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2 Laos History quizzes and 20 Laos History trivia questions.
  Modern Lao History   popular trivia quiz  
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Here are 10 questions about modern Lao history to accompany my quiz on Early Lao history. These quizzes cover the basics of modern Lao history, most of what you need to begin learning about Laos in the modern era is here...good luck!
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  Early Lao History    
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As with my quizzes on Thailand and Burma, this quiz covers the basics of Lao (that is, of the country Laos) history. If you must know something about Lao history, you must know the facts contained within this quiz! I wish you luck...learn and enjoy!
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Laos History Trivia Questions

1. In 1893, which European country acquired Laos as a protectorate?

From Quiz
Modern Lao History

Answer: France

The original French interest in Laos was the Mekong River's connection to China. The French believed that they could form a trade route up the Mekong, but they eventually found that the series of rapids along the great river made this impossible.

2. The Lao people are culturally and linguistically most closely linked with which other neighboring people?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Thai

The Lao language is a member of the T'ai-Kadai family of languages, and the Lao speaking peoples are believed to have originated, along with the Thai people, in what is now southern China.

3. The earliest communities of the early Lao tribes were called what?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Meuang

Meuang is a term for a town or network of villages headed by a single chief, called a 'chao'. One early Lao Meuang, Meuang Thaen, is now called Dien Bien Phu and exists in northern Vietnam.

4. Two of the great rebellions against colonial rule came via the leadership of two Lao heroes. One of the these freedom fighters was Ong Keo, was killed in 1910 while negotiating at Champassak. Who was the other, killed in 1936?

From Quiz Modern Lao History

Answer: Ong Kommandam

5. The name 'Lao' comes from the term for the earlier inhabitants of the region, probably Austronesian speaking people. What was the term for this group of people?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Lawa or Lwa

Many of these people eventually intermingled and assimilated into the Lao culture, and their heritage was amalgamated with the T'ai culture of the newcomers to create something uniquely Lao.

6. World War II brought an interlude from colonial rule. Under the tutelage of the Japanese, which Lao King declared independence for the Lao state on April 8, 1945?

From Quiz Modern Lao History

Answer: Sisavang Vong

This independence would not go unchallenged for long, as the French returned following World War II to reclaim their suzerainty over Laos.

7. By approximately 1200 AD, most of the area of modern Laos was controlled by which ancient empire of Southeast Asia?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Khmer

The Khmer's final consolidation of power over the Lao people lasted only a short time, however, as the forces of Kublai Khan were able to enter the Mekong valley and assert suzerainty over much of northern Southeast Asia.

8. Which Lao leader (and member of the royal family) first made contact with Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese communists, thus launching Laos on the road to communism?

From Quiz Modern Lao History

Answer: Souphanouvong

Ho Chi Minh, who presided over the newly formed Vietnamese Republic, promised all assistance possible. Soldiers and weapons were immediately provided and would be provided throughout the struggle for Lao independence from France.

9. During the time of Mongol (or Yuan, as the Mongol Chinese dynasty was known), which Thai state ruled over northwestern Laos?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Lan Na

The name Lan Na means 'land of a million paddy fields'. Lan Na was centered in Chiangmai, a northern Thai city, and ruled from the mid-13th century to the mid 15th century.

10. The first truly Lao state, called Lan Xang, began to develop around the mid 14th century. What does 'Lan Xang' translate as in English?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Land of a million elephants

Lan Xang eventually was able to engulf most of what is now modern Laos. This kingdom existed from 1349 until the fall of Vieng Chan (Vientiane) in 1779, finally overcome by Thai forces.

11. In August of 1949 the Progressive People's Organization (PPO) was founded. This organization, developed for the purpose of ridding Laos forever of colonial influence, eventually turned toward communism as its official ideology and took what name?

From Quiz Modern Lao History

Answer: Pathet Lao

12. The kingdom of Lan Xang was centered on Xiang Dong Xiang Thong. This site was eventually to become known as what?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is centered in northern Laos, cut through by the Mekong river valley.

13. The development of this site as a great kingdom is usually attributed to which hereditary prince who was born circa 1316 AD?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Fa Ngum

Fa Ngum was expelled from Laos at a young age and was said to have grown up in Angkor, in what was then the Khmer Empire. He developed a wonderful reputation with the Khmer king and was eventually equipped with a great army which he used to conquer the areas which would eventually become Lan Xang. He is also credited with bringing Theravada (also known as Hinayana, or 'lesser vehicle') Buddhism to the Lao people.

14. On August 23 1975 the establishment of the new, socialist Lao state was announced at the capital of Vieng Chan (Vientiane). The communist party, by this time, had been renamed using what acronmym?

From Quiz Modern Lao History

Answer: LPRP

The LPRP, or Lao People's Revolutionary Party, sprung out of the former Pathet Lao. They ruled with an iron fist, sending thousands of people to re-education camps and overturning the monarchy and the former Royal Lao Army.

15. In 1560, the capital of Lan Xang was moved to which spot, where the capital of Laos currently rests?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Vieng Chan

Vieng Chan is the Lao pronunciation of Vientiane, the name commonly used in the West.

16. By the late 17th-early 18th century, the Lao people were divided, with Lan Xang in severe decline. Which two countries shared suzerainty over the former Lao state?

From Quiz Early Lao History

Answer: Thailand and Vietnam

By the end of the 19th century, however, the French were to destroy this power structure.

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