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Frequently Asked Questions

Hourly and Daily Games

My score is WRONG! I want my points back!
    Occasionally through network problems or a rare glitch it is possible that your score for a game will look to be completely incorrect.

    Sorry, but we are not able to alter scores to fix this type of situation. Just imagine if our internet connection hiccups and we had to change the scores of thousands of players! It simply is not practical.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and may you have better luck next time!

I won an hourly but have not been credited with the victory. What happened?
    There are two possible reasons a game might appear a victory even though it did not count. Both are most commonly seen in the Expert game:

    1) You might have looked at the "Last hour" page in the hour where the division layout changed between day and night or vice versa. The list on that page then shows the rankings as if the current hour's division structure were active - and that does not match the divisions that were actually played. Please check the "Winners" page to see the results as they were actually played.

    2) The division you played in did not meet the minimum number of players to qualify, In "Who's the Expert", the minimum is five players so if you won out of fewer than that, it won't count - sorry. We are trying to keep divisions balanced so that games will reach the minimum, but especially with niche topics, some divisions may not reach the threshold.

How can I view my results from hourly games?
    There is a link to My Results on the FunTrivia homepage. You can use this link to view your scores and results.

    "In progress" means that a tournament has not yet been scored and ranked. That entry will update itself once the tournament has closed.

How are cumulative scores calculated?
    Many of our tournaments use a special "award" based cumulative scoring. For example, the "easy" and "hard" games do this.

    Depending on how many players play, "award" points are awarded. The top 10 players end up getting many more award points than those who rank lower.

    We do this to ensure that there is relative competition. That is, not only do you need to score well to move up in the cumulative rankings, but you also need to beat other players too.

    Some tournaments, such as Word Wizard, use a simple "cumulative score". These are less competitive in nature.

I got a 'You have already played this game' message

    This message happens when you (or your system) accidentally submit a game twice. Depending on your system and connection speed, this may happen even if you quickly double-click (or tap) the submit button. The faster your system and connection are, the higher the risk.

    Accidental multiple (or early) submits can also be caused by browser or software errors on a system without any input from the user; if you are absolutely sure that you did not accidentally submit more than once (remember that some keys, such as Return, could also trigger a submit), you may want to deactivate browser add-ons and/or try a different browser.

    Please note that this is entirely a client issue and we cannot control or troubleshoot it beyond the above. Data is sent twice and the server reacts to both requests. The net effect is that you do not see the result of the first (successful) request at all, because the second (error-triggering) one will interrupt the display your first request, so you get the message which, at that point, can feel somewhat misleading.

    If this happens, your game has still been scored and you will get all credit towards badges, team points and tiers that you are due. Reload the game page and check your division's scores; you should be able to find your game there unless your score was too low to be listed (zero scores may not always show even if few players took part). You could also check on the "My Results" page where you should definitely see the score, even if very low or zero. Unfortunately, we can't however bring back the answer screen for you so you wouldn't be able to read the info or check which questions you got right. Sorry for that!

How do some people win so often at Crystal Ball? It's all random!
    Crystal Ball is meant as a casual side diversion with little impact on your overall status, so if you find it frustrating to play, you can safely ignore it. However, if you want to play and win (or just assure yourself that no one is cheating), you should read on.

    Actually, the first phase of each hour in Crystal Ball is completely random, but the last 15 minutes let players take some control by deciding when to play their five guesses.

    A mathematically optimal strategy (which requires frequent reloading and evaluation of clues and existing guesses as well as entering guesses at the perfect time, so it does take a lot of dedication, speed and time) can yield win rates up to 20 times higher than just using your guesses randomly.

    If you want to be more successful at the game, you can begin by trying to make your guesses as quickly as possible after the third letter appears. That's not quite optimal but much better than just using them whenever.

    By the way - some players (not many however) might be using a dictionary to improve their chances. Picking unusual words can help because it makes it less likely others will pick the same word (faster) and they have the same chance to appear as more common ones. Even though we encourage players to play using only their knowledge, please be aware this is not considered cheating.