Paypal. The recurring payment is something we do not control on our side but that is set in your Paypal account. You will please need to cancel it by logging into Paypal, going to your account and canceling the recurring payment. We cannot access or change it.

    You will find this option by first clicking the gear symbol at the top right, then choosing "Preapproved Payments" (bottom entry in the right column) and then choosing the FunTrivia line on the screen that appears. From there you can choose "Cancel".

    If you wish to change an auto-renewing membership (from 6-month to 12-month cycle or vice versa), you will need to cancel your current one then start a new one on the next renewal date.

    If you have just been billed for an automatic renewal payment when you didn't mean to renew (likely because you didn't realize when it would happen), please contact us using the form below as soon as possible and we will revert it.

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