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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have found a mistake in one of your trivia questions!

    We have a very well organized tracking system on FunTrivia. At the end of each quiz is a link to report errors. Please use that link to report your problem.

    We simply have too many quizzes and questions online to be able to accept error reports in this section of the website.

I want to play quizzes but got locked out from submitting them. Help?
    Unfortunately the actions of some people who would want to mass download questions force us to have automated security measures in place. If these algorithms detect patterns that look like a mass download instead of legit play, they will trigger a temporary lockout, usually for a day. Like any other automated detection, this does occasionally yield false positives.

    This can have multiple reasons:
    • You may actually have submitted many quizzes in very quick succession, maybe with very low scores (guessing) or leaving many questions blank. Avoid doing so in the future - if you want to play a category for one of the 24 hours badgelets, make sure you pick topics you know instead of trying to make the number simply by mass submitting.
    • A common reason for triggering a lockout is filling out many quizzes at once and then submitting them all at once. Submit each quiz right after playing. (You can still preload pages - open 10 or 20 quizzes in tabs and then play them one by one. Just then play the first, submit it, close the tab, start the next, etc.)
    • You might have a malfunctioning software or browser setting that loads pages in the background to make better use of a connection. Sometimes these programs run amok and actually submit. If you get this after opening a category page, scavenger or quiz list but before playing, you might want to investigate in that direction (you can also avoid getting scored zeroes you never played that way!)
    • You might be sharing the connection with someone who triggered the error or you may have inherited an IP that was previously used for suspicious play. In that case it wasn't anything you did - just bad luck.

    If you did get affected, we unfortunately cannot reset the block. If you need those quizzes to meet a goal you have worked towards, you can work around it by playing in interactive mode (timed or untimed) - those are not blocked. Otherwise, it's best to just wait out the block until it resolves - and if you can identify something you might have done to trigger it, try to avoid it next time!

    The block also does not affect hourly and daily games, so you can still play those.

    Sorry if you did falsely get hit - thank those who make such measures necessary in the first place :(

After playing 100 quizzes it tells me that my scores aren't saved anymore. Help
    FunTrivia saves up to 100 quiz scores for free members. We simply cannot store such huge amounts of quiz playing data for all free users! And, since we do not track quiz-taking after 100 plays, we cannot count these scores, otherwise players could keep playing the same quiz many times to earn points.

    FunTrivia Gold Members may have unlimited quiz scores and statistics saved. We encourage you to consider this option.

    A complete list of the differences between free and gold membership can be found here. You can upgrade now here.

What is the order of difficulty ratings?

    The order is:

    Very Easy
    Very Difficult

    A rating for a quiz is dynamically determined by the system based on how players of the quiz have scored over time. The rating of a quiz that has been played only a few times will probably not be as meaningful as a quiz that has been played a thousand times.

I'd like to report profanity or rudeness from another FunTrivia user

    FunTrivia strongly discourages rudeness, and users using foul or inappropriate language will be dealt with swiftly.

    If you are reporting a particular user, please let us know their name, and what they said. Also do NOT delete the message from your inbox, so that we can look for the profanity. By posting this, you acknowledge that our editors may check your FunTrivia quiz-mail box.

I'd like to report objectionable or profane content in a FunTrivia quiz

How do I become a quiz editor?

    We are currently not looking for any new editors and do not keep a list. When positions open up we post links in the categories that we have openings in. Please keep an eye out in the categories.