A FunTrivia Mixed Quiz!

This is an untimed game, created by the FunTrivia QuizBot using questions submitted by players. Take your time, and please consider submitting questions of your own when you are done!

#1. Celebrities Mixture. Player jules44 asks:
  What "fruity" Hollywood actress was nicknamed "The Brazilian Bombshell"?

    Cristina Galbó
    Carmen Miranda
    Claudia Raia
    Rita Hayworth

#2. Celebrities Mixture. Player trouble1 asks:
  Nathaniel Adams was born March 17, 1919 in Montgomery, Alabama USA. This singer sang such unforgettable tunes as "Mona Lisa", "The Christmas Song" and "Unforgettable". What is his name?

    Art Tatum
    Nat King Cole
    Ray Charles
    Lionel Hampton

#3. Celebrities Mixture. Player dolano asks:
  He has a brother called Alec, he starred in "The Usual Suspects" and his first name is Stephen. What is this actor's surname?


#4. Celebrities Mixture. Player seamonster asks:
  Which popular American actor, who often played gangsters, won an Academy Award for playing George M. Cohan, the American Broadway producer, director, actor, and songwriter in the 1942 movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy"?

    Humphrey Bogart
    Dirk Bogarde
    Al Pacino
    James Cagney

#5. Celebrities Mixture. Player Walneto asks:
  What does it mean if a Hollywood actor is on the "A-List"?

    He is an alcoholic.
    He is a top box office draw.
    He has won two Oscars.
    He has an outstanding arrest warrant.

#6. Celebrities Mixture. Player milliesmall asks:
  What do the actresses Aniston, Garner, Hudson and Lopez have in common?

    They have been married to Brad Pitt.
    They are Latinas.
    They share the same birthday.
    Their first name is Jennifer.

#7. Celebrities Mixture. Player wulfsbane asks:
  Who was Minnie Pearl?

    Asian dignitary
    American country comedienne
    Pearl S. Buck's daughter
    Ron Pearlman's mother

#8. Celebrities Mixture. Player Billkozy asks:
  At the age of eighty-six, Dick Van Dyke married 40-year-old Arlene Silver, who he met at the SAG Awards in 2006. What is her profession?

    make-up artist

#9. Celebrities Mixture. Player cardsfan_027 asks:
  The names Stevenson, Kennedy, and Downey all have what in common?

    television commercial characters
    Kentucky Derby winning jockeys
    Robert is the first name
    five-star military generals

#10. Celebrities Mixture. Player heatherlois asks:
  Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley sadly died in January 2023. What was the cause of her death?

    Car accident
    Cardiac arrest