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Cars 2 (2011) Cars 2 (2011) (4 quizzes)
  Cars   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is what I have learned from watching my son's favourite movie over and over and over again.
Average, 10 Qns, smurf78, Mar 10 14
11461 plays
  Disney's "Cars"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Let's see how much you know about the 2006 Animated Movie of the Year!
Average, 10 Qns, airforcefan22, Mar 10 14
16301 plays
  "Cars" - The Movie   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this Disney Challenge quiz, "Cars" (2006) was one of the most popular Pixar movies of all time grossing over $460 million dollars without a single actor in sight. Here's why...
Easier, 10 Qns, 1nn1, Jan 28 19
1nn1 gold member
Jan 28 19
555 plays
  Who's Who: Radiator Springs   top quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
When Lightning McQueen found himself in Radiator Springs, he discovered a community that was filled with a number of vehicles with distinct personalities. See if you can identify these characters from "Cars" 2006.
Easier, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Oct 07 17
ponycargirl editor
Oct 07 17
578 plays
  "Cars" a Disney/Pixar Film   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about a film by Disney/Pixar called "Cars".
Average, 10 Qns, neolover5280, Mar 10 14
7832 plays
  Who Voiced Me in "Cars"?   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will describe a character from the film, "Cars", and you tell me who voiced him or her. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, Mar 10 14
1026 plays
  Crazy for "Cars"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
When I first watched the movie "Cars" in the theater, I was already looking for things that I could use as questions on a "Cars" quiz. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, FunneeGirl9492, Mar 10 14
5522 plays
  Driving Along With "Cars"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Strap yourself in and get ready to race through this quiz on one of Disney's most popular movies! Can you make it across the finish line? Good luck and have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, echelle822, Sep 20 17
Sep 20 17
1280 plays
  10 Questions: Cars 3 Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Enter this quiz for one last ride around the track with Lightning McQueen and his friends from June 2017.
Average, 10 Qns, pennie1478, Jun 12 19
pennie1478 gold member
Jun 12 19
280 plays
  Test yourself! Cars 3 Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Cars 3" continued Lightning McQueen's awesome adventures. Have you seen it too?
Average, 10 Qns, Thesuperyoshi, Sep 17 18
Thesuperyoshi gold member
Sep 17 18
578 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who is McQueen's main rival in "Cars 3"?

From Quiz "Cars 3"

Cars the Movie Trivia Questions

1. Who was the rookie that Lightning McQueen was introduced to when he won the race at the beginning of "Cars 3"?

From Quiz
Cars 3

Answer: Jackson Storm

Jackson Storm was a rookie on the racing circuit. He was faster and sleeker than Lightning McQueen and most of the other cars. Because of Jackson Storm and and more rookies, several older cars retired.

2. "Cars" (2006) is an animated automobile movie from Pixar where all the characters (including the spectators) are automobiles with anthropomorphic features. To achieve a human-like quality for the characters where did the animators put their eyes?

From Quiz "Cars" - The Movie

Answer: On the windshield

The positioning of the eyes in the windshield instead of the headlights was an animation masterstroke. The head of Pixar Animation, John Lasseter explained to a press conference of automotive journalists in 2017 prior to the release of "Cars 3": "The reason we chose to put the eyes in the windshield is really kind of simple. When you create a character out of an inanimate object, the number one thing, to give it personality and emotion and to make it look like a thinking character, you have to define what is the face of the character. That's where all the acting comes from. And the eyes are key to the face. As humans, we all look at each other in the eyes. That's why we put so much effort in the animation of the eyes first. The lip-sync is second; the lip-sync can be a little off, but you're staring at the eyes. That's why in the history of Pixar and Disney animation, the eyes tend to be a little big: it draws your eyes to them" He further explained why the eyes were not put in the headlights: "they took the eyes from the headlights and moved them up into the windshield. That fundamentally shifted what the head of the character is. Now you have a head that's the whole car and it's positioned over the four tires that you get a sense [that] it's a four-legged character and you can use those front tires like hands for gesturing." This decision also makes it easier for animators to deal with eyelids, eye color and other characteristics of the eyes that might be difficult within the confines of a car's headlights, especially as newer headlamps take on shapes other than simple round circles" From a personal viewpoint, I took my young kids to the movie (in 2006) out of parental duty but my scepticism was ill-placed: I was enthralled, not in the least by the very clever animation making cars behave like humans

3. What vehicle is Miss Fritter?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: school bus

Miss Fritter is a big fan of Lightning McQueen. She first appears in the demolition derby scene, in which she challenges Lightning and Cruz to a demolition derby, which Cruz wins.

4. Luigi desperately wanted to meet which model car?

From Quiz Driving Along With "Cars"

Answer: Ferrari

Luigi and Guido were close friends in the movie and each had their own ambitions. Although Guido was also a Ferrari fan, his ambition was to perform as the pit crew for a race car. His dreams came true in the tie-breaker race, when he serviced Lightning McQueen's car during a pit stop. Luigi's dreams also came true when some Ferraris, sent by Lightning McQueen, came into Luigi's shop to purchase new tires.

5. Who provides the voice for Lightning McQueen?

From Quiz Cars

Answer: Owen Wilson

Lightning McQueen is a race car who becomes stuck in a small town and through events there, he discovers there is more to life than winning races. This is the first time Owen has provided a voice for an animated movie. Billy Crystal provides the voice for Mike Wazowski in "Monsters Inc" and Tim Allen and Tom Hanks do the voices for Buzz and Woody in "Toy Story". Both these movies are also Disney Pixar Films.

6. What are the names of Lightning McQueen's two biggest fans?

From Quiz Disney's "Cars"

Answer: Tia and Mia

Mia and Tia are seen in the stands for the first race. After the race, they approach Lightning and declare that they are in fact his biggest fans.

7. What four colors is Ramone throughout the movie?

From Quiz Crazy for "Cars"

Answer: purple, red, yellow, and green

Ramone is a 1959 Impala lowrider. He is married to Flo and owns Ramone's House of Body Art.

8. Who voices the character, Mater?

From Quiz "Cars" a Disney/Pixar Film

Answer: Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy has his own show on "Comedy Central." He said "It's my first time in Hollywood and I'm a tow-truck."

9. On the last race of the Piston Cup season in "Cars 3", what happened to Lightning McQueen?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: He crashed trying to win the race.

While trying to beat the rookies, Lightning McQueen crashed racing for the finish line. He went back to Radiator Springs where he stayed hidden away until two weeks before the new racing season would start.

10. The story is based around a young rookie race car trying to win the Piston Cup. What was the name and number of the protagonist?

From Quiz "Cars" - The Movie

Answer: Lightning McQueen No. 95

Owen Wilson was the voice behind Lightning McQueen, a bright red car of indeterminate lineage (unlike other characters that were clearly based on particular models). Bob Pauley, one of the "Cars" production designers explained "We took the best of our favorite things, from GT40s to Chargers, just sketching them out, we came up with what McQueen looks like... the most prominent design choices for McQueen are drawn directly from the Chevrolet Corvette C6". The choice of surname was very unlikely to be a coincidence - Steve McQueen was very much associated with automobile racing as was Paul Newman who had voiced a "racing" character elsewhere in the movie (see below). The choice of number, like most Pixar movie elements, was deliberate. McQueen was originally slated to be "57", the year director John Lasseter was born but instead received "95", the year the first Pixar motion picture was released. This was "Toy Story".

11. Who does Rusty and Dusty sell Rust-Eze to?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: Sterling

Sterling (voiced by Nathan Fillion) is a car resembling classic American muscle cars. He says he is a huge fan of McQueen. In the end of the movie, Tex buys Rust-Eze from him.

12. Who was the first to discover that Doc was really The Hudson Hornet?

From Quiz Driving Along With "Cars"

Answer: Lightning McQueen

Lightning found three Piston Cups in Doc's garage. He told the other cars in Radiator Springs but no one believed him. Doc had been in a bad wreck during one of his races and had left the racing world behind. However, with some persuasion from Lightning, Doc eventually returned to the spotlight, by serving as Lightning's crew chief in the tie-breaker race.

13. What nickname does Lightning give Chick Hicks?

From Quiz Cars

Answer: Thunder

Chick Hicks is the "villain" in the movie. He is mean and rude, but of course in the end discovers what happens when you don't give other "cars" the respect they deserve (hey it's a Disney movie).

14. What is the name of the car that sneezes and wakes Mack up, ultimately resulting in Lightning's disappearance?

From Quiz Disney's "Cars"

Answer: Snot Rod

Yes, this hot rod is really named Snot Rod. When Mack is driving on the Interstate, he begins to doze off. Four cars come along side of him and start messing with him. Before he sneezes one of the other cars shouts "Snot Rod's gonna blow!"

15. When these words are abbreviated which one is Flo's license plate?

From Quiz Crazy for "Cars"


Flo is a 1950's Motorama show car. She is married to Ramone and owns Flo's V-8 Cafe.

16. What type of tires does McQueen have?

From Quiz "Cars" a Disney/Pixar Film

Answer: Lightyear

Although Goodyear, Yokohama, and Bridgestone are all real tire brands Disney/Pixar decided to be creative. They based the tires off Goodyear, but used The "Toy Story" character, Buzz Lightyear, as the tire brand. "To infinity and beyond!"

17. What was Lightning McQueen's new sponsor known to sell?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: Mud flaps

Lightning McQueen's new sponsor was named Stirling. He was known for selling mud flaps. Rusty sold McQueen to Stirling after realizing that Lightning McQueen needed better training than what he was used to getting. Mater made the comment that he loved Stirling's mud flaps.

18. In the movie's opening race which was last scheduled race of the Piston Cup championship, McQueen had two main rivals, Strip "The King" Weathers, Chick Hicks and rookie Lightning McQueen. Who won the race?

From Quiz "Cars" - The Movie

Answer: Three-way tie between the three racers

Lightning McQueen is not likeable (at first). He is rude, selfish an obnoxious. He treats his crew with disrespect. He refuted their advice about tyres during the race and hence loses ground, only making it to a tie because he stuck his tongue out at the finish line. He wants a more lucrative sponsor deal as his current one, with a rust prevention product is not glamorous enough. Strip Weathers was known as "The King" and was an anthropomorphic version of Richard Petty's 1970 Plymouth Superbird. The animated car was the same colour blue and was the same number (43) as Petty's Superbird. Strip was also voiced by Richard Petty. The King had won seven Piston Cups (Petty won seven NASCAR Cup Series championships) and Strip would retire after this race season. Strip was an avuncular character and advised McQueen to remember the importance of his crew and team, but McQueen paid no attention. Michael Keaton voiced Chick Hicks who was Lightning McQueen's main rival. He was not any recognizable model but "a generic Pixar design, 'a stock 1980s American car' states Amanda Sorena" a Pixar publicity coordinator. Chick resembled a "GM G-body with features from both the Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the Buick Grand National". General Motors rejected a Pixar proposal to make a Chevrolet stock car the movie's villain. Chick had spent his entire career in the shadow of Strip Weathers, he was bitter about this, reflected in his choice of racing sponsor - Hostile Takeover Bank (A Pixar jab at the banking industry). Hicks' racing number was 86, the year Pixar Animation Studios was founded; 86 itself was also an American slang term for destroying or eliminating something; it was also two times 43, perhaps a veiled reference to his position relative to Strip?.

19. Who is McQueen's main rival in "Cars 3"?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: Jackson Storm

Jackson Storm is the villain in "Cars 3". He trains on simulators. He has a black carbon fiber body. He is number 20 and has won nine races in a row.

20. Who was nicknamed "Stickers"?

From Quiz Driving Along With "Cars"

Answer: Lightning McQueen

Sally nicknames Lightning McQueen "Stickers" while he was trapped in Radiator Springs because, instead of real headlights, brake lights, etc. Lightning had stickers in their place. As Lightning explained, "Race cars don't need headlights because the track is always lit". Lightning also had his number, 95, on his sides, which were also stickers. Additional info: Originally, Lightning McQueen was given number 57, the birth year of director John Lasseter. It was changed to 95 in reference to the year "Toy Story" was released.

21. When Lightning wakes up in the towing yard, who is the first car he sees?

From Quiz Cars

Answer: Mater

Mater is the funniest character in the movie. At first he comes across as kind of stupid, but we learn he is rather sweet and at times quite insightful. He has almost all the best lines.

22. Who are the owners of Lightning McQueen's sponsor, Rust-eze?

From Quiz Disney's "Cars"

Answer: Dusty and Rusty

Dusty and Rusty Rust-eze are seen after the first race when Lightning makes a visit to the Rust-eze tent. Lightning's visit in the tent is brief due to his selfishness.

23. What is Lightning McQueen's favorite phrase?

From Quiz Crazy for "Cars"

Answer: Ka-chow

Lightning McQueen is voiced by Owen Wilson. He is #95 and sponsored by Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment.

24. Who sang, "Life is a Highway?" (One of the songs in "Cars".)

From Quiz "Cars" a Disney/Pixar Film

Answer: Rascal Flatts

The movie director said he wanted a band with a rock n' roll edge to it, which is ironic since they are a country band. After this song they got to sing at the White House in Washington D.C.

25. Lightning new sponsor was going to use Lightning to market items with his face on it. What was NOT one of the items Lightning saw with his picture on it?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: Bus logos

Instead of racing, Stirling was going to use Lightning McQueen as a promotional tool. He set up items in his office with Lightning's face on them. Lightning made Stirling a deal that he would retire if he lost the first race of the new season, but he wanted to continue to race. Stirling gave him until the first race. If he lost, Lightning would be used as a marketing tool.

26. Who is Junior Moon voiced by?

From Quiz Cars 3

Answer: Junior Johnson

Junior Moon is a black car who was once a Piston Cup legend. Lightning meets him in a pub. He is seen in a flashback where he is racing with Doc on Thomasville Speedway.

27. What was the name of the statue that Lightning pulled over the road?

From Quiz Driving Along With "Cars"

Answer: Stanley

Lightning pulled Stanley, a metal statue, off of its pedestal and dragged it over the road when running away from the Sheriff. He destroyed the road and was sentenced, by Doc Hudson, to repave it.

28. What is the name of the road making machine Lightning uses to fix the road?

From Quiz Cars

Answer: Bessie

Lightning is sentenced to fix the road because he destroyed it running from the sheriff. Of course while he is repairing the road, he meets all the characters in Radiator Springs and learns valuable life lessons.

29. What type of car is Doc?

From Quiz Disney's "Cars"

Answer: Hudson Hornet

He is the Hudson Hornet. He is a retired Piston Cup Champion who got in a severe crash which ended his career. He vows never to come back to Piston Cup, but does as the crew chief for Lightning.

30. Which race car is #43?

From Quiz Crazy for "Cars"

Answer: The King

Chick Hicks is #86.

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