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Fun Trivia
2 Bela Lugosi quizzes and 25 Bela Lugosi trivia questions.
  The Films of Bela Lugosi   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Bela Lugosi had some very interesting films. Some of them outright creepy, some kind of funny. But through it all, he gave it his best. This quiz will be about my favorites.
Average, 10 Qns, draculanut31, Oct 02 20
Oct 02 20
1442 plays
  Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz on one of the most misunderstood and underrated actors of the 20th century.
Average, 15 Qns, draculanut31, Jun 20 11
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Bela Lugosi Trivia Questions

1. We'll start REALLY easy. I'll practically give it away. And so easy you have to tell me what it is. This film made Bela Lugosi a household name. It made him and a historical character inseprable for all time.

From Quiz
The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: Dracula

I told you it was easy! Dracula made Bela an American film star, and cemented him in horror movies for the rest of his days. In later years, Bela stated: "Dracula was a blessing and a curse". I must agree. He was known as a pretty funny guy. It's a shame we never got to see that side.

2. When was Bela Lugosi born?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: October 20, 1882

Bela was the youngest of four children.

3. This film came out in 1932. Bela plays Murder Legendre, a Haitain who uses his voodoo powers to try to win the affections of a certain lady, Madeleine.

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: White Zombie

This was an incredibly creepy movie. I say that because it was not released by some big-budget movie studio. But they took advantage of atmosphere, and that is why this film is so cool. It has been stated that Bela took part in writing this film. Way to go!

4. In which town was Bela Lugosi born?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: Lugos & Lugoj

This town (then part of the Kingdom of Hungary) is now Lugoj, in Romania.

5. This film, also released in 1932, features Bela as Dr. Mirackle, a man who is bent on proving man's kinship with the ape. He kidnaps girls to experiment and find the "missing link".

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: Murders in the Rue Morgue

This movie, set in 19th century France, has a very interesting plot. Women have been disappearing off the streets and turning up dead in the river. Mirackle is conducting experiments to find a mate for his giant gorilla, Erik. Oh, and by the way--check out Bela's fro in this one! Hehehehe.

6. This film of Bela's was released in 1932. He plays Joseph Steiner, a studio executive. The premise is that while filming a movie, the star player gets killed and everyone that was on the set at the time is the suspect.

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: The Death Kiss

Very cool film. It is one of those that have a surprise ending. Bela is NOT the murderer, but the actual murderer kept himelf very well covered. It wasn't until the very last scene that he was discovered.

7. This next one came out in 1934. It was the first time that Bela and Boris worked together. Bela plays Dr. Vitus Werdegast, a P.O.W. who has been in prison for 15 years and decides to pay Hjalmar Poelzig, played by Boris, a visit.

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: The Black Cat

Poor Dr. Werdegast. He not only loses his wife, he loses his daughter too. Poelzig is a satanic priest who sacrifices women as part of his ceremonies. Vitus' wife was part of that ghastly ritual. Vitus' daughter was killed because she disobeyed Poelzig when he told her to stay in her room. This is one of the only films where Bela gets your pity. Awesome job by both guys.

8. When did Bela go to the USA?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: 1921

He arrived in the USA as a member of the crew on a merchant ship. He was part of the revolution in Hungary and was on a list of people wanted by the Hungarian authorities. To avoid being caught, he jumped ship in New Orleans in December 1920. His son, Bela Jr., confirms the story that he jumped off. He made his way to Ellis Island in New York whre he was admitted to the USA in March 1921 (he became a US citizen in 1931). His first American film was "The Silent Command" (1923), a spy movie in which Bela played the bad guy.

9. This next film, released in 1939, has Bela as the butler, Peters, in a home where Mr. Stevens' life has been threatened. 3 detectives (well, sort of): Harrigan, Mulligan and Garrity are called in to investigate. Which movie might this be?

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: The Gorilla

The is one of my absolute favorites. "Yoohoo, Gorilla!" That line cracks me up every time. Bela was cast to add a bit of suspenseful overtones to the film. If you want a good laugh with a comedy team other than the Marx brothers, this film is it.

10. This next film was also released in 1939. Another Karloff/Lugosi match up, Bela portrays Ygor, a man who was hanged--but yet he lived. Ygor was one of Bela's favorite characters. Basil Rathbone is also in the film.

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: Son of Frankenstein

I couldn't say who Boris portrayed because--that would've been a dead giveaway (no pun intended)! The last Universal installment of the Frankenstein films, with Boris playing the monster for the very last time. Basil Rathbone plays Wolfgang von Frankenstein, a young man who becomes obsessed with the idea of carrying on his father's work. In my opinion, the best Frankenstein of them all.

11. When did Bela begin playing Count Dracula on the stage?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: 1927

He took the role of Dracula in place of actor Raymond Huntley in 1927. It ran for three years on Broadway and also toured on the west coast.

12. This film is yet another Karloff/Lugosi match-up, but this is a strange one. It was released in 1940 with Karloff as Dr. Sovac, and Bela as gangster Eric Marney. This is strange because they had no scenes opposite each other. Which one is this?

From Quiz The Films of Bela Lugosi

Answer: Black Friday

Even though Karloff and Lugosi have no scenes together, this is still a very interesting film. Quiet, humble Professor Kingsley is walking across the street one day and SMACK! gets hit by a car. The driver, gangster Red Cannon is trying to get away from other gansters in another car. Dr. Sovac, the professor's best friend, will do anything to keep him alive--literally. He transplants part of Cannon's brain into Kingsley's body-and thus a game of Jekyll and Hyde begins. Bela's character of Eric Marney is a rival gangster who wants to find Red's money. But, one by one, these gangsters disappear. Very cool film.

13. Who was the first choice for the film "Dracula" (1931)?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: Lon & Lon Chaney & Chaney

Bela was not the first choice for the character of Dracula and probably wouldn't have had a chance had Lon not passed away.

14. What was the name of the woman who was married to Bela the longest (20 years)?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: Lillian

Bela and Lillian married on January 31st, 1933. He was 50, she was 22. This was the marriage that lasted for 20 years (he married five times). During this time, Bela's only son, Bela Jr. was born.

15. How many wives did Bela have?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: 5

Here's how they go: On June 25, 1917, he married Ilona Szmik. They were married for 2 years. In December of 1920, he married Ilona von Monagh. They were married for 4 years. In 1931, he married Beatrice Weeks. This was the famous marriage that lasted only 3 days. On January 31, 1933 he married Lillian Arch. They were married for 20 years. And FINALLY, in 1955 he married Hope Linninger. He was married to her until his death the following year.

16. How many movies did Bela make in 1935?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: 7

"The Raven", "Mark of the Vampire", "The Mysterious Mr. Wong", "The Best Man Wins, "Chandu on Magic Island", "Phantom Ship", and "Murder By Television". One of my personal favorites is "The Raven". "Murder by Television" is also quite good. Bela was a busy little beaver in '35!

17. What was the name of Bela's final movie?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: Plan 9 from Outer Space

This movie has been voted the worst movie ever made. It was released in 1959. He passed away in 1956. Too bad he had to rely on Ed Wood for his work; Ed Wood--the king of the pathetic movies.

18. On what date did Bela pass away?

From Quiz Bela Lugosi - Hollywood's First Dracula

Answer: August 16, 1956

Bela died peacefully in bed on August 16, 1956 of a heart attack at the age of 73.

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