Frequently Asked Questions

Technical / System Bugs

I am having technical issues with duels / topic mashes

I'm reporting a server bug or error

    Thanks. Your help in catching these problems is important to us. Please report the following things:

    [ 1 ] The exact page where the error occurred. Please copy and paste the URL.
    [ 2 ] The error message you received -- more detail the better (copy and paste if possible)
    [ 3 ] What you were trying to do when the error occurred.

    If this error report is in regards to a private tournament, please specify your tournament ID number.

    If this error report is in regards to an hourly or daily tournament, please specify which one!.

    Important: If you have an issue with a duel, mash game or "game mode" quiz hanging in mid-game, please consult this entry in the duels section for a troubleshooting guide before sending a report. A hanging game is happening on your client device and we will not be able to investigate without the proper information, so check there before you send a report. It will save both you and us time and frustration. Thanks!

    Please do not send submit trivia questions or queries here.

My SCORE or TIME is completely wrong! It's unfair!
    Occasionally through network problems or a rare glitch it is possible that your score for a game will look to be completely incorrect.

    Sorry, but we are not able to alter scores to fix this type of situation. Just imagine if our internet connection hiccups and we had to change the scores of thousands of players! It simply is not practical.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and may you have better luck next time!

An ad blocks me frrom properly playing a quiz or game

    FunTrivia, like most sites, uses an external ad provider. We have some control over the kind of ads - we only allow banner ads embedded in a fixed size frame - but do not select individual ads which are regionalized and may also be personalized based on the ad provider's own tracking.

    All ads served by FunTrivia are images or small animations (banners) embedded in the page. If you do get a popup ad, it is probably not actually by FunTrivia but caused by a different source. Some browser extensions or utility software (often labeled "toolbars" or "search bars") in fact exist just to serve ads. As these look at the content of pages you access for keywords to serve you "relevant" ads, they are more likely to trigger on the wealth of content in our quizzes than on many other pages, making it appear that you are getting ads from FunTrivia although this is not actually the case.

    If you have eliminated that possibility and are still getting popup ads or ads that break your system, please contact us, supplying as much info as you can - at least the name of the company/product advertised and your general geographic region (state or nearest city) so we can pass that information to our ad provider for checking - a few, rare, unscrupulous advertisers are unfortunately trying to make their ads "more impactful" by violating rules.