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A FunTrivia Mixed Quiz!

This is an untimed game, created by the FunTrivia QuizBot using questions submitted by players. Take your time, and please consider submitting questions of your own when you are done!

#1. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player rb6359 asks:
  What is the nearest star to Earth?

    Alpha Centauri
    Barnard's Star
    Sol (The Sun)

#2. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player maryjdonohoe57 asks:
  If you have a small crack in your ankle or foot, what type of fracture do you probably have?

    simple fracture
    complex fracture
    compound fracture
    stress fracture

#3. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player deputygary asks:
  Which of the following is classified as an airship?

    the Goodyear blimp
    a Bell 222 helicopter
    a Boeing 747 jumbo jet
    a Schweizer SGS 2-22 sailplane

#4. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player guitargoddess asks:
  The Nano, Shuffle and Touch are all versions of which product?


#5. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player DaMoopies asks:
  If you are traveling at a heading of 270 degrees, in which direction are you going?


#6. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player daver852 asks:
  Modern people in Western societies are, on average, an inch or more taller than their 19th century ancestors. What explanation is most widely accepted for this phenomenon?

    Genetic mutations
    Taller people having more children
    Interbreeding among ethnic groups
    Improved childhood nutrition

#7. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player Saleo asks:
  The scientific name of the disease 'sleeping sickness' is what?

    African trypanosomiasis
    American trypanosomiasis

#8. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player pitegny asks:
  Fata Morgana is a mirage caused when cold air close to water or the ground is covered by a warm layer of air, causing light to refract. Some think the phenomenon is behind the legend of the Flying Dutchman ship. How is the light refracted?

    Bent so objects move to the side
    Straight ahead with no change in objects
    Bent so objects float and change shapes
    Bent so objects seem to sink

#9. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player FatherSteve asks:
  Shrink wrap is used to package everything from hamburger to helicopters. Generally, what makes it shrink around the product it packages?

    chemicals sprayed on
    electric current
    ultra-violet light

#10. Sci / Tech Mixture. Player ponycargirl asks:
  My grandson came home from school today excited about a science experiment that used water, food coloring, celery, and a glass. What basic plant process was being taught?