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Fun Trivia
5 Belarus quizzes and 55 Belarus trivia questions.
  Cities and Towns of the Grand Republic of Belarus    
Collection Quiz
 15 Qns
Can you identify the municipalities found in the country of Belarus?
Easier, 15 Qns, jcmttt, Jun 21 24
jcmttt gold member
Jun 21 24
88 plays
My Belarusy
  My Belarusy   best quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
'My Belarusy' (English translation 'We Belarusians') is the unofficial title of the national anthem of Belarus, originally written when it was known as the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, in 1955. Come find out more!
Easier, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Aug 01 21
looney_tunes editor
Aug 01 21
3394 plays
  Landing in My Belarusy    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"My Belarusy (Мы беларусы)", is the national anthem of Belarus, but there's more to this country than the anthem. I wrote this quiz in Minsk; join us on this quiz about a lesser known country.
Average, 10 Qns, Ewefojhghjkbw, Aug 22 23
Recommended for grades: 10
Aug 22 23
66 plays
  Beloved Belarus   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about the East European nation of Belarus. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, BG07, Jul 14 19
Jul 14 19
3204 plays
  Europe: All about Belarus    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The only European country to still uphold the death penalty, Belarus is an interesting place.
Average, 10 Qns, LuH77, Nov 11 21
Nov 11 21
164 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Approximately how much of Belarus is covered by forest?

From Quiz "Europe: All about Belarus"

Belarus Trivia Questions

1. Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. When was it founded?

From Quiz
Landing in My Belarusy

Answer: 1067

Minsk was first spoken of as Měneskъ (Мѣнескъ) in the Primary Chronicle for 1067 together with the Battle of the River Nemiga. 1067 is now widely acknowledged as the founding year of Minsk.

2. Minsk is the capital of Belarus. Kalvaryja is the city's oldest what?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: Cemetery

Kalvaryja is a Catholic cemetery and is known for housing the graves of several Belarusian and Polish celebrities, personalities and politicians from the 19th century. There are graves in this cemetery dating back to the 1800s. The cemetery has a Catholic chapel, used for general worship.

3. What colors are on the flag of Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: Red, White, Green

The flag of Belarus is a larger, red stripe on top of a smaller, green stripe. To the left of the stripes is a decorative pattern that is red and white. The red stripe represents the history of Belarus, the color of the Belarussian forces at the Battle of Grunswald, and of the Red Army, when they fought the Nazis. The green stripe represents Belarus' bright future and many forests.

4. Which country lies to the north of Belarus?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: Latvia

The border between Belarus and Latvia is around 100 miles long. Belarus also borders Lithuania to the north-west, the border between these two countries being around 400 miles long. Belarus does border Ukraine, but to the south. The border between Belarus and Ukraine is approximately 700 miles long. Belarus also borders Poland, but to the west. The border between Belarus and Poland is around 260 miles long. Belarus also shares a roughly 815 mile long border with Russia to the northeast.

5. How long is the coastline of Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: No coastline

Belarus is a landlocked nation and so it does not have a coastline.

6. Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is the highest point in Belarus. Who was the man it was named after?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: A Bolshevik revolutionary

Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is around 1,130 feet high, and named after Felix Dzerzhinsky. It is located in the centre of Belarus, near Minsk. There is an abandoned, ruined factory nearby. Felix Dzerzhinsky was one of the founding members of the KGB. He was involved in the Red Terror (the political oppression and mass executions of dissenters, in Soviet Russia) and the Decossackization of the Soviet Union (the oppression of Cossacks of the Soviet Union).

7. What is the name of the highest point in Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: Dzyarzhynskaya Hara

Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is the highest point in Belarus at 346 meters (1130 feet) and is located near the village of Dzyarzhynsk, which is west of the capital, Minsk. The was formerly called Svyataya Hara but was renamed to its current name after Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Cheka and OGPU, which became the KGB, who is a national hero in Belarus.

8. The city of Gomel, Belarus is home to Gomel Palace. What river is it situated on?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: Sozh

Displayed on the Belarusian 20-ruble note, Gomel Palace has been the scene of many balls and other high profile events, having guests such as the Russian Romanov imperial family in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is now a museum and a major attraction of Belarus. The building is not only a museum, it is also used for concerts and meetings. The Sozh river is a left tributary of the Dnieper. Gomel Palace is situated on the right bank of the Sozh river. The Sozh river is approximately 400 miles long, and flows through Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. It freezes over between November and January, thawing between March and April. The Sozh is one of the two main rivers of Mogilev, a city in eastern Belarus.

9. How many countries border Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: Five

Belarus is bordered by Latvia on the north, Lithuania on the northwest, Russia to the east, Poland to the west, and Ukraine to the south.

10. In November 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte lost around 30,000 men of his military while retreating across what river of Belarus?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: Berezina

Since this catastrophic loss of life for the French, the term "Berezina" has become a colloquial term for a disaster. Napoleon's main army, the Grande Armée, were forced to to retreat and destroy the bridges they had built on the river, leaving 10,000 people stranded on the east bank. 25,000 military combatants were killed, 30,000 non-combatants were killed. The Berezina river is a right tributary of the Dnieper.

11. What is a major natural resource in Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: Forests

Forests cover nearly one third of Belarus, which makes wood an important and abundant resource.

12. That draniki wasn't expensive, it only cost a few... wait, what's the currency of Belarus called, again?

From Quiz Landing in My Belarusy

Answer: Belarusian ruble

The Belarusian ruble is the official currency of Belarus. Its symbol is a p followed by a full stop (period), looking a bit like this - p. . It is split into 100 kopecks.

13. Approximately how much of Belarus is covered by forest?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: 40%

Belarus is sometimes nicknamed 'the Lungs of Europe' and is home to the last remaining portion of a primeval forest that once covered Europe, the Białowieża Forest. The green stripe on the flag of Belarus is there to represent the extensive forests of the country. Around 800 European bison live in the Białowieża Forest. They are the heaviest land mammal of Europe.

14. What currency is used in Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: Belarus Ruble

Belarus uses the Belarussian ruble as its currency and has since May of 1992, before that it used the Russian Ruble. Trying to have a currency along the lines of the Euro, Belarus may begin to use the Russian Ruble again, beginning in January of 2008.

15. The National Library of Belarus is the largest library in the country. Which dictator donated around 2-3 million dollars to it?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: Saddam Hussein

This could possibly be because Alexander Lukashenko (President of Belarus at the time) gave support to Saddam Hussein while he was alive. The library has been in use since 1922, but has gone through extensive expansions. It is located in Minsk, the capital, and since the renovations beginning in 2002, and completed in 2006, the facade of the building has a striking rhombicuboctahedron shape. The library has the third most amount of books in Russian, in the world.

16. Back to the future- no, terrain we go. What is the highest point of Belarus?

From Quiz Landing in My Belarusy

Answer: Dzyarzhynskaya Hara

Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is the highest peak, or should I say mound in Belarus. This mountain is 345 m above the sea, but its prominence in the surrounding area is only about 1.5 m! (check out the images on the internet). Also causing controversy is Google's inability to showcase the proper location of the peak - where Google says it is is actually 7 km from the real location.

17. What city of Belarus is located at the confluence of the Pripyat River and the Pina River?

From Quiz Europe: All about Belarus

Answer: Pinsk

Pinsk was captured by the armed forces of Nazi Germany in 1941. Around 8,000 Jews were murdered just outside the city. A ghetto was later created in Pinsk for the murder of a further approximately 26,000 Jews, around a year after the city was captured. Pinsk has been part of Belarus since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

18. What is the main religion in Belarus?

From Quiz Beloved Belarus

Answer: Russian Orthodox

The large majority of Belarussians are Russian Orthodox, with small populations of Protestants and Catholicism. There use to be a sizable population of Jews in Belarus, but after the Holocaust, there are very few remaining. Fewer than one percent of the population is now Jewish.

19. The Belarusian flag is a spectacle, but what are the colours on this symbol?

From Quiz Landing in My Belarusy

Answer: Red, white and green

The flag of Belarus is a red and green flag with an ornament on the left side. The ornament, to me resembles a carpet, but what it is supposed to represent is a 'ruchnik', a decorative cloth.

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