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A FunTrivia Mixed Quiz!

This is an untimed game, created by the FunTrivia QuizBot using questions submitted by players. Take your time, and please consider submitting questions of your own when you are done!

#1. Hobbies Mixture. Player FussBudget asks:
  In Australian terms, what is an XXXX (aka Fourex)?

    A type of beer
    A type of waterproof jacket
    A movie classsification
    A type of car

#2. Hobbies Mixture. Player redsoxfan325 asks:
  How do buffalo wings get their name?

    A main ingredient is Buffalo clover.
    They originated in Buffalo, New York.
    It was a menu error, and the name stuck.
    They were Buffalo Bill's favorite food.

#3. Hobbies Mixture. Player Messi10fan asks:
  Which one of these best describes the objective of the board game "Sorry"?

    Capturing the opponent's pieces
    Trapping the king
    Returning the 4 pieces to home
    Collecting the most cash of 4 players

#4. Hobbies Mixture. Player mlcmlc asks:
  Which of the following is NOT a type of basil you would find at the grocers?

    lemon basil
    thai basil
    cherry basil
    sweet basil

#5. Hobbies Mixture. Player mlcmlc asks:
  Which herb was used to flavor root beer until banned by the FDA in 1960?


#6. Hobbies Mixture. Player mayneeyak asks:
  Which soda pop is known as "The Champagne of Ginger Ales" in Canada?

    Canada Dry
    President's Choice

#7. Hobbies Mixture. Player wellenbrecher asks:
  What herb is a basic ingredient of Pesto alla Genovese?


#8. Hobbies Mixture. Player LadyNym asks:
  What is the main ingredient of the tasty Italian dish frittata? In the US it is often thought of as a breakfast dish.


#9. Hobbies Mixture. Player namrewsna asks:
  Which of the following cuts of beef is generally classified as offal?

    sirloin flap
    eye of round

#10. Hobbies Mixture. Player dim_dude asks:
  If both sides play perfectly, what is the result of a game of Tic-Tac-Toe?

    Forced win for Starting Player
    Forced Draw
    Forced win for Second Player
    The game has not been solved