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Cape Fear (1962) and Cape Fear (1991)
2 Cape Fear quizzes and 20 Cape Fear trivia questions.
  "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Now you will learn about loss! Loss of freedom! Loss of humanity! Now you and I will truly be the same..." This 1991 remake starred Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte.
Average, 10 Qns, play_dead, Feb 11 20
Feb 11 20
988 plays
  10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)    
Multiple Choice
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This is a quiz on the 1962 suspense thriller, "Cape Fear". I was very surprised when I saw that no one had made a quiz on it, so--here we go!
Average, 10 Qns, draculanut31, Feb 03 17
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Cape Fear Trivia Questions

1. The first time Max Cady was seen in the film, his bare back was in clear view. What were the two words tattooed on his back?

From Quiz
"Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: truth and justice

Convicted rapist Max Cady, had numerous tattoos on his body. He had a large cross that had a balance scale on each side of it. On one scale was the bible and on the other a knife. He was exercising in his cell when one of the guards told him, it was time to go. He was being released from prison. When he was walking out the gate, another guard asked if he wanted his books but Cady told him without turning around, that he already read them.

2. How long had Max Cady been in prison?

From Quiz 10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)

Answer: 8 years

8 years, 4 months and 13 days, to be exact.

3. What does Sam Bowden do for a living?

From Quiz 10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)

Answer: lawyer

Sam Bowden was a lawyer--he was on an assignment when he had his run-in with Max Cady.

4. Which Eastern town was it where Sam and Max met?

From Quiz 10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)

Answer: Baltimore

Very unfortunate circumstances in which to meet someone. Next question will elaborate.

5. Sam was a family man. He had a wife named Leigh and their teenage daughter was named Danielle. They also had a maid. What was her name?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: Graciella

Max poisoned the family dog but they couldn't prove that it was him. Later, Max strangled their maid with piano wire. Max had taken the piano wire from the Bowden's piano.

6. Sam Bowden was walking back to his hotel when he heard someone outside. He decided to go to investigate it--and there was when he met Max Cady. What exactly was going on?

From Quiz 10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)

Answer: Max was attacking a girl

Sam heard someone panting and coughing in the back of the hotel. When he went down to investigate it, he saw someone attacking a girl. He went down and fought with the man for a while, and the girl got enough breath to start screaming for the police. When the police came, Max went completely berserk. He put the girl in the hospital for a month before the police were finally able to apprehend him.

7. Lori Davis was Sam's friend and colleague. One night, she got drunk at a bar and decided to have a one night stand with a guy she met, named Max Cady. What was the name tattooed on his chest?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: Loretta

Max told Lori, the woman's name that was inked on his chest, was the love of his life. Lori joked that she thought she was the love of his life. Lori was still laughing even after he hand-cuffed her. Then he punched her and bit a piece of her cheek off. She was screaming by then as he repeatedly punched her in the face. When Sam visited her in the hospital, she refused to testify against Max because she didn't want to be more humiliated than she already was. Lori was a law clerk, who had a crush on Sam. She went to a bar that night because she was mad at Sam for not showing up for their regular racquet ball game.

8. The first place Sam sees Max is outside his office building. Where do the two meet again?

From Quiz 10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)

Answer: the bowling alley

Max decides to "get a gander" at Sam's family. That's when Sam wonders just what Max is up to.

9. Max pretended to be Danielle's drama teacher. After they started talking she grew suspicious of him. She no longer thought he was a teacher. What did he tell her he might be?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: the big bad wolf

Danielle met with Max Cady downstairs in her high school's auditorium. They smoked a joint and he kissed her. Leigh found the joint in her daughter's book and Sam was outraged. He decided to take the advice Claude Kersek gave him and hired three guys to severely injure Max Cady.

10. The first one of Max's 'victims' is the Bowden family dog. What did the vet say had been given to her?

From Quiz 10 Questions about "Cape Fear" (1962)

Answer: strychnine

I think I spelled that right. :-D Anyway, we hear the dog, Marilyn, barking up a storm for some reason. Then, all of the sudden, she starts to yelp and whine. And then--nothing. Peg, Sam's wife, yells for him and tells him that the dog is having a fit. They quickly get Marilyn to the vet, but to no avail. The vet told Sam that the dog couldn't have been saved if he were twice as fast. Then he tells him the cause of death: strychnine.

11. Max was jumped by three guys. Although he was injured, he defeated the men. What weapon did he take from one of them and started beating all three of them with?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: long pipe

Earlier, Sam approached Max and told him if he didn't leave him and his family alone, he was going to hurt him. Max secretly recorded the threat. Later, Max and Sam went to court and the judge ruled in Max's favor. Sam Bowden was not allowed within five hundred yards of Max Cady.

12. Sam hired a private eye named Claude Kersek. Kersek was guarding Sam's house from the inside. He had a special drink he liked when he was on a stakeout. What laxative did he mix in a glass with liquor?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: Pepto Bismol

Kersek was sitting at the kitchen table and told Graciella the maid, about how it was his dad's favorite drink during a stakeout. However, Kersek was actually talking to Max. He put Graciella's clothes on and wore a wig similar to her hair-do. Max began strangling Kersek with the piano wire. Kersek had a gun in his hand and tried to shoot Max but he ended up shooting himself.

13. Sam was at his breaking point. He rented a boat and told the police he wasn't returning home until Max Cady was captured. Under what legal term did Sam say he was allowed to do this?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: Force majeure

The Bowdens were horrified when they saw the bodies of their housekeeper and private detective, but when Sam slipped and fell in Kersek's blood, he became hysterical. He grabbed Kersek's gun and fired aimlessly into the night. Leigh pulled him away from the porch and closed the door. She feared Max was still out there. Sam and his family left their house and Sam told Lt. Elgart what happened from a pay phone. Sam told him the legal term meant, an unforseeable act of God, that cancelled all promises and obligations and legally speaking, all bets were off. He told Sam they were fugitives because they fled from the crime scene.

14. How did Max Cady finally meet his demise?

From Quiz "Cape Fear" : Evil Demanded Justice

Answer: He drowned.

Max followed the Bowden family on the river. Max forced Sam at gun point to confess to what he did in 1977. The boat became very rocky and the waters were rough because of a squall. Eventually, the Bowden family were able to jump off the boat and before Sam jumped off, he hand-cuffed Max's ankle to a railing that was still attached to part of the boat. In the end, Max Cady stared at Sam until the water went over his head. Max Cady was never a topic for discussion within the Bowden family again.

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