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In 2013, Stephen King named "Lisey's Story" as his favorite among all the books he had written to that point. It was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 2007.
6 Lisey's Story quizzes and 65 Lisey's Story trivia questions.
  'Lisey's Story'. Part One 'Bool Hunt'   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I was lucky enough to be given this book for Christmas 2006 and think it may be the best he's written. If you haven't finished it yet, don't worry, this is only Part One. Please enjoy the quizzes!
Average, 10 Qns, Quiz_Beagle, Jan 20 07
Quiz_Beagle gold member
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  Lisey's Story   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Lisey Landon is still in mourning after her husband's passing, and the only way that she can finally come to terms is by reliving her past with Scott and some of his own dark memories, in this Stephen King novel. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, Oct 05 08
kyleisalive editor
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  'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I was lucky enough to get this book for Christmas 2006. This book covers only the second part, so don't worry if you haven't finished it yet - enjoy!
Average, 15 Qns, Quiz_Beagle, Nov 25 07
Quiz_Beagle gold member
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  'Lisey's Story'. Part Three 'Lisey's Story'   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is the final part of the book 'Lisey's Story', which in my opinion is the best that Stephen King's ever written. I hope you've played the other two and enjoyed them. I hope you enjoy this.
Average, 10 Qns, Quiz_Beagle, Oct 10 08
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  "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Scott Landon, Lisey's deceased husband, is a constant presence in "Lisey's Story". Here's a quiz on his way with words.
Average, 10 Qns, Bungo, Jan 21 07
827 plays
  "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A good book about an imaginary world made real.
Average, 10 Qns, hartgrave, Jan 01 08
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trivia question Quick Question
In 'Lisey's Story', what's the name of the town in Germany where 'everything that can go wrong does go wrong'?

From Quiz "'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'"

Lisey's Story Trivia Questions

1. What were Lisey and Scott in Nashville to commemorate, in 1988?

From Quiz
Lisey's Story

Answer: The groundbreaking of a library

Lisey Landon has been spending time organizing her late husband, Scott's, office suite. After two years, she has finally gotten around to jumping in and cataloguing his unpublished works, many of which have never been seen by readers. Lisey is concerned somewhat by what she calls 'incunks', people wheedling for Scott's works, bothering her endlessly. She has help in the organization in the form of her older sister, Amanda, who isn't really 'all there', but she helps none-the-less, looking through the piles of works along the southern wall of the cottage, not only cataloguing, but noting the ones in which Lisey is featured. Lisey later finds pictures that Scott took and realizes the emotions that she gets from viewing them. All the while, she has dreams of her late husband. Lisey begins to read through the articles and books amongst the snake of books winding along the south wall, beginning with a clipping and photo from the Nashville "American". She quickly remembers the time, from the trip from Maine to Nashville, to the bad omens she had that morning, to an unorganized ceremony, unscripted and humid. Lisey recalls that perhaps herself, Scott, and the man who wrote the article, Tony Eddington, were the only ones who knew the true story of that near-tragic event. After fueling the crowd Scott spoke with some of his colleagues regarding the event, but unbeknownst to them, a blond attacker (Gerd Allen Cole) emerged from the crowd and shot Scott in the side. While Scott stumbled off to the nearby parking lot, Lisey hit Allan Cole twice in the face with the silver shovel used to dig for the groundbreaking ceremony. Following Scott, she waited for the ambulance to arrive, all the while listening to his cryptic statements, assuming that all this time, he was merely in shock. Lisey puts the article away on the booksnake and sits for a moment before a phone, unused for years, rings into action. She leaves it for the machine, and the man on the other end says that they'll try again later. When Lisey goes to bed that night, she gets the urge to search for the silver shovel.

2. What is the name of the imaginary world that Scott Landon sometimes visits?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

Answer: Boo'ya Moon

Scott explains that everyone has an imaginary world, Amanda's is called Hollyhocks.

3. What did Scott often refer to his desk as?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Answer: Dumbo's big Jumbo

I don't know why he called it this - was he referring to himself as "Dumbo"? Scott was an award-winning and prolific novelist with a vivid imagination. He told listeners to his lectures that everyone gets their ideas from a "word pool" that Lisey assumed to be a metaphor, until she actually went there.

4. He was known as 'Zack McCool'. He was known as 'Jim Dooley'. He was born in Shooter's Knob, Tennesee. What's the real name of the villian in 'Lisey's Story'?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Three 'Lisey's Story'

Answer: John Doolin

Doolin may have killed his family at nine years old and Lisey is sure in her own mind that he also met Cole, the madman who shot Scott earlier. Jack Torrance you will recognise from 'The Shining' and Robert Gray is one of Pennywise's many guises from 'It'.

5. SOWISA is one of Scott's acronyms from 'Lisey's Story'. What does it stand for?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'

Answer: Strap On Whenever It Seems Appropriate

"Strap On", I think means, get it seems to be whatever you're expecting won't happen, so just deal with it. I love some of the thoughts and ideas in this book.

6. What was Lisey Landon's maiden name in 'Lisey's Story'?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part One 'Bool Hunt'

Answer: Debusher

'The one time Debusher girls of Lisbon Falls' is how Lisey and her sisters are described.

7. With what does Lisey's sister, Amanda, cut herself?

From Quiz Lisey's Story

Answer: A teacup

Lisey makes dinner first, knowing that food would get her mind off of the shovel, and it does, but only until she reaches dessert. With the impulse to go to the barn and find the shovel, she does, but she gets the odd feeling when she goes that it isn't the only reason she should. The unused phone rings once more, and it turns out to be her sister, Darla, calling because of an emergency; Amanda had another of her big tantrums, cutting herself in the process, this time because her ex-husband remarried. Lisey suggests sending her to a home in the Two Cities, but Darla is insistent that she come help her, since she was always the calm one. Lisey says that she's on her way, but she then notices the silver shovel amongst the belongings that Scott has along the wall. By chance, she also comes upon a large box filled with at least a thousand pages of work, and looking on the top, she notices that the story's title is 'Ike Comes Home'. Before she picks up the work, the phone rings a second time, and this time, a man is on the other line. He gives her the name 'Zack McCool' before telling her that he will get Scott's work by any means necessary, even if it means coming down and causing her harm. She lets him know how she feels and hangs up the phone. She remembers Darla and Amanda and decides to lock up, but she quickly decides to check the large story in the box, only to find that it's a couple sentences of work: "Ike came home with a boom, and everything was fine. BOOL! THE END!" Lisey laughs at this, discovering that the rest of the pages are just blank. Lisey proceeds to Amanda's house and Darla rushes out, saying that Amanda cut herself again, this time on a teacup, and while she went to the bathroom. Lisey walks inside to find blood all over the walls of the kitchen and Amanda sitting at the table. Lisey strips her sister down and takes her into the shower to wash her off, and so that they can all go to the hospital together, since she knows that her wounds won't heal over with a band-aid. As Lisey picks Amanda up from the table, Amanda whispers a word that Lisey gets goosebumps from: 'Bool'. They head to the hospital, where they decide to let the doctor know that although it wasn't the first incident of Amanda's where she harmed herself, she was feeling quite better, and although the doctor later tells Lisey that he believes this, he tells her to read a certain book called "Cutting Behavior", which Lisey actually says she read, as it was Scott's idea during Amanda's first incident. She says she'll reread it and give it to her sisters after.

8. What does Scott call the creature from his imaginary world, that scares him the most?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

Answer: The Long Boy

It is said that the Long Boy is long with one eye in the center of its head.

9. How did Scott like to describe something that was "very big" in a comical way?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Answer: Puffickly huh-yooge

The first time this crops up is in regards to a campus security guard's badge when Scott and Lisey went on an ill-fated trip to the University of Tennessee. Scott almost died after being shot by a madman but Lisey saved his life by hitting the shooter with the spade Scott used to inaugurate the new library.

10. What do Scott and Lisey call Good Ma's Afghan?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Three 'Lisey's Story'

Answer: the African

The yarn of which is 'the old strings' which lead 'you to the prize at the end of the bool hunt'.

11. In 'Lisey's Story', Scott had arranged for Amanda to go into a nursing home suitable for her passive semi-catatonia before he died. What was its name?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'

Answer: Greenlawn

Lisey was amazed to find out that Scott had gone to all that trouble five years ago and never told her...

12. Yes, those sisters. You could say that the main female protagonists in 'Lisey's story' are Amanda and Lisa, but Darla plays a pretty big part too, Jodotha is in Miami, but what's the name of the fifth sister?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part One 'Bool Hunt'

Answer: Cantata

My dictionary describes 'Cantata' as a choral composition. Amanda named her daughter Intermezzo (a short dramatic, musical, or other entertainment of light character, introduced between the acts of a drama or opera). Little surprise that 'Metzie' ran away with a truck driver!

13. To which medical facility do Lisey and Darla decide to send Amanda after her accident?

From Quiz Lisey's Story

Answer: Greenlawn Recovery and Rehabilitation Center

Lisey spends the night with Amanda in order to ensure that she doesn't have an additional accident. While in bed with her, she dreams of Scott on a night that may have changed her life forever. After coming home from work, Lisey anticipated an evening with Scott, but when she got home, she found herself getting angrier and angrier. After six hours of waiting, Scott finally got home, drunk, and Lisey let him have it. Scott told her to wait as he left out the back door and ran down the hill. When he came back up, he had cut himself numerous times on a pane of greenhouse glass, saying that it was his blood-bool to her. Lisey is shocked by this and helps him in the house, removing shards of broken glass and taking him to the washroom. Scott tells her that he learned about bools from his father, and he and his brother were the best at them. After soaking his hand in light tea (a remedy that his brother taught him), he states that Landons are fast healers, and he'll be fine by morning. They go to bed, with Lisey telling him that she'll take him to the hospital in the morning. In the middle of the night, Lisey wakes up twice. The first time, she finds herself alone in bed, and she checks the washroom for Scott only to find that it's empty. When she gets back to the bed, she finds that he was there the whole time, though she doubts this. The second time, Scott wakes her, saying that they should get married. Later in the morning, she accepts the offer, and they decide to wed in November. Later that week, Scott's wounds have fully healed, not even leaving scars. When Lisey wakes up, she finds herself embracing Amanda, but she has the feeling it's actually Scott. These feelings make her temperature drop when Amanda says 'Babyluv', a word that Scott and she used. When Lisey asks Amanda about bool, she replies saying that Lisey has a blood-bool coming but she has good bool at the moment. As well, she has found her first three stations of bool and she has a few more to get before her prize. When Lisey turns Amanda over, she finds that she has gone into a semi-catatonic state, which she has done before. When she discovers that she can't take care of this alone, she calls Darla, and the two help Amanda out for a few hours before deciding to call the Greenlawn Recovery and Rehabilitation Clinic. Initially, they say that they have no rooms, but when Lisey asks for Dr. Alberness, a man that Scott spoke with before his death, they say that a room is available.

14. How does Lisey stop Gerd Allen Cole from killing her husband?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

Answer: Hits him with a shovel

Lisey hit him with the commemorative shovel from the Shipmen Library ground breaking ceremony.

15. What name did Scott give to the fans who thought they had picked up secret messages hidden in his books?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Answer: Deep Space Cowboys

I'm sure Stephen King has come across many a "Deep Space Cowboy" in his time, too. Lisey immediately thought Gerd Allen Cole (Scott's would-be assassin) is one of these, so luckily she kept an eye on him. He turns out to be just your average crazed lunatic but luckily she was near enough to react quickly and save her husband's life.

16. What does Frank Halsey give to Scott when he comes around to ask where his father is?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Three 'Lisey's Story'

Answer: Two dollars

Scott's got to think very quickly, as his Daddy is waiting behind the door to kill Halsey if he comes in. He's so patronising to Scott that for a moment, Scott wishes his daddy dollar's for him, and the other's for poor, dead Paul

17. A little Scott Landon general knowledge now. When Lisey's smoking cigarettes in the Patel's parking lot, she remembers all the things Scott knew. Like: who owned the pool hall in 'The Last Picture Show'?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'

Answer: Sam the Lion

This book will surely make you want to see 'The Last Picture Show', so I'll tell you that 'Sam the Lion' is played by Ben Johnson. Hamish the Hamster belongs to me, and likes to appear in quizzes...

18. In 'Lisey's Story', all her troubles after Scott's death start with the appearance of Professor Joseph Woodbury of the University of Pittsburgh English Department. What was his extremely popular lecture class called?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part One 'Bool Hunt'

Answer: Scott Landon and the American Myth

Incunk (the name Scott and Lisey give to people like Professor Woodbury) comes from Incunabulist - a collector of very early printed books - known as incunabula. I thought I'd explain this, because Lisey remembers the word as incuncabilla.

19. What does 'Zack McCool' leave in Lisey's mailbox?

From Quiz Lisey's Story

Answer: A dead cat

After Darla and Lisey drop Amanda off at the Rehabilitation Center, Lisey drives home and thinks about the stations of the bool, contemplating over whether or not the bools left for her are her memories or her keepsakes, or something else entirely. Lisey stops at a convenience mart to pick up a pack of cigarettes, a habit she and Scott gave up many years ago, and she smokes a few from the pack in her car while reminiscing about her honeymoon with Scott at a place called 'The Antlers'. She followed Scott into the woods that day and they ate lunch under a willow tree they affectionately named the Yum Yum Tree. Lisey snaps out of it about an hour later and remembers her time with Scott in the hospital, which happened shortly after he was shot in Nashville. The nurse looking after him went in to see if he was okay but found him missing. When she checked back later on, he was in his normal bed, as if nothing happened. Remembering the sequence of events, Lisey figures that her next station of the bool would take them to her honeymoon at the Yum Yum Tree, but to determine this, she must find Good Ma's Cedar Box, a keepsake passed down to her by her mother. Returning home, Lisey passes by a PT Cruiser and waves at the driver, something customary around her house. When she reaches into her mailbox to retrieve her deliveries, she finds a dead cat inside, and upon heading in her back door, she finds a note from Zack McCool, who left the cat as a warning to her, as well as Professor Woodbody's number in Pittsburgh. She then realizes that Zack was the man in the PT Cruiser before she removes the cat from the mailbox, placing it into a plastic bag. She calls the Professor soon after, who tells her that he is very sorry, but Zack McCool (who he thinks is actually named Jim Dooley) will not stop, as he is a very shady man who seems to know Scott's work. Although Lisey recognizes his apology, she still calls the police, who stop by to take the note and the cat and stand watch outside her house. Before they arrive though, Lisey goes to her car to retrieve the silver shovel, and along the way she thinks that she sees a figure near the barn, but she can't be sure. When the cops leave, Lisey searches the house top to bottom, literally, clearing the attic, spare bedroom, and cellar for the Cedar Box. When Lisey gets a call from Boston from her sister, Canty, she realizes that she forgot about the notebook given to her by Amanda when she cleaned the booksnake in the study, and as she flips through it, on the last page it reads: '4th station: look under the bed.' Lisey looks under the bed but only finds a pair of slippers, but when she looks to the back of the book, she finds the word 'mein gott', and her mind flips to her and Scott's time in Germany, which was really a horrible time; Scott stopped writing, Lisey was unhappy, and the time they spent together wasn't in sobriety. Regardless, Scott shipped the bed back to the States years later, and it is here that Lisey finds the fourth station of the bool.

20. What did Scott call power-lines?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Answer: UFO refueling stations

We find this out when Lisey got a phone call from the sinister "Zack McCool". Where she lives, any call coming in from a mobile (cell) phone sounds all crackly and distant because of the power-lines. She knew "Zack" called from a landline because the line was "clear as a bell".

21. Lisey drives a BMW in 'Lisey's Story', but what is 'Zack McCool' driving?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'

Answer: PT Cruiser

Lisey and Zack pass on the road after he's put the dead cat in her mailbox. Experienced Stephen King fans will recognise the wrong answers from 'Christine', 'The Shining' and 'Cujo'

22. What was the name of Scott's brother?

From Quiz Lisey's Story

Answer: Paul

Lisey is both happy and angry; sure, she's found the fourth station, but she also has to relive another memory, and perhaps one that is bit overwhelming for her. In her anger she tears apart a bit of the study, throwing Scott's awards onto the floor (luckily not breaking them). She figures that in his last years, he set up the bool hunt for her, but she can't figure out why. Her mind flips to The Antlers and the Yum Yum Tree. The owners of the hotel set up their lunch and told them to go snowshoeing, as there was an odd October snowstorm at the inn. As the made their way through the woods, they found a Yum Yum Tree, which was simply a grand willow tree covered in snow. Going inside, they found that the atmosphere was still warm and temperate under the canopy, and it is at this time that Scott told her about his past. The first story was about his brother, himself, and his father performing a bool to get out the bad gunky, and how he would do anything to help his brother. Though Paul cut his brother to do this blood-bool, Landons were fast healers, and no harm was done. The second story was about what Scott calls 'the great bool', perhaps an 'excellent bool'. Paul set up a treasure hunt for his brother consisting of sixteen stations of the bool, and at the end, they had RC Cola as a reward. Scott recognizes this as the best day of his life. Before Scott begins another story, they note that the Yum Yum Tree is caving in as the snow is melting. Lisey quickly discovers that Paul, Scott's brother, was killed by his father many years later; he was shot in the basement of their house. Lisey was more shocked by the fact that Scott killed his own father later, hitting him in the head with a pickaxe, and then throwing his body down the property well. The Yum Yum Tree breaks apart then. When Lisey snaps out of her memory, the phone rings, startling her. It turns out to be Darla, who tells Lisey that Canty is coming come to help with the Amanda situation. When Lisey hangs up she goes to the barn to return the cedar box, and upon finding the answering machine blinking in the office, she finds a message from 'Zack McCool'/Jim Dooley, who also turns out to be in the same room. He manages to knock her out with chloroform, and then chain her to a pipe under the bar to beat her. Using a large can opener, he also manages to mutilate her in certain parts of her body before leaving, telling her not to call the cops or tell a single person, and to say that she needs to do something about her husband's works before 8pm the next day.

23. Which book won Scott Landon a Pulitzer Prize?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

Answer: Relics

During the ground breaking of the Shipmen Library, they said that he won the Pulitzer for "Relics", and the National Book Award for "The Coaster's Daughter". The other two are not books.

24. What did Scott term the holiday they took to New Hampshire a month before their wedding?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Answer: Their frontloaded honeymoon

The trip they took introduced Lisey for the first time to Scott's strange world of Boo'ya Moon. Lisey tried to block all these memories out but after Scott died, he left her a "bool hunt" which led her back to the past and gave her the knowledge to protect herself against "Zack McCool" (later Jim Dooley).

25. What colour was the Afghan in 'Lisey's Story'?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Three 'Lisey's Story'

Answer: Yellow

The Afghan is Lisey's anchor, to take her to Boo'ya Moon or home.

26. 'Zack's' email address is Zack991 at Sail dot com, but what does Professor Woodbody think his name is?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part Two 'SOWISA'

Answer: Jim Dooley

That is the name that Professor Woodbody knows him as, but there's no reason to think it's his real name any more than Zack McCool was.

27. Can you remember the name of the madman from 'Lisey's Story' who shot Scott Landon in 1988?

From Quiz 'Lisey's Story'. Part One 'Bool Hunt'

Answer: Gerd Allen Cole

The others were also there. Dashmiel 'ran like a rabbit' and 'Ton-eh' wrongly got Lisey's credit for stopping Cole from Heffernan.

28. Where did Scott bury his brother?

From Quiz Lisey's Story

Answer: Sweetheart Hill

Lisey wakes up hours later in pain. Crawling across the floor, she spies the overturned cedar box on the ground and a certain item she overlooked; a piece of a yellow afghan that she and Scott received on their wedding day. This was another station of the bool. She first remembers 1996 where, at the end of the year, the first signs of illness showed in Scott, and slowly, he began a descent that would lead to his early death. One evening, she found Scott in a rocking chair watching "The Last Picture Show", but he had gone 'gomer', or catatonic, so to speak. She then remembers The Antlers, during the night after the Yum Yum Tree. Scott tells his third story about his past, this time about the death of his brother, Paul. One day when he was 10 and Paul was 13, Paul had waited for Scott to descend the stairs in their house before attacking him. At once, Paul knew that his brother was filled with the bad-gunky, driving him to madness. Narrowly avoiding attack, his father stopped the boy, taking him to the basement and chaining him to fastened items in the cellar. For three weeks covering Christmas and New Years, Scott watched the time take its toll on his brother, who may not have even inhabited his body at the time. Scott tells Lisey that he tried three times to take him to 'their place', Boo'Ya Moon, which is the real world inside out, like a pocket; a world that only he and his brother could get to. Every time Scott tried this though, it didn't work, and the third time resulted in Paul's death, as they needed to kill him to save their own lives. In The Antlers, Lisey asks where they buried Paul, and Scott mentions that he took him to Boo'Ya Moon, to a place called Sweetheart Hill. Lisey recognizes this as a place where they went in order to escape the falling snow of the Yum Yum Tree. In the present time, Lisey realizes the truth behind her bool hunt. Perhaps Scott realized what would happen, and perhaps she could get to Boo'Ya Moon, something she would never have done, else she would have been driven mad like the Landons and the Landreaus before them. Lisey has been there before though. She vaguely remembers the end of their second night at The Antlers, where Scott pulled her into Boo'Ya Moon with him. To do this, she realizes, she must 'go behind the purple', but before this, she remembers her throbbing wound inflicted by Jim Dooley and she returns to the house for more medication.

29. What did Lisey call the yellow afghan that Good Ma had made for her?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King

Answer: The African

Lisey says that when she was little she called it the African and never changed her ways.

30. What was the name Scott gave Lisey's old Lexus?

From Quiz "Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Answer: Lisey's Sexy Lexus

Lisey got rid of the Lexus because it reminded her too much of Scott. She only finally got rid of the things in his study at the end of the book. Her new car was a cream BMW that her older sister Amanda thought was a disaster as the colour showed the dirt too quickly.

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