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4 Solitaire quizzes and 40 Solitaire trivia questions.
  It Takes Two, Babe   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Are you tired of playing Solitaire? Do you have a friend you can play cards with? Well I can help you. This quiz is about card games that can be played by two people.
Average, 10 Qns, deputygary, Oct 06 09
7106 plays
Grant Me the Patience to Deal But Please Hurry In the meantime, I'll deal me some patience! Help me identify each patience (solitaire) game based on the description and the layout pictured before I lose my patience! ;-)
Average, 10 Qns, gracious1, Dec 17 23
gracious1 gold member
Dec 17 23
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  Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Identify these card games that can be played with a regular deck of cards, but may use fewer than, more than or some different cards than the common 52 card deck (described in the quiz as the regular deck).
Average, 10 Qns, bernie73, Mar 21 23
bernie73 gold member
Mar 21 23
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  Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Before the advent of computer games, those looking for solo game entertainment could always grab a deck or two and play solitaire. Here are 10 questions related to solitaire.
Average, 10 Qns, bg853, Mar 26 12
bg853 gold member
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Solitaire Trivia Questions

1. This card game often uses 24 cards from the deck though some versions use 28 or 32 cards--the cards ranked from Nine through Ace (sometimes with the Eight and/or Seven). Which game is it?

From Quiz
Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Euchre

Euchre was developed in the nineteenth century and still is a popular game in the US Midwest. In this game a trump suit is set at the beginning of each hand and those cards outrank non-trump cards. Within the trump suit, however, the two highest cards are the Jack in the trump suit and the other Jack of the same color. When a standard 52 card deck is used, the Six and the Four cards (not used as playing cards) are sometimes used to keep score during the game.

2. While playing cards alone is called solitaire in the United States, it is often called by another name in England. What is that name?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Patience

Sometime in the 1870s, Lady Cadogan's "Illustrated Games of Patience" was published. However, the game was played earlier than that date.

3. Not so much a card game as a scam, this activity usually involves a con artist using only three cards to take money from someone who does not know better. Which "game" is it?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Find the Lady

Find the Lady is also known as Three-Card Monte and is similar to the shell game. In the "game", the victim is presented three face down cards and given a chance to choose the "money" card--often a Queen--a win a bet that has been placed. The dealer will often use deceptive shuffling and other tricks to make the victim choose a card other than the correct one. Three-Card Monte has been traced back to at least the Nineteenth Century although it is likely that versions of the game go back earlier.

4. Which well-known variety of solitaire consists of a tableau of (usually) 7 rows on which you build in alternate colors and which has a foundation where one builds in suits from aces up?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Klondike

In 1990, Windows 3.0 introduced Klondike to many users that never played with an actual deck of cards. This solitaire version was called Windows Solitaire.

5. This card game has 24 cards you would see in a regular deck, but it has each card twice. Which card game--with cards from nine through ace--is it?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Pinochle

Pinochle evolved from the card game Bezique. The cards in a pinochle deck are ranked Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack, Nine. Pinochle can be played with between two and four players. In Pinochle, you can earn points before the hand is played by showing that you have certain combinations of cards in your hand such as four aces or a king and queen of the same suit. Once you begin playing, Aces, Tens, and Kings in tricks that you win will earn you points.

6. A casino owner in Saratoga, New York intoduced the concept of paying $50 for a deck of cards and receiving $5 for every card played to the foundation. His name is the same as a popular Solitaire game. What was his name?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Canfield

Canfield found that he could average a profit of $25 per game. The game which was played at Canfield's casino was actually Klondike, not Canfield, which is another version of solitaire.

7. This card has all 52 cards of the regular deck but various cards--such as Twos or Threes or One-Eyed Jacks--might be declared as wild. Which card game--which often uses chips or cash as part of the game--is it?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Poker

Poker was developed in the United States in the early Nineteenth Century. It is a popular game for casino play as well as home play. Poker will often require at least some of the players each hand to throw a bet into the pot that is won by the best hand after each round. There are many varieties of poker including ones where players share some common cards and ones where players can discard and redraw cards. Well known poker hands are the Full House (three of one rank of card and two of another rank), the Flush (five cards all of the same suit), and the Straight (five cards of consecutive rank).

8. What form of solitaire consists of a field of twelve card piles laid out in a circle with a thirteenth pile in the middle of the circle?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Clocks

Playing clocks is a good way to teach young children to tell time (without a digital read-out.)

9. This uses 52 cards but two of the "Two" cards are often replaced with the two Jokers (known as the Big Joker and the Little Joker). Which trick-taking game is this?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Spades

The Two of Diamonds and Two of Hearts are replaced in the game by the Jokers. Spades are always the trump suit and within the trump suit the cards from highest to lowest are Big Joker, Little Joker, Two, Ace down to Three. Developed in the Nineteen Thirties, Spades is often played with four players--four hands of 13 cards each. When it is played with six or more players, two decks are often shuffled together.

10. Which game of solitaire joined Windows Solitaire (Klondike) as part of the Windows operating system from Windows 95 on?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Free Cell

Although invented in 1978 by Paul Alfile, Free Cell did not become well known until its release by Windows.

11. In this game, players work with a large 108 card deck--two complete regular decks plus Jokers. Which game--where you try to assemble sets of seven cards--is this?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Canasta

Canasta developed in South America in the Mid Twentieth Century. Threes, Jokers, Twos (which are wild), and Aces are the highest value cards. Melds (sets of cards) must have at least three cards and can be either natural (all actual cards of that rank) or mixed (cards of a particular rank supplemented with Twos and/or Jokers). A canasta is a meld of seven cards that can be either natural or mixed.

12. This card game can be played with a deck of 51, 52, 50, or 54 cards depending on whether the number of players at the table is three, four, five, or six. Which game--where the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points--is this?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Hearts

When there are three players, the Two of Diamonds is removed and each player has a hand of 17. When there are five players, the Two of Diamonds, and Two of Clubs are removed and each player has a hand of 10. When there are six players, the two Jokers are added and each player has a hand of nine. Hearts developed as a variant on a game called Reversis in the Nineteenth Century. Since you are trying to avoid points in a game of Hearts, the thirteen points you would earn for the Queen of Spades is a big negative.

13. What game of solitaire consists of a tableau shaped like a triangle and from which you remove cards, in pairs, which add up to 13?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Pyramid

Variations of pyramid include drawing from the stock one at a time with no redeals allowed or drawing three cards at a time repeating until no more matches can be made.

14. This card game has a deck of 36 cards (with ranks from Aces to Sixes). Which card game--where you are trying to get rid of all of your cards first--is it?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Durak

Durak is a game that is popular in countries of the former Soviet Union. The game can be played with between two and six people. Each player receives six cards and the suit of the bottom card on the draw pile determines the trump suit for the hand. When playing with four or six players, players can play in teams. The last player to have cards in his or her hand is the Durak, which translates as "fool".

15. What game starts with eighteen cards dealt face down forming three pyramids from which you remove cards in sequence placing them onto the waste pile?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Tri-Peaks

Tri-peaks was invented by Robert Hogue in 1989. The average score is 12 removals.

16. This card game has all of the cards in a regular deck but it has each card THREE times for a total of 156 cards. Which card game--with Trials, Tunnels, and Sequences,--is it?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Bibaha

Bibaha originated in Nepal and is a rummy type game. Players earn points by forming sets or marriages of three cards of the same rank (a Trial), three cards of the same rank and suit (a Tunnel), or three consecutive cards of the same suit (a Sequence). Two to five players can play this game where each player starts with a hand of 21 cards.

17. What solitaire game is a version of a multiple player card game and in which you place cards on a five by five grid attempting to achieve the highest value hands?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Poker Solitaire

There is an alternate version called Poker Shuffle where cards can be moved until all twenty five cards have been dealt.

18. This card game features a deck that sometimes has 48 cards and sometimes 40 cards. Which card game with Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, Tens, and (sometimes Nines-is it?

From Quiz Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51

Answer: Doppelkopf

Doppelkopf originated in Germany and can be played with between three and seven players although the ideal number of players is four. With cards worth between eleven and zero points each, there are a total of 240 points in the deck. Doppelkopf is related to the games Schafkopf and Skat. Since each card exists twice in the deck it is possible that both cards appear in the same trick.

19. What is the name of the solitaire game that is played like Klondike but uses twice as many cards, has eight foundations which are built up from aces and has a layout of 9 across?

From Quiz Quit Playing with me! Solitaire!

Answer: Double Klondike

Even though the game involves more cards and more moves, Double Klondike is actually easier to win than the classic one deck game.

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