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Fun Trivia
With just five tricks to be played in each hand, Euchre is one of the fastest games yet quite fascinating. Are you a good player? Find out with these quizzes.
3 Euchre quizzes and 45 Euchre trivia questions.
  Turn-up Euchre    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
This quiz is based on the 4-player version of "Euchre" commonly played in the United States.
Average, 25 Qns, fertigline, Oct 14 21
Oct 14 21
4069 plays
  Euchre, Anyone?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Euchre is my favorite card game--if you play a lot, this should be pretty easy. Like most card games, there are variations to the rules. I've based this quiz on the rules most commonly used in the U.S. for 4 handed partner play.
Average, 10 Qns, catky, Jun 28 20
Jun 28 20
2843 plays
  Wanna Play Some Euchre?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will test your knowledge of my personal favorite card game, euchre. It will cover anything from the basics, to possible strategies. Have fun, and good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, jddrsi_raven, Jan 27 21
jddrsi_raven gold member
Jan 27 21
336 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What cards are used for playing Euchre? (US rules)

From Quiz "Turn-up Euchre"

Euchre Trivia Questions

1. How many cards are dealt for each hand?

From Quiz
Euchre, Anyone?

Answer: 5

It's one of the reasons I like the game--it's easy to hold onto your hand even when it's full!

2. In the USA, how many cards are there in a Euchre deck?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: 24

9,10,J,Q,K,A x 4 suits = 24 cards. Some card deck makers sell Euchre decks, but the most common method is to use cards from a regular deck of cards.

3. In the game of euchre, there are no Jokers, but there are also fewer cards than a full deck. What is the lowest card that is used in a typical (American) euchre deck?

From Quiz Wanna Play Some Euchre?

Answer: 9

The cards that are used in the deck for euchre are Ace through 9. We'll get into hand ranks in just a bit. Many other variations of euchre exist and some games even vary in the cards that are used.

4. How many cards are dealt to each player at the beginning of each hand?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: 5 & five

Typically the cards are dealt in 2's and 3's, alternating with each player; this helps to distribute the cards more fairly.

5. What is the traditional method of keeping score?

From Quiz Euchre, Anyone?

Answer: Unused cards from the deck

We find it easier to use cards with a different back from the deck you're playing with so the score cards don't get mixed in accidentally.

6. What cards are used for playing Euchre? (US rules)

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: 9-Ace

By not making use of a full deck of cards, Euchre is one of the fastest multi-player card games.

7. There are several versions of euchre that can be played. Some games are played to a score of 11. To what is the typical game of euchre played?

From Quiz Wanna Play Some Euchre?

Answer: 10

In a typical game of euchre, each pair of teams keeps their own score by using cards from the remaining deck. Any combination of cards will work for keeping score.

8. What is the lowest card usually used in the actual gameplay of euchre?

From Quiz Euchre, Anyone?

Answer: 7 or 9

This seems to be a regional preference. My "Hoyle's Rules of Games" says 7, but most people I know play with 9's and up. Aces are used, but they are not the low card.

9. In a game of Euchre, the score for each team is typically kept by other game cards. Which pair of cards is typically used in keeping score?

From Quiz Wanna Play Some Euchre?

Answer: Any of these

In a ten point game of euchre, players keep score by using any two cards they want. Most people find that using any of these combinations works best to keep score.

10. What is the direction of play in a game of Euchre?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: clockwise & left

It's unknown why this is the direction of play.

11. How many tricks must you take to win your bid?

From Quiz Euchre, Anyone?

Answer: 3

You must make three to get a point. If you get all 5, you get 2 points.

12. What score is a game of Euchre most commonly played to? (US version)

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: 10

Although there are times when the final score may be more than 10, the first team to get 10 points wins. Regional variations may use other scores.

13. Here's another strategy question. If your partner is the dealer and has turned up the 9 of Diamonds and dealt you the following cards, what is the best thing to do? Queen of Hearts, Jack of Clubs, 9 of Spades, King of Diamonds, and 9 of Hearts.

From Quiz Wanna Play Some Euchre?

Answer: pass

With the hand that was dealt, there are no good cards to call trump with. The best trump that could be called with the given hand would be Diamonds, but that would be unadvisable because the number and strength of the Diamonds would be weak. This hand should be passed both times around the table.

14. Which player gets to turn over the top card in the pile?

From Quiz Euchre, Anyone?

Answer: The dealer

After the deal, the top card on the pile is turned up. Each player in turn has the opportunity to name that suit trump. If someone does, the dealer puts it in his or her hand and discards another card. If no one calls that suit, the card is turned over and no one gets to pick it up.

15. What is a Euchre?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: when the team not making trump wins the hand

Euchre is pronounced "u-ker".

16. The game you are playing is tied at 9 (on a 10 point game) and you are dealt the Jack of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts and Ten of Hearts. What would you do if one of your opponents turned up the Jack of Hearts on his deal?

From Quiz Wanna Play Some Euchre?

Answer: order it up

Telling your partner to pass or order up a card is considered "table talk," which is illegal. With the cards in your hand, you have four of the five highest trump cards, and you would get at least four tricks. This would give you and your partner one point and the win. Even if the score was different, the hand should still be played the same way.

17. What does it mean to "euchre" the other team?

From Quiz Euchre, Anyone?

Answer: To take 3 or more tricks when the other team called trump

Two points for euchre! And yes, you could take every trick and have it be euchre, but only if the other team had called trump.

18. What person leads in a hand of Euchre?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: the person to the dealer's left

The direction of play is always clockwise or to the left.

19. How many tricks are necessary to win a hand?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: 3

The best of 5.

20. How many points are awarded to partners that have called trump and take all the tricks in a single hand?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: 2 & two

When playing Euchre the partners always sit across from each other.

21. The theory in which some Euchre players use to determine what kinds of cards the other players have is called what?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: hoyle & Hoyle

The Hoyle theory is based on who deals and the suit of the upturned card at the beginning of the hand.

22. What term is used when a player has a card to follow suit but doesn't follow suit?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: renege

Most online Euchre games have safeguards against doing this, but in a real game you have to try and pay attention to the cards that are played.

23. What is the pile of cards left over after a euchre hand is dealt called?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: the kitty

There are always four cards left over; any less or more, there is something wrong.

24. What are the two jacks of trump called?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: bowers

In some countries the bowers are called bennys.

25. What is the highest jack known as?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: right bower

The rank of the trump cards is right bower, left bower (the 2 jacks), then A,K,Q,10,9 of the trump suit. All other suits go from A-9.

26. Where did Euchre originate?

From Quiz Turn-up Euchre

Answer: Pennsylvania Dutch

Most sources agree that the game originated in the 19th century with the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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