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Fun Trivia
The Robert Langdon books, including 'Angels and Demons' and 'The Da Vinci Code', are his best known work, but he has written other thrillers, including 'Digital Fortress' and 'Deception Point'
36 Dan Brown quizzes and 504 Dan Brown trivia questions.
  Finding "The Lost Symbol"   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Dan Brown's third novel featuring the popular symbologist protagonist Robert Langdon is "The Lost Symbol". First published in 2009, test your knowledge of this interesting novel.
Average, 10 Qns, LeoDaVinci, May 07 10
LeoDaVinci editor
787 plays
  The Dan Brown Novels   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Dan Brown novels - 'Angels and Demons', 'Da Vinci Code', 'Digital Fortress' and 'Deception Point' contain many common features. This quiz points out the similarities. (Contains lots of spoilers)
Tough, 10 Qns, deepakmr, Feb 26 08
1485 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
First published in 2013, Dan Brown's sixth novel, "Inferno", follows the story of renowned Harvard religious symbologist Robert Langdon, as he journeys across several historical European cities to decipher clues related to Dante's work. Spoilers.
Average, 10 Qns, Matthew_07, Jun 04 13
Matthew_07 gold member
348 plays
  Angels or Da Vinci?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
So you've read "Angels and Demons" AND "The Da Vinci Code". But can you tell them apart? I'll give you the quotes, and you tell me which Dan Brown book it's from.
Average, 10 Qns, HogwartsHottie, Nov 02 09
3821 plays
  Dan Brown books    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Dan Brown has created three of the most amazing books I have ever read. He did write four but I didn't really like "Deception Point". WARNING: THIS QUIZ CONTAINS SPOILERS from all three books. Take this quiz at your own risk.
Average, 10 Qns, Charmed326, Mar 03 22
Mar 03 22
1795 plays
  Deception Point    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Deception Point" is written by Dan Brown, the genius who authored "Da Vinci Code". Since there were quizzes on all of Mr. Brown's other works, I decided to write one on this thriller. Warning: This quiz contains spoiler information.
Average, 10 Qns, WestCoastHokie, Mar 21 10
1644 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Where did the map in the second cryptex lead Robert and Sophie?

From Quiz "Journey Through "The Da Vinci Code" Part 2"

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Dan Brown Trivia Questions

1. Robert Langdon woke up in a hospital. He was surprised to find himself in the unfamiliar setting and he had no recollection of his memory from the past two days. Which Italian city did he find himself in?

From Quiz

Answer: Florence

Robert woke up in a hospital bed in Florence, Italy. He was first greeted by Sienna Brooks, a blonde, young, attractive woman who claimed to be a doctor. Langdon was also being introduced to Dr. Marconi, who was later shot by Vayentha.

2. The novel is set in Washington DC. Robert Langdon is contacted by Peter Solomon's aide to give a talk. Apart from being a 33rd degree Mason, what position does Peter hold?

From Quiz Finding "The Lost Symbol"

Answer: Head of the Smithsonian Institution

Langdon regards Peter Solomon not only as a friend and mentor, but also as a father figure despite Peter being only twelve years Robert's senior. Peter Solomon is incredibly wealthy, and, despite this, Langdon always manages to sense his humility. Upon hearing that Peter Solomon was looking for him, Langdon dropped everything and flew to Washington DC to fill in for a missing keynote speaker at Peter's lecture. When Langdon reached the National Statuary Hall, he realized that he had been set up.

3. All four Dan Brown novels start with a prologue where a killer murders someone. Who is the victim of the killer in 'Angels and Demons'?

From Quiz The Dan Brown Novels

Answer: Leonardo Vetra

Leonardo Vetra is killed in 'Angels and Demons' to steal the anti-matter canister. The other options are the victims in other novels, Jacques Sauniere in 'Da Vinci Code', Ensie Tankado in 'Digital Fortress' and Charles Brophy in 'Deception Point'.

4. Who is Brown's main character in the two books, "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code"?

From Quiz Dan Brown books

Answer: Robert Langdon

Robert Langdon is the main character in both "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code". In "Angels and Demons" he is busy trying to find the antimatter that might destroy all of the Vatican with the help of Vittoria Vetra. Vittoria Vetra's father Leonardo Vetra was killed in the beginning of the book "Angels and Demons". Sophie Neveu was Langdon's partner in "The Da Vinci Code" while they were trying to find the Holy Grail. Susan Fletcher is the main character in "Digital Fortress" where an algorithm is about to let out top secret information to the United States' enemies. Susan has to and does find the code that will stop the virus from breaking down the machine that breaks all sorts of codes.

5. "'Guess what's the most popular internet game in America right now?' 'Pin the tail on Pamela Anderson.' 'Close. It's called Ilumminati: New World Order.'" Is it from "Angels", "DaVinci", both or neither?

From Quiz Angels or Da Vinci?

Answer: Angels and Demons

This conversation takes place between Glick and Macri, the BBC reporters who get the first tip about the kidnapped preferiti and the anti-matter in the Vatican.

6. What agency does Rachel Sexton work for?

From Quiz Deception Point

Answer: NRO

The National Reconnaissance Office is responsible for gathering information for other government agencies using technologies such as spy satellites, underwater hydrophones, communication eavesdropping devices, and many other that I am sure we don't know about. Who knows, they may be monitoring you taking this quiz.

7. Peter Solomon's sister, Katherine, studies a unique branch of science. What is it called?

From Quiz Finding "The Lost Symbol"

Answer: Noetic science

Noetic is a word that comes from the Greek and means "to think". Katherine Solomon studies a unique branch of science which tries to quantify things that to the common person seem intangible, like 'a thought' or 'a soul'. In the novel, "The Lost Symbol", Katherine had devised an experiment that was able to measure the mass of a soul, as improbable as it seemed to even have a mass. She was on a verge of a breakthrough when the series of events that would shatter her family's existence took place.

8. In "Digital Fortress", what is the name of the machine that is almost brought down?

From Quiz Dan Brown books


The name of the machine in "Digital Fortress" is called TRANSLTR. Its job is breaking algorithms, which is just a fancy name for a formula or procedure to break a code or puzzle.

9. What is Rachel's occupation?

From Quiz Deception Point

Answer: gister

A gister takes complicated data and breaks it down so that it can be understood easily. She makes it so that the politicans can get the "gist" of the information.

10. Robert figured out that the phrase "CERCA TROVA" was a reference to a work by a famous Italian painter. He recalled that when he first arrived at the hospital, he uttered the painter's name, "ve... sorry". Who was the painter?

From Quiz Inferno

Answer: Giorgio Vasari

When he first arrived at the hospital, Robert uttered the word "ve... sorry" before he collapsed. When Sienna told him about this, Robert thought that he was saying "very sorry". Giorgio Vasari was born in Florence in 1511. After deciphering the very first clue, Robert knew that he needed to visit the Palazzo Vecchio, that was located in Florence, Tuscany.

11. The primary antagonist in the novel "The Lost Symbol" calls himself Mal'akh. This name derives from the Hebrew language; what does this name mean?

From Quiz Finding "The Lost Symbol"

Answer: Angel

Mal'akh came across the name "Moloch" in his studies and readings. He became enamoured with the idea of a fallen angel walking the earth while reading John Milton's "Paradise Lost". He saw himself as a god amongst men, and decided to transform himself to achieve that goal in body, not just in spirit. Many ancient texts of mysticism, science, poetry, and philosophy gave birth to the idea that Mal'akh's body was a vessel that he could transform into something holy. He drew up a 'masterpiece' which was tattooed onto his own body, leaving just one part untouched for the final transformation.

12. Each of Dan Brown's novels features a villain who is known by a code name. By what code name is the villain in 'Deception Point' known as?

From Quiz The Dan Brown Novels

Answer: Controller

The villain in 'Deception Point' is the controller and head of a United States Delta Force. The Teacher is the villain in 'Da Vinci Code', Janus in 'Angels and Demons' and North Dakota in 'Digital Fortress'.

13. In "Angels and Demons" who is the main "bad guy"?

From Quiz Dan Brown books

Answer: Carlo Ventresca

Carlo Ventresca is the "bad guy" of this book. He believed that his father, the Pope, had broken his oath of celebesy and had a child. While it is true that he had had a child with a nun, he had not done it through sexual intercourse, but he had used science and the nun, his love, used artificial insemination. When Carlo found out about this he felt hurt and betrayed and he killed the Pope. Later on he found out that he was the Pope's son and killed himself over it. The hassasin and Maximillian Kohler are also in this book. The hassasin is bad but Kohler is not. Jacques Sauniere is not a bad guy and is from the book "The Da Vinci Code", he is Sophie Neveu's grandfather.

14. "Robert Langdon awoke slowly. A telephone was ringing in the darkness--a tinny, unfamiliar ring. He fumbled for the bedside lamp and turned it on." "Angels" or "DaVinci"?

From Quiz Angels or Da Vinci?

Answer: The DaVinci Code

This is the first sentence of the first chapter (not counting prologue) of "The DaVinci Code". Langdon awakes in a hotel room after a lecture on pagan symbolism hidden in the stones of Chartres Cathedral.

15. When Rachel gets to work, she is dispatched to see the President by helicopter. Where does the helicopter take her to meet the President?

From Quiz Deception Point

Answer: Wallops Island

Wallops Island is located in Virginia on the Delmarva Penninsula in the Cheasapeake Bay. It was one of NASA's original rocket launch sites.

16. A very pregnant Marta was shocked to learn that a precious object, Dante's death mask, was stolen from her museum. The security footage revealed the culprits who stole the mask. Who were they?

From Quiz Inferno

Answer: Robert and Il Duomino

The director of the museum, Marta Alvarez, was surprised that Robert came back for another visit. A day earlier, Robert and Il Duomino visited the same museum, where they asked Marta to show them the precious Dante's mask. The security footage revealed that Robert stole the mask while Marta went to the toilet. Robert lifted the delicate mask gently from the casing and placed it in a ziploc bag.

17. One of the many people murdered by Mal'akh is Trish Dunne, Katherine's assistant. Trish is murdered in Pod 3 and her body dumped there. What is Pod 3's most impressive specimen?

From Quiz Finding "The Lost Symbol"

Answer: Giant squid

Pod 3 is also known as the 'Wet Pod' because it has a giant Plexiglas tank filled with ethanol that houses a giant squid. There are over 20,000 different animals stored there in preservative chemicals, among them the Architeuthis, the squid. The feel is that you are in an aquarium (hence the name 'Wet Pod'), and the smell of chemicals is repeatedly described. Trish is asked by Katherine to escort Mal'akh to her laboratory in Pod 5 when she still doesn't know who he is. Trish detours with her visitor into the ominously described zoologist's dream room, and she loses her life at the hands of the powerful visitor. Oddly, Mal'akh reflects that this is not the first woman that he's killed.

18. In each of the Dan Brown books, the villain employs a killer to do his job. What is the name of the killer in 'Digital Fortress'?

From Quiz The Dan Brown Novels

Answer: Hulohot

Hulohot is the killer in 'Digital Fortress'. The Hassassin is the killer in 'Angels and Demons', Silas in 'Da Vinci Code' and Delta One in 'Deception Point'. Each of these killers meet with a gory end; Hulohot falls off a staircase, the Hassassin is thrown off a tower, Silas is shot dead and Delta One is drowned.

19. What was the name of the ice shelf where the meteorite was found?

From Quiz Deception Point

Answer: Milne

NASA discovers that there is a meteorite that is beneath an Arctic glacier.

20. After learning that the important Dante's mask was no longer in the museum, Robert received a call from Il Duomino's secretary, who informed him of Il Duomino's death. What were the key words that Il Duomino left for Robert?

From Quiz Inferno

Answer: Paradise 25

Il Duomino died of a sudden heart attack. After hearing the message, Robert figured out that the key words "Paradise 25", left by Il Duomino, referred to a location that could be found in the 25th chapter (canto) of the third part of Dante's "Divine Comedy", entitled "Paradise" ("Paradiso" in Italian). The clue pointed Robert to the Florence Baptistery, where Robert uncovered the missing Dante's mask.

21. Each of the books has a red herring - a person whom we suspect to be the villain, but in reality turn out to be innocent. Who is the red herring in 'Angels and Demons'?

From Quiz The Dan Brown Novels

Answer: Maximilian Kohler

Kohler is the head of CERN whom we are led to believe is the villain Janus, but it is revealed later that he is innocent. The red herrings in other books are Bezhu Fache in 'Da Vinci Code', Marjorie Tench in 'Deception Point' and Greg Hale in 'Digital Fortress'.

22. What was the name of the group that Vittoria Vetra and Robert Langdon were trying to stop in "Angels and Demons"?

From Quiz Dan Brown books

Answer: Illuminati

The Illuminati is group dedicated to religion mainly Christianity. The Opus Dei is also a religious group but is not a group ever mentioned in "Angels and Demons". The Priory of the Sion is a group dedicated to science and is not mentioned in this book but is in "The Da Vinci Code". The National Security Agency, or the NSA, is a United States security agency dedicated to breaking algorithms, codes, and keeping the national security tight.

23. "Langdon looked not even vaguely convinced. 'Forget it! ____ has armed guards on every single exit! Even if we escape with out being shot, running away only makes me look guilty.'" "Angels" or "DaVinci"?

From Quiz Angels or Da Vinci?

Answer: The DaVinci Code

When Sophie Neveu suggests escaping from the Louvre to get to the US Embassy, Langdon hesitates. By escaping, he looks guilty of the murder of Jaques Sauniere.

24. What network does Michael Tolland work for?

From Quiz Deception Point

Answer: NBC

Tolland is a modern day Jacques Cousteau who hosts a show called "Amazing Seas." He is described as "a cross between Cousteau and Carl Sagan."

25. Robert and Sienna were surprised to find that a riddle was written at the back of Dante's death mask. The riddle pointed Robert to Enrico Dandolo's tomb. Which Italian city did Robert and Sienna head to?

From Quiz Inferno

Answer: Venice

Part of the riddle read, "Seek the treacherous doge of Venice, who severed the heads from horses, and plucked up the bones of the blind." Upon reading this, Robert headed to his next destination, Venice. He was joined by Sienna and Jonathan Ferris, who claimed to be working with the World Health Organization (WHO). The three of them took a train from Florence to Venice.

26. Throughout the novel, Robert Langdon is seemingly thwarted and harassed at every step by Inoue Sato. What government agency does she work for?

From Quiz Finding "The Lost Symbol"

Answer: CIA

Inoue Sato is the Director of the Office of Security of the CIA - the United States Central Intelligence Agency. She is a highly intelligent, tiny and unattractive woman who suffered from throat cancer at some point which left her with a raspy voice. Despite all this, she manages to intimidate all those around her and demands knowledge pertaining to the situation that she feels ought to be hers. Despite her harsh exterior, Sato is actually working to stop Mal'akh from releasing a video that he made that would be harmful for both the Freemasons and several prominent members of it. She realizes that the Masons are not the enemy and in the end, Langdon comes to realize that Sato is not the enemy either.

27. The name of the actual villain is revealed only at the end of the book and he turns out to be some one close to the hero/heroine. Who is the villain in the book 'Da Vinci Code'?

From Quiz The Dan Brown Novels

Answer: Leigh Teabing

Leigh Teabing who is a friend of the hero Langdon, turns out to be the 'Teacher' who had masterminded the killing of the curator Jacques Sauniere. Strathmore is the villain in 'Digital Fortress' who is in love with the heroine Susan. Pickering is the villain in 'Deception Point' who is the heroine Rachel's boss and Camerlengo Ventresca who pretends to be the saviour of Christianity is Janus the villain in 'Angels and Demons'. At the end of the story; Teabing is arrested by the police, Strathmore dies in the burning Crypto, Pickering is drowned and Ventresca immolates himself.

28. "God's people, he thought. Two thousand years of waiting for their Messiah, and they're still persistant as hell." "Angels" or "DaVinci"?

From Quiz Angels or Da Vinci?

Answer: Angels and Demons

A grumpy Langdon thinks this at five in the morning, when Kholer is trying to get him to fly to Switzerland.

29. On the train, FS-2080 recalled her encounter with the brilliant scientist, Bertrand Zobrist. They first met in an auditorium in Chicago six years ago. Who was the real identity of FS-2080?

From Quiz Inferno

Answer: Sienna

When Elizabeth Sinskey, the Director-General of WHO, finally met the provost, she asked him to search for another similar code online, FM-2030. A Wikipedia page revealed that FM-2030 was the nickname used by Fereidoun M. Esfandiary. The letters FM were Esfandiary's initials, whereas the number 2030 referred to the year when he celebrated his 100th birthday, assuming that he could live long enough, with the advancement of new technologies. The provost gazed in disbelief when he realized that FS-2080 was Sienna Brooks' nickname. Sienna Brooks, or her real name, Felicity Sienna Brooks, was born in 1980.

30. Robert Langdon has to decipher a secret hidden in Washington DC by using a pyramid. The pyramid has a cipher on it that makes no sense when decoded. What does Langdon do to unravel this clue?

From Quiz Finding "The Lost Symbol"

Answer: Boils the pyramid

By boiling the pyramid, Robert Langdon is able to discover further instructions that help him decipher the pyramid's secrets. "All is revealed at the 33rd degree" means to Langdon that he must bring the pyramid to a boil. 33 degrees on the Newton scale is boiling and Newton was a Mason - thus the secret further unraveled. As the pyramid heated up, mystical ink on its surface began to glow. When the lights were turned off, Langdon and Katherine were able to get another clue to the mystery of the secret of Washington DC. Another thing that happened to the pyramid is that the wax on its base melted off revealing even more clues.

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