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4 Feng Shui quizzes and 40 Feng Shui trivia questions.
  Feng Shui Sleeping    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Having trouble sleeping? Here are ten practical (no mumbo-jumbo) Feng Shui things you can do to woo yourself back into the arms of Morpheus.
Average, 10 Qns, dramatica, Nov 11 13
277 plays
  Feng Shui - Beginners Guide   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Feng Shui blends several aspects of Chinese cultural practise. It is a composite of astrology, folklore, mystical beliefs and common sense. You may know several of these, but do you know how integral a part they are in Feng Shui?
Average, 10 Qns, furby1, Apr 26 22
Apr 26 22
889 plays
  Do you know how to Feng Shui?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Feng Shui is the design craze that is becoming more and more popular each year. Even if you don't know much about Feng Shui, take this quiz and you will learn how to make your house a better place with the many tips you get after taking this quiz.
Tough, 10 Qns, Shermanator7, Dec 30 15
960 plays
  Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
We all know Feng Shui to be a guide to decorating your house. But how much do you know about HOW to decorate it properly? Take this quiz to find out!
Tough, 10 Qns, PetRocksRule, Apr 12 11
738 plays

Feng Shui Trivia Questions

1. What does "Feng Shui" mean in Chinese?

From Quiz
Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Wind and Water

In Chinese "Feng" means wind and "Shui" means water.

2. What is your Kua number?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: A number based on your birthyear and the Chinese New Year

Your Kua Number helps you personalize the solutions to make your home a better healing enviroment.

3. Electronic devices of any description do not belong in a bedroom, so if you want a good night's sleep you need to move them out of the room (not just turn them off). What do Feng Shui masters say about electronic devices in a bedroom?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: Electromagnetic fields can interrupt sleep

The possibility that electronic devices cause electromagnetic stress capable of disturbing sleep is well worth considering. If you work all day surrounded by electronics, as most of us do, it makes sense to give our bodies a chance to recuperate at night by clearing our bedrooms of televisions, laptops, radios, cell phones, watches, etc.

4. What type of energy does Feng Shui harness?

From Quiz Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Chi

Chi can be both a positive and a negative energy. Fu Hsi is the legendary Chinese ruler who invented trigrams. Kua is one of the eight sides of the Pakua (Bagua). Lo Pan is a specialised Feng Shui compass.

5. Why is clutter bad in Feng Shui?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: It creates confused thoughts

Clutter kills postive energy and produces confused thoughts, so get rid of all the clutter in your house. Go through your house and throw away (or give to charity) things that you have not used in the past sixth months to a year. Do you really need that Stawberry Shortcake doll in the bottom of your closet?

6. Don't keep your ____ crystals in the sunlight, as they'll fade.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Colored in general

If you leave a colored Crystal in the sunlight, it will fade. To bring it back to normal, let it soak in the moonlight.

7. The position of your bed in relation to the bedroom door is important for a good night's sleep. What do Feng Shui masters call the worst possible position (where your feet are facing the door)?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: Coffin position

If you've deliberately positioned your bed to face the door - perhaps to be able to see who may enter - it would be much better to lock the door and move your bed away from the door. Subconscious thoughts about intruders could be affecting your sleep.

8. Depending on the placement of the room, each room has lucky colors to use in it, as well as bad colors. What colors are most used as lucky colors for rooms?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: Beige, Cream and Yellow

Beige, Cream and Yellow are lucky for Northeast, Southeast and Southwest, but be careful. Try to avoid beige and yellow in north rooms.

9. Combining a Lotus blossom with a ______ will bring good luck to someone.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Magpie

Specifically, it will bring scholarly success to someone occupying the house.

10. The position of your bed in relation to the motion of the Earth may also affect your sleep. What do most Feng Shui masters generally consider to be the best position for the head of your bed?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: South

If we are to believe that the motion of the Earth affects sleep, then it would be more logical, perhaps, to sleep with one's head facing East or West in order to assume an imaginary incumbent position. To sleep with one's head facing North or South in the northern hemisphere would render one either upright or upside-down (and vice versa for the southern hemisphere). If you think it could make a difference, there's no harm in moving your bed. A change is as good as a holiday they say!

11. To create good auspicious Feng Shui, there has to be a balance between which two energies?

From Quiz Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Yin and Yang

Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) are the principles that govern all things. They are in constant movement, each trying to dominate the other. Without dark there is no light, without hot there is no cold.

12. Don't have your stove too close to your _____, it is bad luck.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Sink

The stove represents fire, and the sink is water. Water douses out fire, and having a sink too close to a stove brings negative energy, and you'll start having accidents in the kitchen.

13. Feng Shui is very down-to-earth about the materials used to furnish homes, and nowhere are natural, breathable non-synthetic furnishings more important than in the bedroom. What natural materials do Feng Shui masters recommend for bed covers?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: Cotton or linen sheets and pure wool blankets

Static electricity is definitely not mumbo-jumbo. Although natural, breathable non-synthetic sheets and blankets are more difficult to maintain than easy-care polyester, you will definitely notice a difference when you sleep within crisp cotton sheets and use a thick cotton or woollen blanket for cover.

14. Put a college _____ in the NE area of a small home library to ensure good luck in school.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Handbook

If you have a child from Elementary to High school, put one of your College Handbooks in the NE area of your personal home library to ensure that they have good luck in school, and, more importantly, college.

15. For cold nights, most of us use radiators and electric blankets for heat, but Feng Shui masters maintain that artificial heating and anything "electric" is detrimental to a good night's sleep. What do they recommend instead?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: Hot water bag or bottle

A cheap hot water bag or bottle is an incredibly efficient way to warm a bed quickly. If necessary you can use more than one. Just place it in the bed about half an hour before retiring and a warm bed will welcome you when you're ready to hit the sack!

16. What is the "I Ching", one of China's most important books also called?

From Quiz Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Book of Changes

Book of Changes is probably the oldest book in existence. It is a book of divination and has played a significant impact in the cultural history of China. It is central to many Feng Shui formulas.

17. What is true about a children's bedroom?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: Make sure the northeast section is lit well

The child's desk should be in the northeast section, which should be lit well. A globe and a light make postive educational energy. Never place a shelf over the bed or desk!

18. Birds and ____ represent wealth, and should be kept as pets in your home.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Fish

If you want your family to have great wealth, go out and buy a bird or a fish to keep in your house.

19. For hot, humid nights most of us use air-conditioning and fans for relief, but Feng Shui masters maintain that artificial cooling in a bedroom is detrimental for a good night's sleep. What do they recommend instead?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: Maximum use of natural ventilation

Cross-ventilation from open windows and doors, and appropriate insulation in the roof-space, is really all that is needed to keep a house from turning into an oven during summer. Also, the less you think about the heat before you go to bed the "cooler" you'll feel, man!

20. According to Chinese tradition, there are three types of luck - which are they?

From Quiz Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Heaven, earth, man

Heaven, earth, man are known as TIEN TI REN. If these are balanced they can bring enormous good fortune to you. Heaven luck is beyond our control, it's what was bestowed upon us at birth - where we were born, what colour our eyes are. Earth luck can be influenced by our trying to balance the natural forces of our environment. Feng Shui offers guidelines to help influence one's Earth Luck. Man luck is the luck you make for yourself - you will find it difficult to get a job if you don't look for one!

21. The toilet gives off very negative energy. What is the only multiple choice answer that will not help you lower that energy?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: The color assigned to the direction of a room is facing is disregarded with the bathroom

Use the color given the direction of the room. It will make matters worse if you don't do this.

22. It's actually good when your pet _____ dies, because it absorbs negative energy.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Fish

Although the fish brings wealth, it's not all bad when one dies. Because when it does, it is absorbing negative energy that could've resulted in an accident to one of the house's human occupants.

23. If there are any mirrors in your bedroom, or worse still, a mirrored wardrobe or ceiling it's possible they could be disturbing your sleep. Why do Feng Shui masters recommend covering mirrors when you go to bed?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: Mirrors "draw in" your energy

Actually, it's a good idea to cover mirrors if they reflect light from street lighting or passing traffic, especially if there are trees in your neighbourhood. Shadows from swaying trees or passing cars on high beam can disturb sleep.

24. What colour is considered to bring good fortune?

From Quiz Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Red

Colours are used to help with the Yin/Yang balance in homes and offices. Red is Yang energy (positive), it is considered to be very auspicious, the traditional Chinese bride dresses in red. At New Year, gifts of money in red envelopes are distributed by the matriarch of the family, to ensure a good financial year. I Ching coins are strung together with red ribbon to make them more powerful.

25. What can't help your relationships, romance and marriage?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: Fresh flowers

Crystals add romance to your life. Add one in the southeact section of your bedroom (but don't over do it) or a glass chandelier in the entry way or the dining room. If a chandelier is placed in the southwest of your room, it brings positive relationships to everyone who live in the house. To be more popular, ignite more romance or have a better social life, hang wind chimes where brezze will make them chime. You can also place them in front of sharp corners or seating places to avoid negative energy. Paintings and pictures of couples encourage couples to have a strong and happy relationship. Watch out though, a picture of a peony brings new romance to your life, whether married or not. Don't use it if you don't want to break up with your partner.

26. Do keep the doors of the _____ closed at all time to prevent accidents.

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Bathroom

Believe it or not, the toilet produces negative energy; more if it is facing the bathroom door or a bedroom. Keeping the door closed blocks the negative energy from escaping into the house.

27. Which plant signifies prosperity and romance?

From Quiz Feng Shui - Beginners Guide

Answer: Peony

In Feng Shui "enhancers " are used to help encourage the flow of good Chi. One such enhancer are plants, as long as they are healthy! The Peony is excellant for enhancing marriage opportunities. Jade Plants are used to bring in prosperity and abundance. Yellow Chrysanthemum's are symbolic of a life of ease, happiness and joy. Narcissus symbolizes career luck, good fortune

28. What can not help you have career and financial success?

From Quiz Do you know how to Feng Shui?

Answer: Tin box as a bank

Plants in the southeast part of your home and office encourage success in your business and your bank account. You can also use fake plants or pictures of plants or trees. The oak tree with acorns brings huge business success. Bells on the doorknob bring positive healing to your home. Make sure it is a metal bell and has a nice sound that you like. If your front door faces a direction other than west, northwest or north, use crystal or ceramic bells. Turtles, either real, a statue or a painting, are good luck for a business.

29. What shouldn't you keep in the room of a dying person?

From Quiz Feng Shui (The Decorating of Homes)

Answer: Broom

You do not want to keep a broom in the same room as a dying person, as the broom is believed to "sweep" away life.

30. If there are any pot-plants in your bedroom, or worse still, vases of cut flowers, it's possible they could be disturbing your sleep. Get rid of them! For what reason do Feng Shui masters usually recommend pot-plants?

From Quiz Feng Shui Sleeping

Answer: As a "cure" for bad energy

Many Feng Shui masters recommend using pot plants as a "cure" for bad energy, and in living rooms they are wonderful not just for their oxygenating properties but also for their calming, natural presence. In bedrooms, however, if you need more oxygen it would be healthier to invest in a portable oxygen tank than to sleep in the same space as pot-plants living in germ-laden soil, providing an ideal hidey-hole for little critters which come out at night and either buzz around your face or bite you to death!

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