A FunTrivia Mixed Quiz!

This is an untimed game, created by the FunTrivia QuizBot using questions submitted by players. Take your time, and please consider submitting questions of your own when you are done!

#1. Literature Mixture. Player Goutham_03 asks:
  Who was Caesar's wife in Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar"?

    Mary Caesar

#2. Literature Mixture. Player aaronmccool asks:
  Ernest Hemingway led a fascinating life. His book "Death in the Afternoon" is about which of his passions?

    Big game hunting
    Bull fighting
    Sport fishing

#3. Literature Mixture. Player lorance79 asks:
  The title character(s) all end up dead in each of these Shakespearean plays, except one. Who survived?

    Julius Caesar
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Merchant of Venice

#4. Literature Mixture. Player debodun asks:
  In Ernest Thayer's poem "Casey at the Bat", what was the name of the fictional town of the home team?


#5. Literature Mixture. Player gracious1 asks:
  Charles Dickens named one of his villainous characters after a cuckolded husband who, according to the Bible, was murdered at the behest of good King David. Who was it?

    Jacob Marley ('A Christmas Carol')
    Daniel Quilp ('The Old Curiosity Shop')
    Herbert Pocket ('Great Expectations')
    Uriah Heep ('David Copperfield')

#6. Literature Mixture. Player portgleep asks:
  "The Tin Drum" was written 40 years before its author, one of the most famous German writers of the twentieth century, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, but it is still his most well-known work. Who wrote it?

    James Joyce
    Mark Twain
    Gunter Grass
    Arthur Miller

#7. Literature Mixture. Player wonkatriv asks:
  Which horrible sounding 1929 novel by Jean Cocteau contains the characters Paul, Elisabeth, Agathe and Dargelos?

    Les Enfants Malades
    Les Enfants Terribles
    Les Enfants Gross
    Les Enfants Disgusting

#8. Literature Mixture. Player vinovino asks:
  Who wrote "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing"?

    Mother Teresa
    William Shakespeare
    Oscar Wilde
    Woody Allen

#9. Literature Mixture. Player irishchic5 asks:
  Who is the author who is famous for plays such as "The Crucible" and "Death of a Salesman", but is perhaps even more well known for his choice of spouse?

    Tennessee Williams
    Oscar Wilde
    Arthur Miller
    John Keats

#10. Literature Mixture. Player FatherSteve asks:
  In 1841, Edgar Allan Poe wrote the first modern detective story: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue". What was the Rue Morgue?

    a mortuary in Montreal
    a river in Haiti
    a village in Cameroon
    a street in Paris