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3 Maldives quizzes and 35 Maldives trivia questions.
  Paradise Lost?   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Come and visit the natural beauty of the Maldives with its white sandy beaches and azure blue skies.
Average, 10 Qns, Plodd, Jan 22 22
Jan 22 22
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  The Maldives: The Island Kingdom   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
An introduction to the beautiful island nation of the Maldives.
Average, 15 Qns, cazza2902, Oct 22 11
1932 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
What do you know about these islands?
Average, 10 Qns, Vermic, Dec 07 21
Dec 07 21
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trivia question Quick Question
As is the wont in many other island nations, what prevents rich vegetation growing close to the beaches in the Maldives?

From Quiz "Paradise Lost?"

Maldives Trivia Questions

1. The beautiful white sandy beaches of the Maldive Islands sit in the Indian Ocean with the closest landmass being India. Which body of water separates India and The Maldives?

From Quiz
Paradise Lost?

Answer: Laccadive Sea

The Maldives is situated approximately 400 kilometres southwest from the great landmass of India. Consisting of a ring of 26 atolls and 1,190 islands, the warm waters surrounding the islands are a hive of activity for marine wildlife. Tourists flock to the area by their thousands for diving and water sports.

2. The Maldives is a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean. What country is it located south-south-west of?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: India

3. Although there is limited wildlife to be found on the islands as a food source, what is found in abundance to compensate for this?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: Prolific marine life

The waters of this country are filled with edible fish life, particularly that of tuna. Tuna fishing in fact is one of the industries that keep this country economically healthy. Rare species of sea life can also be found in the Maldives, and the country boasts an amazing array of 2,000 different species of fish.

4. The flag of the Maldives has at its centre what "heavenly" feature?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Crescent Moon

The flag of the Maldives is an interesting composition of symbols. The outer red rectangle represents the heroism of their warriors and their willingness to shed blood for their country. In contrast, the inner green rectangle represents peace and prosperity. The white crescent moon represents the Muslim faith, the predominate religion of the Maldives.

5. The Maldives were long a sultanate and under British protection. But under the protection of what other country were the Maldives before the British?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: The Netherlands

The Maldives became a republic in 1968.

6. To the nearest thousand, how many coral islands does the Maldives possess?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: 1,000

1,190 to be exact. These can be found spread over an area of 90,000 square kilometres. The various atolls in which these islands are located are made up of coral reefs and sand bars. The reefs protect the islands from violent weather which can spring up over the Indian ocean.

7. Islam is the official state religion of the Maldives. However, the Maldives has not always been an Islamic country. What religion was predominant in the Maldives prior to its conversion to Islam?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Buddhism

Buddhism was the predominant religion in the Maldives prior to its conversion to Islam in the 12th century. The island of Thoddoo is home to a number of important Buddhist ruins. However, Islam later became firmly entrenched as the state religion, to the extent that the country's constitution was amended in 2008 to include a clause that non-Muslims could not become citizens of the Maldives.

8. When did the Maldives became a republic?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: 1968

The Maldives became a republic three years after independence.

9. The beautiful atolls of the Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean. Which sea are they actually located in?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Laccadive Sea

The Laccadive Sea is located in the Northern Indian Ocean and it borders India. Other island groups in this area include Sri Lanka and the Lakshadweep archipelago. The Lakshadweep archipelago was once known in English as the Laccadive Islands, hence the name of the sea.

10. It's no joke, but the official highest point on the Maldives is 2.4 meter. It's an unnamed location on an island in the Addu Atoll. What is the name of this island?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: Wilingili

11. As is the wont in many other island nations, what prevents rich vegetation growing close to the beaches in the Maldives?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: Very salty sand

The top level of soil in the Maldives is only 15 centimetres thick. Below this lies a level of sandstone. Sand rests on top of this, and then the top layer of soil. Sadly though, very high levels of salt permeate the beach sand of the islands. This prevents beautiful large palms trees growing, and the beach vegetation is usually made up of small flowering shrubs only. Only by going inland can richer vegetation be found.

12. There are 1,190 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls in the Maldives. How many islands are inhabited or have tourist atolls?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: 200 Inhabited islands plus over 100 with tourist resorts

13. In 1998, almost two-thirds of the beautiful coral reefs in the nation of the Maldives were destroyed by which phenomenon?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: El Nino

El Nino caused a condition known as coral bleaching to the reefs. It also raised the temperature of the surrounding water by five degrees. Following this disaster, scientists put electric cones 20-60 feet below the surface of the ocean. These attracted coral larva. As a result, and thankfully, the coral reefs began regenerating at an astonishing rate.

14. According to a local Maldivian legend, a prince from a nearby Asian country established a kingdom in the Maldives in the 12th century. Which modern day country was it?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Sri Lanka

The legend has it that Prince Koimala of the Lion Race from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) established a kingdom on the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll in the early 12th century. It is said that through this relationship with Koimala, the Maldivian throne became known as the "lion throne".

15. What is the official local long form name for the Maldives?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa

16. When visiting the Maldives, what are Baa, Raa and Thaa?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: Atolls

The word atoll derives from the Maldivian word "atholhu". The Maldives have 26 administrative atolls and each has an official name and code name. The code name is a letter taken from the Dhivehi language and is popular with tourists as they are easy to understand. For example, the official name for the Thaa Atoll is Kolhumadulu, Raa Atoll is North Maalhosmadulu and Baa Atoll is South Maalhosmadulu.

17. When do the people on the Maldives celebrate Independence Day?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: 26 July

18. Which natural disaster had a major effect on the Maldives and its people at the end of 2004?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: Tsunami

An earthquake in the Indian Ocean near Sumatra, Indonesia, bought tsunami waves to unsuspecting residents and visitors on 26th December 2004. Countries that were affected include Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Maldives. In total, over 200,000 people died and out of those, 82 people were from the Maldives with 26 people from the islands still not accounted for. It was only small number in comparison to other nations but still devastating for those who lost friends and loved ones.

19. The president is both the Chief of State and Head of Government in the Maldives. Who became president on 11 November 1978?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

20. Hukuru Miskiy is an ancient mosque in the Maldivian capital city of Malé. What is the mosque constructed of?

From Quiz Paradise Lost?

Answer: Coral

Hukuru Miskiy is otherwise known as the "Friday Mosque". Completed in 1658 for the Sultan of the Maldives, the mosque also features a minaret constructed of coral stone. Intricate carvings feature on the coral stone tombstones and these are unique and unlike any other design in the world. The modern day mosque is still used for spiritual prayer and also a quiet place for students to study before their exams.

21. In December 2004, what natural event caused significant damage to the Maldives?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Tsunami

Yes, the Maldives too was a victim of the tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004. About 108 people were reported as being killed and the waves were said to be 4.3 metres high. In a country with an average height of 1.5 metres above sea level, significant amounts of infrastructure were destroyed and many islands had to be evacuated.

22. What is the largest industry on the Maldives?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: Tourism

Tourism is the main industry. Fishing is the second leading sector.

23. The flag of the Maldives is red with a large green rectangle in the center bearing a vertical crescent. What is the color of this crescent?

From Quiz Maldives

Answer: White

24. What is a feature of the bars and restaurants of the capital city of Malé?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Alcohol free

The Maldives, being a Muslim state, has a ban on alcohol. So outside of the resorts catering to tourists, visitors will normally be unable to buy an alcoholic drink in a local bar or restaurant in any other part of the Maldives, including the capital Malé.

25. Fishing is the second most important industry in the Maldives. What is the name of the traditional Maldivian fishing boat?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Dhoni

The dhoni is the traditional Maldivian fishing boat. It is estimated that half of the Maldivian workforce is employed in the fishing industry. Whilst much of the industry is based around food fish such as tuna, the Maldives has been developing an export industry in aquarium fish harvested from its rich tropical waters.

26. Around the second century AD, the Maldives earned itself the name "The Money Islands" in recognition of an important trading commodity it possessed. What was it?

From Quiz The Maldives: The Island Kingdom

Answer: Cowrey Shells

The Maldives was one of the major suppliers of cowrey shells to the ancient world when the cowrey shell was an important form of currency. The importance of the cowrey shell in the history of the Maldives is recognised in it being adopted as the symbol of the Maldives Monetary Authority.

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