Frequently Asked Questions

Private Tournaments

My score is WRONG! I want points back!
    Occasionally through network problems or a rare glitch it is possible that your score for a game will look to be completely incorrect.

    Sorry, but we are not able to alter scores to fix this type of situation. Just imagine if our internet connection hiccups and we had to change the scores of thousands of players! It simply is not practical.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and may you have better luck next time!

My login / password doesn't work in a personal tournament
    Each FunTrivia personal tournament is its own closed-off world. A tournament has its own personal player database, scores, ranking tables, etc.

    As such, accounts will not work in them. You will need to sign up and register for any personal tournament you join. You can always use the same login/password combination if you'd like. Personal game administrators can see your login name, but they cannot see your password.

A player is being a nuisance. What can I do?
    The administrator of each private tournament has the ability to deal with problem users in a variety of manners. The following actions can be made in the Private Tournament Administration Panel, which each administrator has access to:

    1. Delete a user account. (user panel)

    2. Ban their IP address. (user panel)

    3. Place a password on the private tournament. (access control)

    If you place a password on a tournament, then only players providing that password may sign up. This is the best way to create an "invite only" tournament.

I have forgotten my password or user ID
    There is a link titled "I forget my password" on your private tournament page. Please click that and enter either your login name or your email address. We will then automatically send you your password to the email address on file.

    If a junk or out of date password is on file, we will be unable to recover your password.

Are questions the same for every player each day?

    Questions in a single day are NOT necessarily the same for each player in your private tournament. Your game administrator has the option to either give all players the same questions, or not.

    The reason is that if we were to do this, 95% of the time someone will create a second account and cheat by reading the answers first, and then inputing them with the second account.

    However, questions over a period of time ARE the same. So, while Mary may not get the same questions as Bob today, by the end of the week or month they will have played the same questons.

    We realize that there are some "trusted communities" which trust all players and would like to give players identical questions each day. An administrator can set this.

    NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS: If you use the "custom category" feature, we cannot guarantee different sets of questions for each player. Please use our default categories if cheating is a concern to you. Enjoy!

How do I change my user name to something new?

    Sorry, there is no way for us to change your user ID in a private tournament (as is the case with a public FT username).

How do I change my email address?
    Click on "Profile" while in your tournament.

    There is an email field there that you can update.

How does the scoring system work?

    The total points awarded each day is based on how many players play that day.

    This makes sense because you naturally should get a lot more points if you beat 30 players than if you beat 2.

    For this reason, there will be a different number of points awarded each day.

    Ties go to the player playing first for that day.

How can I place my daily leaderboard on Myspace?
    Unfortunately, Myspace does not allow Javascript to be embedded on a page. Our leaderboard link therefore will not work on Myspace.

    We encourage you to use regular HTML links to link to your tournament from Myspace.

Can I delete player comments in the "shout box"?
    Yes. There is an option in the private tournament administrator on the settings page.

    Click on "delete all shout box comments" to clear the current comments.

    The administrator of a tournament can do this.

Can more than one person administrate a tournament?
    Only one user account can change options for a private tournament.

    What some tournament operators do is have the administrator set up as a non-playing account. So, more than one (trusted) person has the password to the administrator. These people can then have separate accounts that they use to play the game daily.

Can I view the email address of players in my tournament?
    No, we do not allow admiistrators to view the email addresses or email participants in a private tournament.

Can I hand over administrator control to another player?
    Yes! You may want to do this if the administrator becomes inactive or unable to monitor things.

    Simply get the administrator to select the "Hand over control" option from the main administrator page. You then select the name of another existing user in your tournament, and they will become the new administrator.

    NOTE: Only one player may be the administrator. When you hand over control, you instantly lose administrator access.

Can I delete my private tournament?
    You can delete your private tournament by going into the administrator setup > basic settings, and selecting "delete tournament completely" from the "Tournament Settings" section.