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3 Jodie Foster quizzes and 35 Jodie Foster trivia questions.
  15 Questions: Jodie Foster Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
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Here's some trivia on Jodie Foster.
Tough, 15 Qns, blacksheep0, Jul 25 05
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  No "Silence of the Lambs"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I wanted to make a Jodie Foster quiz that doesn't mention her birthdate, Oscars, "The Silence of the Lambs" or "The Accused" and here it is.
Tough, 10 Qns, kristina71, Jul 25 05
1313 plays
  Jodie Foster    
Multiple Choice
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Jodie Foster trivia. Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, Justine2872, Dec 11 18
Dec 11 18
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Jodie Foster Trivia Questions

1. In 1977, Jodie co-starred with Helen Hayes and David Niven in this Disney production.

From Quiz
No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Candleshoe

Jodie plays Casey Brown, a con artst teenager, who tries to fool Helen Hayes into believing she is her long lost granddaughter.

2. Silence of the Lambs, Carny, Stealing Home, Bugsy Malone, Taxi Driver, The Hotel New Hampshire, Freaky Friday, Nell, Contact, Foxes, Little Man Tate, Anna & the King, The Accused, Sommersby, Maverick

From Quiz From Coppertone to Golden Girl


In the introduction to this quiz, it was highlighted that Jodie Foster excelled at portraying lonely women placed under enormous pressures and, possibly, two good examples of these are her as a rookie FBI recruit coming face to face with a cannibalistic serial killer, "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991), or "Contact"(1997), where she launches, solo, into space, firm in the belief that there is life out there. Don't get me wrong though, there are also the light and fluffy within her impressive oeuvre such as the Disney friendly "Freaky Friday" (1976). Here's a brief, but chronological, look at her movies in this quiz. "Taxi Driver"(1976): Robert de Niro plays Travis Bickle, a Vietnam veteran who suffers from insomnia, so he spends his nights driving a taxi through New York's sleazier streets. He has his own perceptions of right and wrong and his deteriorating mental state appears certain to crescendo in violence. Into his life journeys Iris, a twelve year old streetwise prostitute, played by Foster, whom Bickle feels he has to save. This was Jodie's first adult film and, in her words, it was "life changing", stating that for the first time she was dealt a character that she had to "create from scratch". The strength of the characters that she would convey to audiences in the future was already in evidence here. This was a very raw and honest performance from Foster but it becomes a scary observation when you realize that this was coming from a girl who was only thirteen years old at the time. "Bugsy Malone" (1976): Alan Parker's G-rated, gangster musical was a rather bizarre piece of film, that tells the story of the rise of Bugsy Malone in the gangster hierarchy and his battles with his main rival Fat Sam. Bizarre in the fact that the cast of gangsters is made up of children and the weapons they use are "splurge" guns that cover their victims with cream. Most of the cast in this film are very ordinary, including Scott Baio, who was highly popular at the time. Foster, however, plays her role as a gangster's moll with effortless aplomb. "Freaky Friday" (1976): A mother and her daughter (Foster) are always at odds until, this particular Friday, they make the same wish at exactly the same time, and they wind up switching bodies with each other. Despite being thirteen years of age, Foster shows incredible agility in being able to switch personalities. Not only did this earn her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, but it also stamped her as a bona fide star of the future. "Carny" (1980): In 1980, as Foster was about to enter Yale, she took on two film roles that carried a fair deal of risk with them. "Carny", the first of those, sees her as a bored teenage waitress who runs off with a two con-men from a travelling carnival. The film does not reach great heights, but Foster, yet again, shows her skill and proves that graduating (no pun intended) into more adult roles would not be problematic for her. "Foxes" (1980): The other risk was with "Foxes", another teen drama that seemed to be flooding the cinemas at the time. Foster is part of a group of four friends who are caught up in a range of issues, spanning from drugs, to abusive parents, sexual awakenings, and weight worries... and the only way they know how to deal with them is to party hard. Foster's character is the conscience of the group, and she seems to be the one that is looking for a way out of the spiral that they're in. "The Hotel New Hampshire" (1984): This film is a faithful adaptation of John Irving's 1981 novel, and it features Foster as one of a family of oddball characters, trying to resurrect a rundown hotel in Vienna. The hotel has prostitutes residing on the top floor and a group of radicals, who are planning to blow up the Vienna State Opera, living in the basement. Foster would later remark that this film came at a low point in her career and that taking on this role saw her turning down worthy roles in "Splash" (1983) and "The Terminator" (1984). "Stealing Home" (1988): The movie poster for this film is dominated by Foster's somewhat ghostly image, hovering above that of Mark Harmon as he stares away, dolefully, into the distance. You get the impression that Foster's is the major role here but hers is merely a small part. Harmon plays a washed up baseball player who has to face his past when he returns to his home town to collect the ashes of his childhood sweetheart (played by Foster), who'd committed suicide. "The Accused" (1988): This is the film that revived Foster's career and she had to work extremely hard to get her name at the head of a long queue of actresses, clamoring to play the role of Sarah Tobias, a young woman who is gang raped at her local bar and then sets about fighting for justice. Her harrowing performance was a stark reminder of the open honesty that she'd bought to her previous role as Iris in "Taxi Driver", and it won her a deserved Oscar for Best Actress. "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991): Jodie Foster is Clarice Starling, an inexperienced FBI operative who employs the aid of a notorious serial killer named Hannibal Lector (a chilling performance from Anthony Hopkins) to catch another serial killer, Buffalo Bill, played by Ted Levine. In "The Accused", Foster gave an extraordinary performance as a vulnerable woman who displayed great fortitude and smarts to extract herself from her predicament. Here, as Starling, she provides us with the double feature, playing a hero who doesn't believe that she is one... and walking away with her second Oscar for Best Actress in the process. "Little Man Tate" (1991): Foster plays the mother of a boy who is a prodigy and is struggling to live up to the expectations that are being placed upon him. Foster's mother is a torn soul. While she wishes to support her son's genius and see him develop it she also sees the importance of him having the opportunity to be a child. This film marked Foster's debut as a director. "Sommersby" (1993): The kindest thing I could find to say about "Sommersby" is that it is an overwrought, sappy, romance film. About the only thing going for it is the teaming up of Foster and Richard Gere. Foster plays a woman who's soldier husband (Gere) has returned home from the Civil War. Problem is that Foster suspects the man is an imposter and yet... she kind of (somehow) loves him. This is not the usual fare that we see from Jodie but it did come hot on the heels of the somewhat heavy fare of "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Sommersby" may well have been the creative break that she needed. "Maverick" (1994): Mel Gibson is Bret Maverick, a con man trying desperately to come up with a large sum of cash to enter a high stakes poker tournament. He is constantly frustrated in his efforts to achieve this goal by the challenges presented by Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster), a very charming young lady, who is both a thief and a con artist. This film is another deviation for Foster as it is one of those rare occasions that she plays a romantic interest and also plays it for laughs. While most of the attention is focused on Gibson, whose star was at its brightest at the time, Foster proves that she has a deft hand when it comes to comedy and her performance is an absolute hoot. "Nell" (1994): While Foster produces a performance in this movie that is worthy of another Oscar nomination, the film has very little to brag about. Nell (Foster) is a young woman raised in a cabin in the woods and the only people that she has ever encountered in her life are her mother and her deceased twin sister. When her mother dies, a naïve Nell is about to be confronted by the "real" world. "Contact" (1997): "Contact" is a film about faith. Foster is Ellie, a scientist who believes she has found evidence of the existence of aliens. She is also a woman who has turned her back on God. These two points bring her into conflict with both the government and a Christian philosopher (and former lover) named Palmer Joss, played by Matthew McConaughey. The films becomes uneven as it starts to mix pockets of philosophy with blockbuster style special effects and the only thing that keeps the film grounded is a strong performance by Foster. "Anna & the King" (1999): This is a fictionalized account drawn from the diaries of Anna Leonowens. Foster plays Anna, an English school teacher who winds up being the tutor of the wives and children of King Mongkut, the King of Siam. This, unfortunately, is a sad note on which to finish a quiz about an extraordinary actress. The film is a rather misguided attempt to create a serious version of a much loved (classic) musical. Worse, Foster is required to play a role that she is no way qualified to play - someone dull and stupid. Movie critic Roger Ebert sums this up rather succinctly when he quotes "She seems subtly uncomfortable... it's almost impossible to play a dumb person who is supposed to be smart, and that's what she had to do with Anna".

3. How many siblings does Jodie have?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: 4

Constance, Lucinda, Lucius IV, and Jodie were the children of her parents' marriage. Her father had another daughter named Amy before he met Jodie's mother.

4. What was Jodie's birth name?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Alicia Christian Foster

5. Jodie played opposite Johnny Whitaker in a 1973 production of this classic Mark Twain tale.

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Tom Sawyer

Johnny Whitaker (Jody from "Family Affair") played Tom Sawyer, Jodie was Becky Thatcher.

6. She received her first award for which movie?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: 'The Accused'

She starred in 'The Accused' with Kelly McGillis (1988).

7. When was Jodie born?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: November 19, 1962

8. Jodie's acting debut was at the age of three in a commercial for what brand of suntan lotion?

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Coppertone

They sometimes show this 'retromercial' on "TVLand".

9. What state was Jodie born in?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: California

Jodie was born in Los Angeles.

10. Jodie got the role of Annabelle in the 1994 movie "Maverick" after which other blonde actress turned the role down?

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Meg Ryan

She starred opposite Mel Gibson in the movie. It was filmed partially on the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington states.

11. What was Jodie's movie acting debut?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Napoleon and Samantha

Jodie played Samantha in this 1972 movie. Her acting debut was in "Mayberry R.F.D." in 1968.

12. Jodie was the youngest host of "Saturday Night Live" after her 1976 hosting gig until what other young actress hosted.

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Drew Barrymore

Jodie hosted "SNL" on November 27, 1976 just after her 14th birthday. She held the distinction of being the youngest host until Drew Barrymore hosted in 1982 at the age of 7.

13. What is Jodie's real name?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Alicia Christian Foster

Christian is her mother's middle name.

14. What university did Jodie attend?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Yale

Jodie earned a BA in English Literture (1985).

15. What name did Jodie's three sibling's insist on calling her when she was a baby?

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Jodie

They named her Jodie. Her actual name is Alicia Christian Foster but the older children apparently didn't like it.

16. Who is Jodie's favorite actress?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Meryl Streep

17. In 1998 she had a son. What is his name?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Charles

Charles was born on July 20, 1998.

18. What year did Jodie graduate from college and what college did she graduate from?

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: 1985 and Yale

Jodie graduated from Yale in 1985 with a degree in Literature. She graduated magna cum laude.

19. What is Jodie's birth date?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: November 19, 1962

She was born in Los Angeles.

20. What was the first MOTION PICTURE directed by Jodie?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Little Man Tate

Jodie also played DeDe Tate in this 1991 movie.

21. In the 1972 film "Napoleon and Samantha", Jodie plays Samantha. Who or what is Napoleon?

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: A Boy

While there is a lion in the movie, its name is Major. Johnny Whitaker plays the boy named Napoleon who runs away with his lion, Major, after the death of his grandfather.

22. Who is her favorite actor?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: Robert DeNiro

23. What character on the animated series "The Addams Family" did Jodie supply the voice for?

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Pugsley

Ken Weatherwax played Pugsley Addams in the TV series but Jodie Foster supplied the voice for the 1973-1975 cartoon.

24. Where was Jodie born?

From Quiz Jodie Foster

Answer: California

25. Jodie co-starred with Scott Baio in this 1976 musical gangster movie with a cast made up entirely of children.

From Quiz No "Silence of the Lambs"

Answer: Bugsy Malone

Jodie Foster played Tallulah in this musical about the rise of Bugsy Malone. Scott Baio played Bugsy.

26. Who was the director of Foster's 1999 release 'Anna and the King'?

From Quiz From Coppertone to Golden Girl

Answer: Andy Tennant

He also directed 'Fools Rush In' and 'It Takes Two'. He was the director and writer for the movie 'Ever After'.

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