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Thornton Wilder won three Pulitzer Prizes, for the novel "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" (about the collapse of an Inca rope bridge in Peru), and for the two plays "Our Town" and "The Skin of Our Teeth", both known for their undermining of traditional stage conventions.
5 Thornton Wilder quizzes and 70 Thornton Wilder trivia questions.
  The Bridge of San Luis Rey   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Thornton Wilder's 1925 novel, about an act of fate that claims the lives of five people, was one of the most celebrated literary works of the early 20th century and won the Pulitzer prize.
Average, 10 Qns, jouen58, Aug 21 05
226 plays
  Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A brief quiz about one of American theatre's greatest plays!
Average, 10 Qns, durikaj, Mar 18 04
634 plays
  Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
My first "Our Town" quiz was tough. Now we'll see just how closely you paid attention to Thornton Wilder's classic play!
Average, 25 Qns, durikaj, Aug 11 05
538 plays
  A Journey to "Our Town"    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Test your knowledge about one of the most frequently performed and studied of American plays: Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize winning "Our Town."
Average, 15 Qns, mkp51, Mar 18 04
1273 plays
  The Skin of Our Teeth    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This a quiz about my favorite of Thornton Wilder's plays, "The Skin of Our Teeth". It's also the weirdest play he wrote, but deeply profound. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, wordnerd, May 04 05
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trivia question Quick Question
How many horses are there in Grovers' Corners, according to Mr. Morgan?

From Quiz "Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia"

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Thornton Wilder Trivia Questions

1. Which disaster occurs in Act Two of the play?

From Quiz
The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: A flood

There is a disaster in each of the three acts. The first is an ice age, the second is a flood and the third is a war. There's no fire, other than in the Antrobus house while they're trying to keep warm during the ice age.

2. What time period is covered throughout "Our Town?"

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: 1899-1913

While the play begins on May 7, 1901, in Act III the Stage Manager takes Emily back to February 11, 1899. Act III takes place in summer, 1913.

3. In what year did Thornton Wilder write "Our Town"?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: 1938

Wilder finished the play in 1938. He showed it to several close friends, all of whom told him it was the best play they had ever read.

4. In the first act, Henry Antrobus tells his mother that in school that day, a teacher forgot and called him by his old name. What is that name?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: Cain

Apparently, Henry/Cain killed his brother with a slingshot.

5. How many times is the Grovers' Corners Sentinel published each week in 1901?

From Quiz Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia

Answer: two

Stage Manager: "Back in those days, our newspaper came out twice a week." Mr. Webb is the editor of the Sentinel.

6. George Gibbs was elected Class President in Act II. Into what two offices was Emily Webb elected?

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: Secretary and Treasurer

Although Grover's Corners is a small town (2,642 as of May 7, 1901), we never know why Emily is elected to two positions.

7. Which two of Wilder's unconventional dramatic devices may be seen at the very beginning of "Our Town"?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: The Stage Manager as narrator, and no props or set decoration

Wilder used the devices of the Stage Manager as narrator, and eliminated all but a very few set pieces and props, in order to get audiences to use their imaginations and participate fully in the life of "Our Town."

8. Despite the ice age, Mr. Antrobus is still in the midst of inventing new things in the first act. What new invention does he bring home to his family?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: A wheel

Henry becomes immediately interested in this new invention, suggesting that "You could put a chair on this!"

9. Wally Webb died when his appendix burst while he was on a camping trip. How old was Wally when he died?

From Quiz Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia

Answer: We are never told

Wally died sometime between July 7, 1904 and the summer of 1913, but we are never told exactly when.

10. What are the first names of the Crowell boys (the newspaper boys) in "Our Town?"

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: Joe and Si

Joe Crowell died in France during "a war" (presumably World War I).

11. On what date is Act I set?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: May 7, 1901

In his opening monologue, the Stage Manager tells us the date is May 7, 1901, just before dawn.

12. In the end of the first act, Mr. Antrobus brings home some friends. He introduces one of them by saying, "There's the law! There's _____!" Who was he introducing?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: Moses

Also in the group are a doctor, a professor, some Muses, and the blind poet Homer.

13. What is the final hint that Emily gives to George regarding the math problem they're working on in Act I?

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: Square yards of wallpaper

George and Emily talk to each other out their bedroom windows. Emily gives George two small hints before giving him the "square yards of wallpaper" hint.

14. What is the name of "Our Town"?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: Grover's Corners, New Hampshire

The Stage Manager tells us that Grover's Corners, New Hampshire is "just over the line from Massachusetts."

15. Where does the second act take place?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: Atlantic City

The Antrobus family is there for a convention of The Ancient and Honorable Order of Mammals...Subdivision Humans.

16. In Act II, at what time does the train to Boston stop in Grovers' Corners?

From Quiz Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia

Answer: 5:10 A.M.

In Act I, the Boston train arrives at 5:45 A.M. But in Act II, the Stage Manager mentions the 5:10 train to Boston.

17. Frank Gibbs is one of the town's most respected citizens. What is his occupation?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: doctor

Frank Gibbs is the town's only doctor. We learn later in the play that the new hospital is named after him.

18. Mr. Antrobus has the responsibility of choosing the winner of a beauty pageant during the convention. Whom does he choose?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: Sabina

Sabina has apparently been away from the Antrobus family for some time, although she was previously their maid. Mrs. Antrobus is very unhappy that Mr. Antrobus chose her. For reference, Gladys is the Antrobus daughter, and Dolly was their pet mammoth. She froze to death in the first act when Mrs. Antrobus kicked her out of the house.

19. How did the child Jaime come to be with Uncle Pio on the day of the accident?

From Quiz The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Answer: Uncle Pio begged La Perichole to let Jaime live with him.

Apart from the Marquesa, Uncle Pio is probably the most fascinating of the five victims (he is not actually anyone's uncle; the nickname derives from his rather avuncular personality). A hugely gifted and learned man, he seems actually to shun both fame and success, pouring all of his energy into developing the talent and persona of the actress La Perichole. He discovers the former Micaela Villegas as an impoverished street singer, and gradually nurtures, bullies, and provokes her into developing her acting and singing abilities until she becomes the most celebrated actress in Peru. Despite the fact that she owes much of her success to Pio, la Perichole is extremely cavalier about their friendship. When she is stricken with smallpox, which scars her face and damages the beauty on which she places so much importance, she refuses to let him see her, and vents her anger and frustration on him by subjecting him to vicious verbal abuse. Nonetheless, he contrives to enter her room, just as she is desperately attempting to disguise her ravaged face with powder. Infuriated, she drives him away, and bars him from her house. Despite all this, the indefatigable (and enamored) Uncle Pio lures her into her garden, where he plays upon her emotions, reminding her that she can never repay what she owes him. He begs her to allow Jaime to stay with him, vowing that he will educate the boy and see that he is raised as a gentleman. La Perichole originally refuses, but promises to ask the child's opinion and abide by his decision. We are told that Jaime arrived by himself at Uncle Pio's rooms at the Inn the following morning; presumably he chose to live with Pio (or did the self-absorbed actress realize that he was an encumbrance to her?). Tragically, Pio's plans for the boy (along with his own future) are destined never to be realized.

20. For what item was Mrs. Gibbs offered $350?

From Quiz Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia

Answer: Highboy

Mrs. Gibbs wanted to use the money to take Doc Gibbs away for a vacation. She ended up giving it to George and Emily as a "legacy."

21. What is George's sister's name?

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: Rebecca

Rebecca moved to Ohio and married an insurance man, according to the Stage Manager in his first monologue.

22. The Webb family lives next door to the Gibbs'. What is Charles Webb's occupation?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: newspaper editor

Charles Webb is the editor of the "Grover's Corners Sentinel", the town's only newspaper, which came out twice a week in those days.

23. The "Skin of Our Teeth" has distinct Biblical overtones. Going from this, who does Mr. Antrobus represent in the second act?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: Noah

The Antrobus family appear to represent different people throughout the play. In the first act, Mr. Antrobus seems to be Adam, Mrs. Antrobus Eve, and their son Henry, Cain. In the second act, everyone except the Antrobus family and Sabina drown because Mr. Antrobus loads his family and two of each animal onto a boat.

24. During the Marquesa's pilgrimage to the shrine of Santa Maria de Cluxambuqua in Lima, she finds herself being succorred and comforted by these animals.

From Quiz The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Answer: Llamas

The Marquesa undertakes this pilgrimage after receiving the news of her daughter's pregnancy. Although she is actually an agnostic, the Marquesa's overweening concern for her daughter's condition brings about a veritable orgy of the most primitive superstitious religiosity. Since this particular shrine was considered holy ground by at least three different religions (Christianity being the most recent), she clings to the hope that there is some merit to these long-held beliefs. While resting by a fountain after the long journey to the shrine, the Marquesa is approached by a llama, which the author describes as "...a lady with a long neck and sweet shallow eyes, burdened down by a fur cape too heavy for her and picking her way delicately down an interminable staircase." While the Marquesa strokes the llama's nose, she is soon surrounded by a group of the animals (which are native to Peru); the author comments with amusement on the distinctly human way in which these mammals interest themselves in human conversations and problems. He describes them in much the same terms as one would describe a group of solicitous and curious village women.

25. What gift did George give to Emily on her twelfth birthday?

From Quiz Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia

Answer: Postcard album

After Emily dies, she decides to relive her 12th birthday. Mrs. Webb finds the postcard album at the front door while she's getting her milk from Howie Newsome.

26. Who is the owner of the soda shop where George and Emily realize that they are in love?

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: Mr. Morgan

Mr. Stimson is the organist at the Congregational Church, Mr. Newsome delivers milk, and Mr. Webb is Emily's father and runs the newspaper.

27. What are the names of the Gibbs' and Webbs' oldest children?

From Quiz A Journey to "Our Town"

Answer: George Gibbs and Emily Webb

Throughout the play, we witness a blossoming romance between George Gibbs and Emily Webb. Their relationship starts off with them as young teenagers talking about schoolwork.

28. In the beginning of the third act, who comes onstage first, looking for the Mrs. Antrobus and Gladys?

From Quiz The Skin of Our Teeth

Answer: Sabina

Mr. Antrobus is still away when the third act commences. Henry doesn't appear until later. The Fortune-teller, who made her appearance in Act Two, drowns along with everyone else.

29. How cold is it at Howie Newsome's barn on Emily's twelfth birthday?

From Quiz Even Tougher "Our Town" Trivia

Answer: 10 below

Howie mentions this to Mrs. Webb, who later mentions it to her husband upon his return from his trip to Clinton.

30. How many churches are there in Grover's Corners?

From Quiz Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Quiz

Answer: 6

They are: Catholic, Congregational, Presbyterian, Methodist, Unitarian, and Baptist.

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