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Fun Trivia
Here you will find quizzes on stage musicals whose titles start with the letter W, and for which we do not have enough quizzes to justify setting up a separate category for each one. If you find a favorite musical here, perhaps you'd like to write another quiz on it, so it can have a category of its own.
9 W Musicals quizzes and 120 W Musicals trivia questions.
  "The Woman in White"    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
This is about Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical, an adaptation of Wilkie Collins's wonderful novel "The Woman in White." Warning - the secret will be revealed in this quiz.
Average, 25 Qns, PearlQ19, Jan 03 06
PearlQ19 gold member
257 plays
  'Whistle Down the Wind' - The Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about 'Whistle Down the Wind' by Andrew Lloyd Webber and should be easy for anyone who has had the pleasure of watching the show.
Average, 10 Qns, Spikesnewgirl, Mar 11 05
205 plays
  My (Hopefully) Wonderful Quiz on "Wonderful Town"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Wonderful Town" was a big hit when first presented on Broadway in 1953 and a big hit all over again when revived fifty years later. Try this quiz and hopefully you will learn more about this interesting musical.
Tough, 10 Qns, Lost_Player_47, Jan 02 10
166 plays
  The Woman In Black    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How well do you know the West End (a district in London that plays many hit shows) show and storyline of 'The Woman In Black'? Take this quiz to find out.
Average, 10 Qns, JuliaJam, Dec 21 07
206 plays
  "Wonderful Town" - The Musical    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
A quiz for those who think this show is as wonderful as I do!
Tough, 15 Qns, jmk29, Mar 11 05
169 plays
  'Whistle Down the Wind' Lyrics    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz on the song lyrics in Andrew Lloyd Webber's amazing 'Whistle Down the Wind'.
Average, 15 Qns, Spikesnewgirl, Mar 11 05
214 plays
  Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
As I, sadly, never was fortunate enough to watch this ingenious show, this quiz will mostly focus on lyrics and other basic information. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, amywats, Jul 14 05
212 plays
  The Witches of Eastwick    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Hi everyone, just a quick quiz on 'The Witches of Eastwick' musical. Hope you enjoy it!
Difficult, 15 Qns, j2me, Mar 11 05
259 plays
  Lippa's "The Wild Party"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is going to be mostly lyrics and story since I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the show live... yet!
Average, 10 Qns, hsqueek, Mar 11 05
208 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Kate was "born in a ditch" in what state?

From Quiz "Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party""

W Musicals Trivia Questions

1. 'The Woman In Black' was originally a novel. Who was the author of this book?

From Quiz
The Woman In Black

Answer: Susan Hill

Susan Hill was born in 1942, in Scarborough. She wrote 'The Woman In Black' in 1982, when she was 40, and this is her most well known book. 'The Woman In Black' is a ghost story, and the West End production's tension is even scarier than the tension in the book, along with the frightening description/acting and gripping storyline.

2. "Wonderful Town" was based on which play?

From Quiz My (Hopefully) Wonderful Quiz on "Wonderful Town"

Answer: My Sister Eileen

"Having Wonderful Time", "Anna Christie" and "Fanny" were all sources for other hit musicals of the 1950s -- "Wish You Were Here", "New Girl in Town" and "Fanny", respectively. "My Sister Eileen" was a big hit on Broadway -- it opened in 1940 and ran for just over two years.

3. Two of the performers in the original Broadway cast of "The Wild Party" later married. Which two?

From Quiz Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party"

Answer: Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel

Taye and Idina met while performing in "Rent" on Broadway and became a couple soon after. They went on to perform together in "The Wild Party." On January 11, 2003, the couple was married at Montego Bay, Jamaica, the location of Diggs's movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."

4. In the prologue, we meet Walter Hartright, a drawing master, on his way to Limmeridge House in Cumberland. He meets the Signal Man at the station, who tells him he had a vision. What was this vision?

From Quiz "The Woman in White"

Answer: a stranger, who looked like Walter, told him that in one year's time, someone would die on the railroad tracks

"When a year to this day the dead lie on the tracks!" Walter doesn't really believe the signal man. However, the man's vision will turn out to be very true at the end of the show.

5. What is the name of the street the tourists sing about at the beginning of the show?

From Quiz "Wonderful Town" - The Musical

Answer: Christopher Street

"Such interesting people live on Christopher Street."

6. Complete the line: "Howl at the stars..."

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' Lyrics

Answer: Whisper when you're sleeping

This is from the song 'Whistle Down the Wind'. Immortalised by Tina Arena it is possibly one of the most well known songs in the show.

7. What are the names of the three children that find The Man?

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' - The Musical

Answer: Swallow, Brat and Poor Baby

'Whistle Down the Wind' is not one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's most successful shows, despite the emotional storyline and score. Based on the novel by Mary Hayley Bell, it tells the story of a young teenager who finds an escaped convict in her barn and thinks that he is Jesus.

8. Which character opens the show?

From Quiz The Witches of Eastwick

Answer: The Little Girl

The Little Girl was played by Sarah Lark in the OLC with those enormous pigtails!

9. Who is the female lead?

From Quiz Lippa's "The Wild Party"

Answer: queenie

"Queenie was a blonde, and her age stood still..."

10. In the play, there are two characters (excluding the woman). These characters are Arthur Kipps, playing every character apart from himself, and another man who plays Arthur. What is the character's name?

From Quiz The Woman In Black

Answer: You don't find out, he's simply an actor

You never find out his name as the producers thought it would add more effect to the play. It is very clever how the characters in the play are producing a play of Arthur's story, and it is clever how they randomly stop the story for a lighting check or something like that.

11. Rosalind Russell, the star of "Wonderful Town", had already played the lead character of Ruth Sherwood before. Which production was that?

From Quiz My (Hopefully) Wonderful Quiz on "Wonderful Town"

Answer: The film "My Sister Eileen"

Miss Russell played the role of Ruth Sherwood first in the film version of "My Sister Eileen." It was this portrayal that made her the odds-on favorite to portray the role in the musical version, "Wonderful Town." Shirley Booth played Ruth Sherwood in the original Broadway production of "My Sister Eileen." Elaine Stritch played Ruth Sherwood in the TV Series, "My Sister Eileen" in the 1960s.

12. "She had grey eyes/ lips like..." How does this lyric end?

From Quiz Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party"

Answer: coals aglow

The song "Queenie Was A Blonde" from which these lyrics were taken was based on a poem by Joseph Moncure March that was published in 1928.

13. Immediately after his encounter with the signal man, Walter meets the "Woman in White," Anne Catherick. What are the first words she says to him?

From Quiz "The Woman in White"

Answer: "You've got to help me, there's someone after me!"

Anne is described as being "in her early 20's, fair, attractive, but her face is drawn and sorrowful. Her manner is wild and insistent." She implores Walter to help her, but then she hears someone coming and runs away. Walter, however, is getting curious, as Anne spoke of a secret that she must tell to someone.

14. In the song "Ohio", Eileen and Ruth are interrupted by what?

From Quiz "Wonderful Town" - The Musical

Answer: subway construction

The two sisters are trying to decide if they made the right decision moving to New York, and the blast makes them miss Ohio again.

15. "Those good girls never know what they're missing. But us bad girls..."

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' Lyrics

Answer: almost always do

This is from the duet 'Tire Tracks (and Broken Hearts)' sung by Candy and Amos. There is a reprise of this in Act II, but with Swallow singing instead of Candy.

16. Boyzone had a hit with which song from 'Whistle Down the Wind'?

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' - The Musical

Answer: No Matter What

In the show the children give their most treasured possessions to the man and sing him this song as a sign of love and devotion, while the adults prepare to hunt him down.

17. Who sings "Let Me Drown"?

From Quiz Lippa's "The Wild Party"

Answer: burrs

"Before too long she'd meet a man named Burrs..."

18. There is one main setting in the play, which is featured in the show in every scene apart from the first few. What is this setting called?

From Quiz The Woman In Black

Answer: A house called Eel Marsh House

Eel Marsh House is very large and almost all black. Most of the rooms are open, but there are the mysterious few that are locked. These come in to effect and understanding throughout the play.

19. Who is the first person Walter meets when he finally arrives at Limmeridge House?

From Quiz "The Woman in White"

Answer: Marian Halcombe

He excuses himself for being so late, but Marian doesn't mind. She extends a very hearty (and very wordy) welcome to Walter and introduces him to her uncle, Mr. Fairlie, and her half-sister Laura.

20. In "One Hundred Easy Ways", what does Ruth say to fix in two seconds flat with a bobby pin?

From Quiz "Wonderful Town" - The Musical

Answer: gasket

"Just get out, tell him it's the gasket, and fix it in two seconds flat with a bobby pin."

21. "I got a plastic flower, so it will never..."

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' Lyrics

Answer: die

This is from the song that Boyzone had a hit with, 'No Matter What'. The children give Jesus their most precious possessions; a pretty bracelet, a mirror and a glass of fireflies (to name but a few).

22. According to this song title " A Kiss is a ..."?

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' - The Musical

Answer: Terrible Thing To Waste

This song is in the second half of the musical and features The Man, Amos and Swallow.

23. In 'I Wish I May' who says they used to laze about the lake?

From Quiz The Witches of Eastwick

Answer: Sukie Rougemont

24. Arthur Kipps has to attend one of his business' clients at her funeral. What is the name of this client?

From Quiz The Woman In Black

Answer: Mrs Alice Drablow

Mrs Alice Drablow lived in the small, mysterious village of Crythin Gifford. As her solicitors, the company Arthur works for needed someone from their business to represent the company at her funeral, and then to go to her house and search through all her papers, for anything important.

25. In the show, what magazine did Bob Baker work for? (He was an editor.)

From Quiz My (Hopefully) Wonderful Quiz on "Wonderful Town"

Answer: The Manhatter

Ruth applies for a writing job at the Manhatter, where Bob tries to discourage her ambitions to be a writer by singing "What A Waste."

26. What is Burrs's profession?

From Quiz Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party"

Answer: clown

In the song "Queenie Was a Blonde," Burrs's skill as a clown is described: "He could make 'em laugh/ Bend their ribs in half." The song goes on to characterize Burrs as a "very scary clown" because of his violent tendencies.

27. Whom does Laura Fairlie resemble - to Walter's great astonishment?

From Quiz "The Woman in White"

Answer: Anne & Anne Catherick

We later learn why.

28. In "One Hundred Easy Ways", how does Ruth say to mark your towels?

From Quiz "Wonderful Town" - The Musical

Answer: hers and hers

"Yes, girls! You too can lose your man, if you just use Ruth Sherwood's plan."

29. "There's a feast waiting for you, and you've never even gotten a..."

From Quiz 'Whistle Down the Wind' Lyrics

Answer: taste

This is from the song 'A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste'. Amos sings the main part, with Swallow and The Man joining in throughout.

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