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3 Blade Runner quizzes and 35 Blade Runner trivia questions.
  Average Blade Runner Quiz - 15 Questions   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
One of the most influential sci-fi films of the last century, 2002 marks the twentieth year anniversary of this great film. I hope this will be an easy quiz.
Average, 15 Qns, clairequilty, Mar 19 15
5501 plays
  Average Blade Runner Trivia    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
More 'Blade Runner' trivia. Just for fans (largely based in the Usenet "Blade Runner" FAQ).
Average, 15 Qns, Netito, Dec 19 17
Dec 19 17
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  Blade Runner Test    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
Just a quick easy quiz from one of my all time favorite films. Not very challenging seeing as it's the first one I've done, so I'm just breaking myself in with this. Enjoy.
Average, 5 Qns, rrachmead, Mar 05 06
3639 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What is the lifespan of a replicate?

From Quiz "Blade Runner"

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Blade Runner Trivia Questions

1. What story is 'Blade Runner' based on?

From Quiz
Blade Runner

Answer: 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'

In a sci-fi world where almost all life forms are extinct, animals are android imitations owned only by the rich in this dreary future.

2. What is the name of the corporation that created the Replicants?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: The Tyrell Corporation

Pretty basic really!

3. 'Blade Runner' is based in a short history called 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' by...

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Philip K. Dick

4. Who wrote the story that 'Blade Runner' was based on?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Philip K. Dick

Phil didn't want this movie to be made, and was troublesome...until he saw a rough print. He then claimed that it seemed as if someone had gotten the images directly from his mind! He died just before the film's theatrical release.

5. The police use flying cars as their means of transport. What are these cars called?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Spinners

Notice when Deckard gets in the spinner with Gaff that you can clearly see the cables they used to lift it to make it look as if it takes off!

6. The chess game played by Sebastian and Tyrell is inspired by a real-life game, played by...

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Anderssen - Kieseritzky

This game is know as the 'Inmortal Game', and was played in London in 1851. In the film, Sebastian's board does not match Tyrell's one, btw.

7. What is the Tyrell Corporation's motto?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: 'More Human Than Human'

Yes, even Rob Zombie saw this movie!

8. What is Deckard's Christian name?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Rick

Another easy one.

9. The end sequence (in the 1982 version) feautures Deckard and Rachael driving in the countryside. This sequence was really taken from an unused one from another film. What film?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: The Shining & The shining

Producers dislike the dark end, and Ridley Scott buys this sequence. In the Director's Cut (1992) this happy ending is eliminated, and the film ends with Deckard and Rachael in the elevator.

10. What was Harrison Ford's character's name?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Rick Deckard

This is Harrison's least favorite role, but many believe it to be his best.

11. What type of origame creature does Gaff make and leave outside of Deckard's apartment?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Unicorn

Gaff obviously knows that Deckard dreams about them.

12. What piece of the human body is show repeatably in the film?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: an eye

In the opening sequence, the VK test, when the replicants meets Chew in his laboratory, when Batty kills Tyrell, etc...

13. What are the androids officially called in this movie?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Replicants

'Skin Job' was a rather unflattering slang term for a replicant, the equivalent of a very bad word. 'Retirement' was the term they used to describe the unwilling demise (destruction) of a replicant.

14. According to the director, Ridley Scott, is Deckard a replicant?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Yes

According to Ridley Scott, Deckard is a replicant. That's why Gaff knows what he dreams about in his implanted memory and if you look real close at certain points in the film you can see his eyes glow the same as the other replicants.

15. What's the name of the empathy measure device used by blade runners?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Voight-Kampff machine

Esper was the name of the computer used to enlarge and analyze images. Spinner was the name of the flying cars.

16. According to her file, what was the function of Pris?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Basic Pleasure Model

17. Who was the director of 'Blade Runner'?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Ridley Scott

18. The Director's Cut adds a sequence in which Deckard dreams about _____ after playing piano.

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: A unicorn

Released in 1992, this version also have another changes, as the voice-overs eliminated, and the final scene (the car one) deleted.

19. What element of the original film was most notably missing from the 'Director's Cut' version of this film?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: The narration

The European print had a more graphic, blood-spurting eye-gouging scene. The biggest thing missing was Harrison's deadpan 'film noir'-style narration that was heard over the entire film. Ridley Scott felt that it was too boring, and that the audience was smart enough to do without it.

20. In which year takes place the action?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: 2019

21. What actor played Roy Batty?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Rutger Hauer

His best film ever. Rent a Dutch film called 'Soldier of Orange' to see him rival this performance...or 'Ladyhawke', if you don't mind the bad soundtrack!

22. Memorable quote: 'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of _____.'

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Orion

23. TOUGH ONE! What was Pris' 'incept date'?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day. She was a standard military-leisure model, after all! January 18 is {Roy's;} April 10 is {Leon's;} and June 12 is Zhora's, FYI.

24. What is the lifespan of a replicate?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: four years

25. From what disease does J.F. Sebastian suffer?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Methuselah Syndrome

J.F. is only 25, but he looks 50. Pris describes the condition informally as 'accelerated decreptitude', and identifies with the human because of her own short life span.

26. How long are replicants expected to live?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: 4 years

They are built stronger and smarter than humans, so the brief four-year stint makes it a little less easy for them to become too big for their britches, so to speak.

27. Syd Mead appears in the credits as who?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Visual Futurist

He was not a guild member, so he could not be credited as creative designer, for example.

28. What does the Nexus 6 series have that previous incarnations of replicants did not?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Memories

Made to be able to develop emotional responses, Tyrell implanted the Series 6 replicants with fake memories of childhoods they never had, complete with fake family photographs. This did not sit well with the group...

29. What role does Evangelos Papathanassiou play in the film?

From Quiz Blade Runner

Answer: Soundtrack composer

This Greek composer is best know as Vangelis.

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