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2 Conspiracy Theory quizzes and 20 Conspiracy Theory trivia questions.
  It's a "Conspiracy Theory"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Conspiracy Theory" is one of my favorite movies. How much do you know about this film? "Spoiler Alert" if you haven't seen this movie.
Tough, 10 Qns, A-10, Feb 12 10
411 plays
  Conspiracy Theory    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz contains questions about the plot and characters of 'Conspiracy Theory.'
Average, 10 Qns, PLaydolly, Feb 12 10
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trivia question Quick Question
What is the name of the secret CIA program where "Manchurian Candidate" style assassins are created?

From Quiz "It's a "Conspiracy Theory""

Conspiracy Theory Trivia Questions

1. The main character in the movie "Conspiracy Theory", Jerry Fletcher, is a veteran. In what branch of the US military did he serve?

From Quiz
It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: US Marine Corps

When Alice Sutton places Jerry's cabbie pin on his grave marker, you can read the marker which states that he served in the US Marine Corps. He was a Sergeant Major.

2. What was Jerry Fletcher's occupation?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: Taxi driver

Jerry often regaled his passengers with stories of conspiracy while driving his taxi.

3. In the movie "Conspiracy Theory", when Jerry first visits Alice Sutton in her office, what is he trying to warn her about?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: An assassination attempt on the US President

Jerry believes that NASA is causing earthquates with a Space Shuttle mounted device. The president is planning a visit to Turkey and Jerry thinks they will trigger an earthquake in Turkey in an attempt to kill the president.

4. What attorney from the Justice Department was Jerry particularly fond of?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: Alice Sutton

Alice Sutton was portrayed brilliantly by Julia Roberts.

5. In the movie "Conspiracy Theory", Jerry Fletcher has a saying that means "love". What is the saying?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: Geronimo

According to Jerry, love gives you wings and sets you free. In the opening of the movie, he explains it to a rider in his cab. When in the hospital, he writes it on the side of the drawer in his nightstand. When Alice is looking for Jerry, she goes to the Germaine O. Nicols Mental Hospital. When she enters through a back entrance, there are some laundry bags in a pile. The writing on the bags are arranged to spell "Geronimo".

6. What was Jerry's personal word for 'love'?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: Geronimo & geronimo

Jerry mentioned many times to others that 'Geronimo' means love.

7. In the movie "Conspiracy Theory", Alice Sutton was led to believe that Jerry had killed her father. What was Alice's father's occupation?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: Judge

Alice Sutton's father was the judge in the Ezekiel Carl Walters case. Her father was going to reopen the case because he didn't believe the official explanation. The investigation could have exposed what Dr. Jonas was doing, so Jerry was sent to kill him. However, Jerry couldn't kill him and they became friends. Dr. Jonas sent another assassin to kill Alice's father.

8. Who was Dr. Jonas?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: The man who trained Jerry to be an assassin

Dr. Jonas trained people, including Jerry, to be political assassins. When their task was completed or failed, he then had them killed or imprisoned.

9. As you would expect, in the movie "Conspiracy Theory", nothing is what you expect. What is the name of the CIA front company where Dr. Jonas works?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: Global Fund for Mergers and Acquisitions

Alice Sutton is following up on the subscribers to Jerry's newsletter. The first three she checks on have recently died. The next subscriber's address is at the offices of the "Global Fund for Mergers and Acquisitions". She discovers that the subscriber is actually Dr. Jonas. The day after Alice visits Dr. Jonas in his office, she goes back with Agent Lowry and discovers that the entire office space is vacant.

10. What did Jerry do to Dr. Jonas' nose?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: He bit it off

Jerry bit of Dr Jonas' nose off but it was repaired by surgery. It was the first indication to Alice, however that Jerry was telling the truth.

11. What is the name of the secret CIA program where "Manchurian Candidate" style assassins are created?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: MK-ULTRA

MK-ULTRA actually existed. It was a CIA mind-control research program during the 1950s and 1960s. According to Dr. Jonas, the program to create assassins has ended, but the research continued. Dr. Jonas claims that someone has stolen the research and is creating assassins. He says he is using Jerry as the bait to find out who stole the research.

12. When Dr. Jonas gave Jerry an injection to encourage him to tell the truth, what did he say it was?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: Gravy for the brain

Jonas called it gravy.

13. In the movie "Conspiracy Theory", why does Jerry think you can't hear the "black helicopters"?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: They're on "whisper mode"

Once the CIA detects Jerry buying "The Catcher in the Rye", they send out their helicopters to capture him. As they approach the area were Jerry is located, the helicopters go into "whisper mode".

14. Why did Jerry follow Alice and watch her?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: Her father asked him to

He was ordered to kill her father but they became friends instead and before he died he asked Jerry to take care of Alice.

15. Throughout the movie "Conspiracy Theory", Jerry professes his love for Alice. What is Jerry's answer when Alice finally tells him that she loves him?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: "Now you tell me"

Throughout the movie, Jerry professes his love for Alice. Alice continues to tell him that he doesn't. When Jerry is shot by Dr. Jonas, Jerry tells Alice that he does love her. She responds that she loves him too, to which his reply is, "Now you tell me."

16. What book did Jerry feel compelled to buy over and over again?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: 'Catcher in the Rye'

All the assassins, including Jerry, were trained to buy 'Catcher In The Rye.'

17. As mentioned in the movie, "Conspiracy Theory", most assassins are known by their three given names. For which assassin does Jerry have trouble remembering his middle name?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: Sirhan Sirhan (Robert Kennedy's assassin)

When riding to the place where "the music is playing", Jerry is reciting the names of assassins, who most people identify by their three given names, i.e. James Earl Ray, John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc. Jerry can't remember the middle name of Sirhan Sirhan's and thinks his middle name might be "Sirhan". It is actually "Bishara."

18. What did Jerry place on his doorknob after he locked his door?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: A bottle

Jerry did this as a simple alarm. If someone tried the door the bottle would fall and alert him.

19. At the end of the movie "Conspiracy Theory", how does Jerry let Alice know he is still alive?

From Quiz It's a "Conspiracy Theory"

Answer: He pins his cabbie pin to her horse's blanket.

Early in the movie, Jerry gives Alice his cabbie pin for luck. Later, Alice leaves his cabbie pin on his headstone when she visited his grave. When she is riding her horse at the end of the movie, she discovers the pin attached to the horse's blanket.

20. When Dr. Jonas is torturing Jerry, what can Jerry see from the room he is in?

From Quiz Conspiracy Theory

Answer: Three smoke stacks

Jerry can see the smoke stacks and later recognizes them but doesn't connect them to Jonas because of the drug they gave him.

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