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Castle Rock, Maine (where else) is no place for a rabid St Bernard. Or maybe it is a totally suitable place to explore the tensions surrounding the result of poor Cujo's unfortunate decision to explore a cave wile chasing rabbits.
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  Cujo   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this 1981 Stephen King novel, a dog contracts rabies in the small Maine town of Castle Rock, and some of its residents become victims of circumstance in the days that follow. Good luck!
Tough, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, Aug 25 18
kyleisalive editor
Aug 25 18
206 plays
  Stephen King's "Cujo"   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
Hello, my name is Cujo, and this is my story. I never wanted to be a "bad dog," all my life I strived to be a "good dog." I hope that in taking this quiz, you will understand why I did what I did, and that I never meant to hurt or kill anyone.
Tough, 25 Qns, DakotaNorth, Jan 12 04
DakotaNorth gold member
1895 plays
  Cujo - Man's Best Friend   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
How well do you know this excellent Stephen King tale?
Tough, 25 Qns, marx_faraway, Sep 05 09
2162 plays
  The Story of Cujo    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In one of Stephen King's great stories, a dog named Cujo is accidentally stricken with rabies. With a rabid dog running around a small town, things become dangerous. If you followed the main details of the story, you'll do fine. Good luck. SPOILER ALERT!
Average, 10 Qns, Dead Man Inc, Jun 29 08
Dead Man Inc
1136 plays
  Joe Camber's Yard    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz on the best book that I have ever read; "Cujo". This quiz contains spoilers. Let me know what you think.
Tough, 15 Qns, REfan76, Jul 08 04
880 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Where do Joe Camber and Gary Pervier intend to go on holiday whilst Joe's family is away?

From Quiz "Cujo - Man's Best Friend"

Cujo Trivia Questions

1. Cujo attracts rabies from the scratch of what infected animal?

From Quiz

Answer: Bat

Cujo, the 200lb Saint Bernard, ends up starting the story chasing down a rabbit. This leads him to a small limestone cave populated by a colony of bats and, unfortunately, those bats carry a particularly virulent strain of rabies. They scratch him deep enough to cause concern. At the same time, Vic, Donna, and Tad live out their lives in the town of Castle Rock. Vic and Donna seem to have a rocky relationship while Tad, only four years old, seems to be afraid of something hiding in his closet. Vic has to head out of town for a week of work for his ad agency and things are unassuming...for now.

2. What is the name of Vic's partner at his business?

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: Roger

Roger and Vic have been partners for many years and are now like brothers.

3. What breed of dog is Cujo?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: St. Bernard

Cujo was "the best friend Brett Camber ever had". He also weighed over 200 pounds and was the size of a small pony. But he was a friendly, lovable dog...until the rabid killing spree that is.

4. A kid named Brett Camber is punched in the stomach by a small kid. What is the name of the small kid?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: Jim

This was his and Brett's first meeting. They had a small conversation before Jim said he could beat Brett up and punched him.

5. Although I was not born until 1975, I knew that a murderous policeman committed suicide in Castle Rock. However, before killing himself, he murdered a little girl. What was the name of the little girl?

From Quiz Stephen King's "Cujo"

Answer: Mary Kate Hendrasen

Frank Dodd, a psychotic policeman, was a serial killer who murdered Alma Frechette in 1970, Pauline Toothaker and Cheryl Moody in 1971, Carol Dunbarger in 1974, and Etta Ringgold and Mary Kate Hendrasen in 1975. At the time, no one knew that Dodd was a murderer. Everyone loved him and it was a shock when it was found out that he was a serial killer.

A man named John Smith was in a car accident and slipped into a coma for several years. When Smith came out of his coma, he was able to foresee the future, and it was because of Smith that Dodd was recognized as the murderer.

On the night that Dodd was about to be arrested, he ran to his home and committed suicide with a straight razor.

Although I was not born until 1975, I knew what horrible thing happened in Castle Rock.

6. What part in Donna's car likely needs to be replaced?

From Quiz Cujo

Answer: Carburetor

The goings on in Castle Rock start to get a bit more interesting when Donna's lover, Steve Kemp (a local poet and tennis player) stops by unannounced and she ends their affair. He decides to exact a bit of revenge, closing up shop and sending an anonymous note to Vic to let him in on his wife's horrible secret. Vic is none the wiser in the meantime, and actually believes his and his wife's relationship to be more positive than usual when he's working on her car, finding that the needle valve in the carburetor isn't working properly. He suggests they drive it up to Joe Camber's place, but they forget to do so. Charity Camber, meanwhile, contemplates heading to Connecticut to visit her sister and her nieces and nephews. She plans to bring Brett, her son, but worries that Joe would never let something like that happen.

7. What is the name of the little girl who vomits "blood" near the beginnig of the book?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: Marcy

Marcy did not really vomit blood. Dye from the cereal she had been eating simply stained it red. However, her mother was quick to call the emergency room, causing a bit of trouble for Sharp Cereals.

8. A kid named Tad Trenton is shutting his foot in a car's door and screaming very loudly. His father comes rushing out and his mother nearly faints. What month does this take place in?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: December

His mother, Donna Trenton, had a flash-back of this after grocery shopping with Tad. This happened because Tad wanted to shut the door on his own.

9. After Cujo was stricken with rabies by the bat in the hidden cave, who was his first victim?

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: Gary

Gary was sitting outside his home when Cujo came after him. The dog chased him all the way into the house then tore at him and killed him.

10. What is the name of Castle Rock's postman?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: George Meara

There isn't much to say about George. He had a killer of a flatulence problem and wasn't too fond of Aunt Evvie Chalmers. Donna was praying he would come to save them from the Chambers front yard, but he had no mail for that house and so skipped it.

11. A mother is watching her daughter, Marcy, vomit blood in the bathroom. She doesn't know it isn't blood, it is dye. What cereal does this dye belong to?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: Red Razberry Zingers

Similar incidents take place all over the country and force Vic Trenton to leave on a business trip, which is part of the cause of the tragedy.

12. In 1979, I turned 4 years-old. In that same year, a family moved into Dodd's house, unaware of the reputation it had for being haunted. What was the name of the family?

From Quiz Stephen King's "Cujo"

Answer: Trenton

Vic, Donna, and Tad Trenton moved into the old Dodd house in 1979, unaware that the house was considered haunted by the locals. Shortly after moving into the house, Vic's Jaguar needed to be fixed, so the family drove out to the Cambers for Joe to fix it.

While they were there, 3 year-old Tad stayed close to his parents, but when he saw me coming into the dooryard, he got so excited, and so did I. I saw that his mother was scared of me, and I had to do something to assure her that I was harmless. So, when Tad fell down I went over and picked him up, and showed her that I was a good dog.

Brett put Tad on my back and held him as I walked around. It was fun to give Tad a horseback ride, and I enjoyed it. A few hours later, when Vic's car was fixed, Tad left with his parents. I was sad because I didn't think I'd ever see him again.

A year later in 1980, Tad was having some nightmares and imagining monsters in his closet. When his closet door opened up, he thought he saw eyes; in reality it was just his teddy bear's eyes. Tad was so scared that his father made up a poem, called "The Monster Words" to help his son.

Tad thought "The Monster Words" would keep him safe, but he was wrong.

13. Who is Cujo's first victim?

From Quiz Cujo

Answer: Gary

With their last weekend past, Vic finally departs on his work trip with Roger, leaving Donna and Tad at home to fend for themselves for almost two weeks. He promises to call every other night. Donna, meanwhile, finally remembers her car issues and decides to bring it to Joe Camber's herself. Charity and Brett Camber, meanwhile, head to the Greyhound station and Brett neglects to tell anyone about Cujo, who he found out in the fields that morning, and the sickness that seems to have taken over him. Cujo nearly attacked the boy, but recognized him at the last minute. Brett and Charity decide to ask Joe to check on the dog that night when they call back home; they don't realize that Joe planned to go to Boston with his buddy, Gary. Unfortunately, Gary becomes Cujo's first victim.

14. Tad is the son of Donna and Vic. What is the nickname often given to him by his parents?

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: Tadder

They often called him Tadder when they were playing around with him or trying to calm him down. His father came up with the nickname.

15. What is the name of Vic Trenton's advertising company?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: Ad Worx

Ad Worx was co-owned by Roger Breakstone and was a small-time advertising agency with one big client, Sharp Cereals. The raspberry cereal fiasco caused big trouble for Vic and Richard, and was the reason they went to New York, leaving Donna and Tad alone.

16. A cop is pulling up to a house behind a smashed up Pinto. A cop, George Bannerman, gets out of the car and walks over to the Pinto. A rabid dog, Cujo, is waiting in the darkness somewhere. Where is Cujo hiding?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: under the porch

George doesn't call it in right away. Before he can, he is unfortunately gutted and bitten to death by Cujo, leaving Donna and Tad Trenton to the blazing sun for a few more lethal hours.

17. In 1980, I turned 5 years-old, and although I was too old to chase anything, I still did. On one fateful day, I chased a rabbit into a hole, and that is when my whole world turned upside down. On what date did I chase that rabbit?

From Quiz Stephen King's "Cujo"

Answer: June 16

I turned 5 years-old in 1980, and on June 16, 1980, I saw a rabbit just waiting to be chased. He didn't know I was so close to him, but when he realized how close I was he took off, with me chasing after him.

We zigzagged across the field several times, and finally he fell in a hole. Had I known how small the hole was, I wouldn't have chased him, but I can't change what I did. I ran after him and got my head stuck in the opening.

I got scared, because I was stuck, and started barking. What happened next still scares me when I think of it. I had no idea that the hole was occupied by bats, so when I started barking, I scared them and they all woke up. They attacked me and I used the only weapon I had to fight teeth. I killed a few without getting any scratches. Just as I was getting good at killing the bats, one sidelined me and bit me on the nose, which hurt and frightened me so bad that I bit it in two.

The bat tasted horrible, and I pulled out of the hole, which I should have done in the first place, and went to the pond to get rid of the bat taste in my mouth. The hurting in my nose began to go away and I was feeling pretty good.

Little did I know that on that day my whole world was turned upside down, as I was attacked by a sick bat, and that the bat made me sick, too.

18. What is the name of Joe Camber's farm?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: Seven Oaks Farm

The Cambers did not farm anything on their land, using the barn for Joe's car repair business. The land also yields a secret bat colony...

19. A cop named Roscoe Fisher sees a message in a vandalized house reading "I LEFT SOMETHING UPSTAIRS FOR YOU, BABY". He doesn't want to go upstairs because he cleaned up after what person?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: Dodd

The man that left this message behind was Steve Kemp, the man Donna Trenton was having an affair with. He vandalized their house quite horribly because Donna broke up with him. He is then considered a suspect in the disappearance of Donna and Tad Trenton, keeping them alone with Cujo for a while longer.

20. What did the note say that Steve Kemp left Donna after he destroyed her home?

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: "I left something upstairs for you, baby."

The "something upstairs" was semen that Kemp rudely left on the bed after he destroyed the entire home.

21. What type of car does Donna own?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: a Pinto

This car sheilds Tad and Donna from the vicious attacks of Cujo, but its battery gives out at the most inoppurtune times.

22. A man, Vic Trenton, is reading a note in block letters. The note bears terrible news from Steve Kemp. What is written on the envelope?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: Personal

This is the note that told Vic Trenton that his wife was cheating on him. The word "Personal" was written to give him some sort of mercy.

23. Donna and Tad Trenton were stuck for a long time in Donna's car, surrounded by a rabid Cujo. What type of car was it?

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: Pinto

It was a bright and shiny pink Pinto. They were stuck in there for nearly four days.

24. According to Steve Kemp, what shape is Donna Trenton's birthmark?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: a question mark

Steve uses this information in his spiteful (but anonymous) letter to Vic, revealing that he and Donna had an affair (the birthmark is in a rather private area, you see).

25. Tad Trenton is putting his hand in Cujo's mouth during their first meeting before Cujo is infected with rabies. When he runs back to his parents what does he say Cujo has?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: teeth

Vic thinks that Tad looks much like the world's smallest dentist at this point. This is when Vic and Donna brought out their car to Camber for the first time.

26. Who calls the police regarding Donna and Tad?

From Quiz Cujo

Answer: Victor

The second night falls upon the Camber household and Donna, fearing her increasing weakness, decides to open the car door while Tad is asleep and make a dash for the house when she feels that the coast is clear. It's not though; Cujo, hiding on the ground in front of the car, waits to attack and leaps at her when she gets far enough from her door. She tries to get back into the car when the dog lunges for her and she does succeed to an extent, but she gets bitten in the stomach and leg before she can get the door closed. In Connecticut, Charity calls the neighbours, Alva and Bessie Thompson, but gets no real answer from them about whether or not Joe is around and feeding Cujo. She tells Brett they'll call a different neighbour in the morning. Vic, still out of town, begins to worry when he calls home several times to no answer. On Roger's convincing, he decides to call the police back home so that they can check in on the house.

27. Why didn't Alva Thorton check on Cujo when Charity Camber asked him to do so?

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: The air conditioner blew in his chicken coop.

Alva lost thirty-two chickens that day.

28. Where does Tad often see the monster in his room?

From Quiz Cujo - Man's Best Friend

Answer: in the closet

The "monster" is only a heap of clothes and a teddy-bear stacked on a chair, but in the dark it look like a furry creature. It also has a strange habit of moving to the entrance of the door when it has been moved to the back, and it often makes the door creak open ominously. Cujo is the monster released into the real world.

29. The day is Tuesday, the sun is shining bright, and a woman and her child are going through another day stuck in their car by Cujo. The mother has dwindling hope however. Who does she hope will come to them on that day?

From Quiz Joe Camber's Yard

Answer: mailman

By 3:30 P.M. Donna had given up on him. The mailman didn't go to Joe Camber's house because Joe had cancelled his mail, planning on going on a trip. The mailman's name was George Meara.

30. Donna Trenton used a ____________ to kill the rabid dog, Cujo.

From Quiz The Story of Cujo

Answer: Baseball bat

After she got out of her Pinto for the last time, Donna found a baseball bat in the weeds. She used it to clobber Cujo to death. The horror was finally over; until she found out Tad had died.

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