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2 Bewitched quizzes and 20 Bewitched trivia questions.
  Bewitched Test   great trivia quiz  
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Fans of "Bewitched" should enjoy this 2005, light-hearted recreation of the 1960's television show from director Nora Ephron.
Average, 10 Qns, skunkee, Apr 18 07
skunkee editor
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  10 Questions on Bewitched    
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This is about 'Bewitched', the film made in 2005, not the well known TV series. Will Isabel suceed in her new role in 'Bewitched' the TV series? Take the quiz to help Isabel wipe the smile of Jack Wyatt's face.
Average, 10 Qns, ktcharlie333, Apr 18 07
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Bewitched Trivia Questions

1. What is the first piece of magic that Isabel does in the film?

From Quiz

Answer: Puts a house she wants up for rent

At the start you see Isabel walk up to a house she likes and makes a sign in the garden appear, saying that it's up for rent. It is after this that it says vacancies and then no references needed. She already owns a black cat. Once she moves in she puts a Beetle in the garage.

2. Jack Wyatt (played by Will Ferrell) was talked into doing the show to try and save a failing acting career. What was the name of the film that was frequently referred to as his big flop?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Last Year in Katmandu

Although his failing career could be blamed on more than one bad movie (in fact there were many people who obviously believed that he had no talent at all), only one title was ever specifically mentioned as being responsible for his being box office poison. "Last Year in Katmandu" was ridiculed by anyone who mentioned it, throughout the movie.

3. Who is the second witch to appear in the film?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Isabel's dad

Isabel's dad, Nigel Bigelow, played by Michael Caine is the correct answer. He appears in a store where Isabel is shopping. He also appears several times chatting up Iris (Shirley MacLaine) and advising Isabel on her decisions throughout the film.

4. What does Isabel's neighbour give her, that came from the post man when she was out?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: A 'Bewitched' hamper

When Isabel comes back from receiving her role as Samantha in the new TV show, her neighbour comes round bringing a hamper of 'Bewitched' goodies that she gets from her new job. This is what confuses you in the film. Although she is a witch, she also gets a job as an actress being a witch in a TV show called 'Bewitched'.

5. What does Isabel tell her dad she wants to argue about with a partner, in the DIY store; like another couple are arguing?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: What colour to paint the bathroom

The couple are seen walking past, arguing over painting the bathroom yellow. Isabel is jealous, saying she wants to be normal and do normal things like arguing, rather then avoiding these with spells.

6. In the supermarket, what product does Isabel's dad last appear on before appearing in real life?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: A Green Giant tin of green peas

He appears on the tin as the Green Giant. His face is in the spot where the giant's is meant to be and he talks to Isabel from this location. This is after appearing on different other foods. After this, her dad appears in real life with a shopping trolley.

7. Dismayed that she was going to carry through with starring in this show, her father, Nigel Bigelow, kept turning up at odd moments to try and dissuade her. Where was one of the places she saw him when she was shopping for groceries?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: as the Jolly Green Giant on a tin label

As Isabel was walking down the aisle, shopping for groceries, she first heard her father's voice, talking to her from a face on the label of a tin of vegetables. As she moved up the aisle, his face moved along on different products with her, until she finally encountered him in the flesh, standing further up in the aisle.

8. What does Isabel's aunt do when she finds out that Jack Wyatt has been stringing Isabel along?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Put a hex on him

Isabel's aunt decides to put a hex on him; this is a type of spell that messes with someone's brain. It turns into a disaster. As a result, Jack becomes obssessive over Isabel.

9. Who said, "Thank God you didn't have a Great Dane!"?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Isabel

After overhearing Jack discuss her intended role in the show, which was to be quiet and let him have all the lines, Isabel decided to wreak a little havoc. In one scene she, in the role of Samantha, was supposed to stand mutely at the side while Jack, in the role of Darren, and his ex-girlfriend argued over custody of the dog. The dog was supposed to choose Darren, but after a little magic, he jumped into Samantha's arms instead. When they set up to re-shoot the scene, the scriptwriter passed Samantha the line to say, in case it happened again, which of course it did. Samantha began to become a favourite with the test audiences, which wasn't what was supposed to happen at all.

10. When Isabel goes back to work, after her aunt's visit, what does Jack decide as soon as he cycles in?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: To let everyone use the cappucino machine

This happens as Jack rides in to work on a bike and is the first noticeable moment of the hex's result. He then starts doing crazy things like getting Isabel everything she wants and running round the studio telling everybody about Isabel.

11. Whose late-night talk-show was Jack allegedly on when he walked out naked?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Conan O'Brien's

Jack was having a nightmare, brought on by the stress of finding out that Isabel really was a witch. During his dream, while waiting to be called onstage, he rehearsed a little speech about casting a witch to play a witch. He then walked out on stage, wearing only strategic blurring, and woke up with the audience's laughter ringing in his ears. His stress was related to the fact that he had fallen in love with Isabel, and wasn't sure whether that was real, or whether she had actually bewitched him.

12. When Jack's separated wife comes in to the studio, what does Isabel do to her, after she decides the first action is a bit harsh?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Turns on the giant fan

Isabel thinks that she is a bit harsh with collapsing the set on her so rewinds everything and then, when men are walking past with a giant fan, she turns it on, making Jack's wife fall over in a mess. Then, she puts a spell on Jack to make him get rid of her.

13. Who convinced Jack that he really did love Isabel?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: Uncle Arthur

Jack's favourite character from the original show was Uncle Arthur (originally played by Paul Lynde). One night Uncle Arthur appeared to Jack and gave him the short version, "the long version was in Aramaic", on how to tell if he really loved Isabel, or if he was under a spell. Upon realizing that the love was real, Jack went tearing off to tell her, only to find that she had packed up and was gone. Fortunately he thought to look for her on the set of their show.

14. Where is it that Isabel first talks to Jack?

From Quiz Bewitched

Answer: The cafe

Jack holds auditions to find the perfect girl for the job by watching them twiddle their nose just like in the TV show 'Bewitched'. He sees thousands of people who are just hopeless and just at that point Jack sees Isabel twiddle her nose, just like he needs for the TV show, and decides he needs her in his show.

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