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3 Bolt quizzes and 30 Bolt trivia questions.
  10 Questions on Bolt   top quiz  
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My second quiz is based on the Disney Animation Studios film "Bolt."
Easier, 10 Qns, triviarulz_101, Apr 14 10
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  Bolt (and Rhino)   great trivia quiz  
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In my opinion, "Bolt" is one of the best Disney movies ever, and obviously one of the cutest. Enjoy!
Easier, 10 Qns, hipeople, Aug 10 09
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  10 Question Bolt Quiz    
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This Disney movie was released in 2008.
Average, 10 Qns, pennie1478, May 19 19
pennie1478 gold member
May 19 19
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trivia question Quick Question
Where did the film "Bolt" take place?

From Quiz "Bolt"

Bolt Trivia Questions

1. Who voiced the white shepherd dog named Bolt?

From Quiz

Answer: John Travolta

John Travolta provided the voice for the white shepherd dog turned TV star named Bolt. John Travolta also performed a song with co-star Miley Cyrus called "I Thought I Lost You" for the soundtrack and movie.

2. What song was featured in the end credits?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: I Thought I Lost You

"I Thought I Lost You" was a song performed by John Travolta (Bolt) and Miley Cyrus (Penny). This was performed during the end credits of this film. This was also on the soundtrack of this film.

3. What was the name of the evil villain who was trying to capture Penny?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Dr. Calico

Dr. Calico's plot was to try to get information out of Penny's dad. Since Penny's dad was a scientist, this information could prove to be very valuable, especially in Dr. Calico's evil mind. Of course, he was just an actor trying to play his part.

4. Where did Bolt's new master find him at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Animal rescue

Bolt was chosen by his new master in an animal rescue out of several other puppies in a bin. After waking, he began playing with a squeaky carrot toy. His new master rescued him and put his collar around him which gave him the name Bolt.

5. Where did the film "Bolt" take place?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Hollywood and New York City

"Bolt" was filmed in Hollywood and New York City. Philadelphia and Las Vegas and Denver and San Francisco are real life cities, and Bikini Bottom and Retroville are Nickelodeon cities.

6. What type of food was Bolt's favorite toy?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Carrot

Penny called it Mr. Carrot when she played with Bolt. Bolt had this toy ever since he was a little puppy in the pet shop, and he found it comforting to play with.

7. What was the name of Bolt's new master?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Penny

Penny was voiced by Miley Cyrus, who replaced Chloƫ Grace Moretz. Chloƫ's voice was kept as the young voice of Penny. Miley performed a song for the movie and soundtrack. Five years after Penny found Bolt they were both starring in a TV series.

8. What were Rhino and Bolt doing at Animal Control?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Rescuing Mittens

Mittens and Bolt were captured by pet catchers, and they were being taken to Animal Control. Rhino was lucky enough to save only Bolt, and now they had to save Mittens.

9. What was the shape of Bolt's "birthmark"?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Lightning bolt

This lightning bolt was a symbol of Bolt's power. It was also possibly a reference to Bolt's ability to fun fast, or zoom-zoom.

10. When Bolt thought that his master had been kidnapped for real, he tried a daring rescue. In Bolt's attempt at a rescue, to what city did he end up being taken?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: New York City

Bolt didn't realize that he was on a TV show with his master. Everyone on the crew wanted Bolt to believe that what was happening was real so that his reactions would be real. When his master was kidnapped on the series, Bolt believed it to be true and tried to follow to rescue his master. In his attempt, Bolt was boxed up with styrofoam peanuts and sent to New York City.

11. What did Bolt think was his weakness?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Styrofoam Peanuts

Bolt saw styrofoam peanuts when he was trapped in the box that took him to New York City. He totally thought that styrofoam was his weakness, not a box, or aliens.

12. What did the producer/agent like to do with unfinished conversations?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Put a pin in them

Whenever Penny talked to the producer/agent about Bolt, his reaction most of the time was to put a pin in it. For example, when Penny wanted to take Bolt home for the weekend, he put a pin in that conversation since Bolt couldn't actually leave the set.

13. Bolt's TV series was advertised several times in the movie. On what day and time did his self-titled series air?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Thursday, 8 p.m.

Bolt's TV series was advertised several times on the movie. Twice it was advertised on the side of a bus and again on a billboard. Bolt's series aired on Thursday nights at 8 p.m.. While he was in his new city, Bolt met three pigeons named Vinnie, Joey, and Bobby.

14. What did Bolt finally realize after being free by Rhino?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: He was just an ordinary dog.

When Bolt was saved by Rhino, he said that Mittens was right. He didn't have super powers, but was just a dog. He couldn't see the future, he was not weird, and even though he liked his toy, it was still wrong.

15. When Bolt was looking for food, what partner did he find in the trailer park?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Rhino

Rhino the hamster watched Bolt on TV a lot, so he proved to be a good traveling partner. Later on in the movie, Rhino proved to be very important by raising up Bolt's spirits, helping to free Mittens, and following Bolt to Hollywood so Mittens would too.

16. Believing that his master had been kidnapped, Bolt went looking for the culprit. Three pigeons pointed a finger at a cat that had been causing them problems. What was the name of the cat?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Mittens

Mittens was a cat who had been abandoned by her owners when they moved. She lived in an alley and got other animals to do jobs for her. The pigeons, Joey, Vinnie, and Bobby, set Mittens up for causing them problems. When Bolt held Mittens over an overpass and threatened to drop her, the pigeons thought they had gone too far but let it continue. The only thing that saved Mittens was her lie about knowing where Bolt's master was being held.

17. What did Bolt threaten to use to make Mittens get down from the tree?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Super-Bark

Bolt did this to get Mittens out of the tree so they could keep moving toward Penny. The Super-Bark was supposed to be Bolt's best move, but of course, it failed in real life. Ironically, it just looked like a normal dog barking at a cat in a tree. Rhino still believed in the Super-Bark throughout the entire movie, however.

18. While begging for food, Bolt and his feline friend met an animal named Rhino who watched Bolt on TV. What kind of animal was Rhino?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Hamster

Rhino was one of many hamsters that lived in a trailer with his owner. Rhino loved to watch TV and that's how he knew who Bolt was. Rhino went with Bolt and their feline friend to find Bolt's owner.

19. What was Penny forced to do when Bolt was gone?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Continue filming with a Bolt look-alike.

When Bolt was lost, Penny was forced by the studio to continue filming with a Bolt look-alike. She wasn't going to listen to Chocolate Rain, or use a voice recorder.

20. What city did Mittens want Bolt to stay in?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: Las Vegas

Although it was not directly stated in the movie that they stayed in Las Vegas, the map and the attractions gave that away. Mittens was tempted to stay because of all of the food and good feelings there. However, Bolt decided to leave anyway, since he knew that he had to return to Penny.

21. While hitchhiking to California, Bolt's feline friend wanted to make her home in what state instead of going to California?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Nevada

Bolt, Rhino, and their feline friend stole rides across the United States. When they stopped in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bolt's feline friend made them a home out of discarded boxes and pillows. Bolt explained to her that he didn't want to stay in Nevada. He wanted to continue to California to find his owner.

22. Where were Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino going?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Hollywood

When Bolt was in New York City, he told Mittens that he needed to go back to Hollywood. So they started their journey to Hollywood. Along the way, they met Rhino, Bolt's number one fan. Africa is a continent, and Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania.

23. What was the reason that the sound stage was on fire?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: The Bolt look-alike panicked and knocked some torches over.

While filming a scene, the Bolt look-alike panicked and accidentally knocked some torches over, causing the sound stage to get on fire. All of the torches were in perfect balance, and no one lit even a single match.

24. What caused the fire on the set?

From Quiz Bolt (and Rhino)

Answer: The fake Bolt knocked over a torch.

The fake Bolt got scared of Dr. Calico's henchmen and ran off, knocking over a torch and starting a fire. Penny and Bolt got injured, so Penny's mom quit, and the TV show "Bolt" had to get new actors. This was why Penny's face looked different on the TV show after the surgery. It was another actor, not the real Penny.

25. What "superpower" did Bolt NOT use to rescue himself and his owner from a fire that broke out in the studio?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Eye lasers

When Bolt heard the fire in the studio he ran in to rescue his owner. His owner instructed him to use his speed to help them get away from the fire. When his owner couldn't get out of the studio because she was too weak, Bolt used his super bark to alert the fire fighters of their location in the studio. Bolt's owner quit the TV show, they moved outside of the city, and Rhino and their feline friend were adopted by the family.

26. What did Rhino like to eat for breakfast?

From Quiz Bolt

Answer: Danger

Rhino said that he ate danger for breakfast. This was in the middle of the film, where Rhino and Bolt rescued Mittens.

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